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Hi there. c:

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bear, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Hey there. I'm Reimne, or Rei- an artist who loves petsites. C; I've been apart of VPL before but I was never very active, trying to change that.
    I'd love to make some new friends! :B
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    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Welcome to the community! :) What are some of your favorite pet sites?:style
  3. *snugs* Hi @ReimneReimne!! I'm so happy you decided to rejoin VPL <33 How are you on this fine night? :3 What part of Florida are you from?
    #3 Gabby, Jul 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. Cpvr-
    Cool smiley there, lol! Neopets is my favorite right now, but I used to be a Teripets player. I also used to play Celendria. Neopets definitely has my heart right now, though. C: How about you?

    Ww--wow you're happy I rejoined? That is so nice I don't even think we know eachother at all haha c: thank you! I'm from southern FL, north of Miami. C: Right around where that tropical storm came by, actually! :p
  5. Oh, I don't play Neopets anymore. You know Teripets is coming back? How long have you been a Neopets player?

    Also, currently I like Boopets, Aywas, Paladore and some others.
  6. Oh gosh, I've been playing Neopets since I was a kid. On my current account though, about a year? c:
    I heard about Teripets! I really hope whoever is bringing it back does a good job. I used to make avatars on there haha :p
    I forgot about Aywas- I do like the site, but I always had a hard time assimilating into the crowd on the forums, not sure why. owo As for Paladore.. well, I'm not sure. *goes to Paladore* :p
  7. Nope, I dunno you xD But you're automatically a friend of mine if you're a member on here. <3
    And I do believe I got hit by your storm. xD You Floridians have the tendency to do that :c
    You sound like you live in a pretty area. :D My aunt used to live in Tampa, and my friend down there lives in Oveido. How has the weather been lately? Thinking of sending us more of your troubled weather? XDDD
  8. Ahh. I haven't been played Neopets since 03 or 04 since my account was banned for no reason. What's your favorite aspect of Neopets? Aywas is pretty good, I see it improving as time goes on. Ya, Paladore is also seeing an increase of updates, its a good time to join there. I also agree about Teripets, it was a good site.
  9. Gabby-
    D'aww! <3
    And yes, we especially sent that storm to you guys, we hope you liked it! :devil2:
    Oh yes, I live close to Tampa. :eek: Lately the weather has been hot and humid as usual. All the ditches on the roads are still full of water from Debby, though. hehe
    -starts setting up the hurricane cannon- NORTH, MY CHILDREN

    Ah, that's happened to some of my old accounts. I've gotten frozen for this and that reason, but my newest account has been fine. My favorite aspect of Neopets is the pets for sure. I love the species on there, they are really fun to make characters out of. c:
  10. Welcome to vpl! :)
  11. Do you remember what the message was when they froze you? How old was your account?
  12. hi! :D nice to meet you :D
  13. cpvr- Probably "saying mean things on the boards" or "multiple accounts", I really can't remember. It was probably a 9+ year old account. It didn't have much valuables on it, though, so no biggie.

    bamboo- Hi! c: Nice to meet you too! I like your avatar- I haven't seen Inuyasha in years. :p

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