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How did you meet your Significant Other

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. For those that are currently in a relationship, or talking to someone, how did you meet your significant other? Was it through a friend? Social networking? At a bar? At a party?
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    Well, I'll start it off by saying I first met my girlfriend on Facebook, got her number, and then we started to hit it off from there. We're 11 months strong now.

    How about you? Do you recall when you met your significant other?
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  2. I met my fiance at school <33 7th grade lunch, 6th period!
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  3. Hubby and I met through another mutual friend online VIA a ustream sketch session. We hit our 2 year wedding and 3 years of being together on June 19. :3
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  4. #4 Gabby, Jun 16, 2012
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  5. I'm single now so...yeahh x'D. No significant other for me.

    Me and my ex met through my best friends cousin at a New Year's Party a few years ago. We made it to about a year and 2 months before I decided to end it for several reasons (won't go into details out of respect for her and myself, you really need to know, I guess I can say privately if needed, quite a sad story to be honest).
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    #6 que, Jun 16, 2012
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  7. @BexxyBexxy - That was really, really touching ;m; Like a real romance novel.

    My story is a bit.. messed up. Really messed up.

    I'll save myself from my erm, emotional and a really ugly story. I've met my Oro in college during my freshman years. Lots of shit happened here and there because of a really rude and twisted ex, but Oro stood by my side. Even if he was getting hurt, he never left. We've been together for 2 years now, and still going strong as if we just met.
    #7 vanillaeclair, Jun 16, 2012
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  8. I met him on Gaia Online (don't laugh lol). He had a breedable/collectable pet shop and I was one of the most obsessed customers. I talked to him on that thread for like a year or something, then found his dA and started talking to him there. Then we moved to an IM and became really good friends. Eventually we both admitted that we really liked each other and decided to start a relationship.

    It was really rocky here and there, considering that it was long-distance for like 4 years (we did see each other on and off, but only like once or twice a year). But I finally moved up to Ohio where he lives and we're having a wonderful life together.
  9. @BexxyBexxy May 1st 2011, like all those 1s just indicate something right there.
    #9 SpunkiSpirou, Jun 16, 2012
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  10. Met my girlfriend in school, we started talking about a program called "Heroes" (And to this day is still my most favourite program) and we got off from there! 2 years in 27 Days.
  11. A girlfriend called me and asked me if I would go on a double date with her and her boyfriend. She said that the one who would be my date had seen me and had said he wanted to date me. I usually hated blind dates but this was on a Sunday afternoon and we would not be alone so I said yes. They arrived one hour early and I was still getting ready. Now, I had better give a little background. I was 18 and he was an "older" airman, 21, at the base. My mom knew I was nervous about going and came to tell me that my date had a brace on his jaw. It was a bar attached to 2 screws, one below his eye and the other close to his mouth. Mom told me that if he got "fresh" to just grab that bar and he would leave me alone. We had a good time that day doing simple things...going to the zoo, eating out, and taking pictures. We married and were married for 51 years before he passed away.
  12. Online I was SpunkiSpirou and all my icons were Spyro related (like the one on here). Came out as mysen in about 2009 and a mate said I looked like a VGC so I changed the majority of my icons to that character.

    (This bit doesn't make sense now but it helps the end of it make sense)

    Made a facebook and had this VGC as my icon (Jak from Jak and Daxter) and back then I just accepted anyone as friends. So I had like 300+ friends on my facebook, only knew about 50 of them. One day I was talking to one of these people on my facebook and I said how I was gay once upon a time and this guy got really nasty about it towards me and said "You can't call yourself Jak, Jak would never be gay, you're destroying that character by saying things like that" and I was like "Excuse me but my name is Jak and I can be gay, bi, straight whatever I want to be, you don't need to be so homophobic about it" anyhu turned out the name he had on his account (firstname Cooper) the 'Cooper' bit was from a game called 'Sly Cooper' and he was basically something thats called a 'Character Profile' not really sure what they actually are though.

    So I went through all my facebook friends and deleted all these 'friends' who were really these weird Character Profiles, some sort of roleplay etc And I decided I wouldn't add any of those, or accept any of those ever again.

