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How do you feel about Christmas?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. With Christmas fast approaching, I thought it would be nice to see how everyone feels about the holiday. Do you like it? Or do you not celebrate it? I know I can honestly say Christmas used to be more fun for me when I was younger, but now that I'm older, I feel like its better for the kids in my family. But how about you?
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  2. It's going to be a hard Christmas for me, some stuff happened that I really wished could have waited until the new year.
    (I mean, I'd prefer if it hadn't happened at all).

    But yeah, tough time.
    This time, I'm not looking forward to it.
    Presents and stuff can't make up for what has happened lol.

    IM A DOWNER! lmao.
  3. I agree on the Christmas is mostly for kids thing. I used to love Christmas as a child, but now, it's AUGH! stressful sometimes when trying to find the right gift for people. |D
  4. I'm working everyday, except christmas day because it's a bank holiday :( so just very tired, so many people rushing to get stuff and everything. Bleh..my two year old keeps getting excited and talking about christmas trees and everything. Hopefully we'll be able to get one :/ Or we'll make one XD I'm not really into christmas now. I used to be when I was younger, I think it was the santa thing. Now It's the family get together, everyone has the day off, so we have a family party
    #4 myrianna, Dec 12, 2011
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2011
  5. My country don't quite celebrate Christmas here, although there might be small gatherings for dinner in some places. No gifts though. Even so, I love Christmas. Even at this age I get into it's spirit every year, and I make sure I do. I find it as a time to get closer to your people, but to also reflect about yourself, and your changes throughout the year that you're about to leave behind, but overall, it's awesome.
  6. I'm pretty excited.

    Dec 24 is my love's Christmas, as that is how his family celebrates it.
    Dec 25 my family will not really celebrate, as most of us will not be around.
    Dec 26 my sister comes into town, so that is when we will really be celebrating/ having dinner with family. It's also boxing day! So maybe we grab some deals.

    Christmas is something different for everyone, I think. Some are just for the giving/receiving of presents, some more for family, others it's more of a religious thing. Or even there are some who just do not celebrate, or celebrate something different.

    I have no religious attachments, and to me Christmas is about getting together with family. The only stressful part is the idea that others will be giving me presents, and really I don't want anything! Then I have to search for gifts to give to so many others, and there are some who REALLY want gifts and make that fact obvious.. "have you bought my gift yet???" Er. No. I actually haven't started, I've been too busy finishing up with school and exams.
  7. I've always loved Christmas for that warm feeling of family, as cheesy as it sounds. Growing up, it was the only time my family ever really got together without fighting, and my parents managed to get along. Or my dad was gone, which was even better, hah.

    As a child, Christmas wasn't all that special to me aside from the food. I was somewhat spoiled as a child, so the