    So I always believed that everyone has someone for them in the world, its just a case of finding them. I started dating at 14 and by the time I was 20 I'd had around 100 people I'd dated, so I was at the point of giving up by then. I started thinking everyone has someone, except me, god didn't make anyone for me because he hates me so much.

    I converted from Catholic to Pagan, I was going to go to Islam but like some of the requirements I couldn't do so I passed on that and joined Pagan which matched up with everything I liked.

    So then there's like magic spells and potions with the Pagans that you can create there's like happiness spells, love spells, money spells, depends what your sort of looking for really. So I went through the love spells and then there's different ones of those like just finding a partner or finding 'the one', finding someone for life, etc etc. So I picked out one that helps find someone for life, cause thats what I want, still follow the Catholic rule of 'no sex before marriage' as well.

    So this potion I made was supposed to like get me a life partner and it took a month to make, took me 2 months though cause it were like had to collect a certain amount of rainwater and then it had to be left outside with a certain type of leaf over it in the light of a new moon. Night of the first new moon was cloudy so I had to wait for the next first new moon of the next month - its a dead specific potion.

    Did that, drank it, didn't feel any diffant. Went out thinking the lass is gonna be out there and she's going to like appear now. But nothing seemed to happen. Two weeks went past and there was still nothing.

    (The bit at the top will now make sense with this part):

    Went on facebook and I had a friend request from a 'Jak Mar' and I was like 'oh not another stupid character profile' but instead of deleting the friend request, I accepted it, because I had this like inkling that I should just allow this one CP on my friends list. So I added this person, and they were on my facebook for around 3 months before I then spoke to what I thought was a 'him' turned out it was a lass.

    So we got chatting and we got on so well, had loads in common, this was somewhere in Autumn of 2010 it started, one thing led to another and then I asked her if she wanted to be a couple and cut to the chase she said yeah so we've been a couple since. Neither of us can remember the exact date so we just decided the date is the date on the photos we exchanged which is the 29th January 2011 - easy for me to remember cause its my cousins bday.

    And her bday is May 1st so thats easy to remember as well.

    So either the potion really did work or it is pure coincidence all this happened after said potion was done.
  13. #13 SpunkiSpirou, Jun 17, 2012
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  14. I met my boyfriend in school 2 and eleven months ago :) We met in April when he started and in July started getting to know each other and going out :)
  15. My little sister/best friend had passed away in December 2010 and it was my first year without her (2011). We had always been really big into the electronica scene and always went to shows together. I was in Atlanta for a month for work in October/November, and on her birthday (November 6), one of our favorite acts from England of all time just happened to be playing (NERO). I went to the show, by myself, against my co-workers pleas (big city, small young girl, you get the idea...), but I wasn't going to miss it. I had been so depressed since her passing, I'd even dropped out of school. I felt an urge, like I NEEDED to go. I was at the show dancing and this guy came up to me and asked me if I was there alone. I told him I was and he got me to join his group of friends so I wouldn't keep getting groped. We danced together the entire show and afterwards, I invited the group to my hotel for coffee before their three-hour drive back to where they lived. The guy and I exchanged numbers, ended up keeping in touch, and he came to visit me that Christmas (when I got pregnant---funny story). We are now living together, with our son and my daughter (whom he will be adopting when we get married next year). I have to say I am the happiest I've been in many, many years.
  16. I never even dated when I was in school. I waited until I got out of school. I'm not so sure why I didn't date though. I guess a lot of people were taken that I was looking to date back then. I'm just so glad that I met my girlfriend via Facebook and got her number after. I don't know where I would be in my life right now if it wasn't for her.
  17. i made a friend on paladore who talked to me for like 10 minutes then told me hed given my msn to one of his friends who liked homestuck too then the person added me and the first thing he ever said to me was 'FUCK YOU.' it was love at first sight really
  18. I've met so many different people via school. But, I never dated in High school. I waited until I was out of school. How many people here starting dating while in school? If you did, what grade did you start dating?
  19. I met my hubby and his circle of friends through an online MMO. They ended up joining my guild. NO we didn't date online or anything. I later relocated to his state looking for work and met all of them IRL. I became a roomate of his brother and sister-in-law, and through that got to know him and later we started dating. Still, if it wasn't for that game, all this would have never happened.

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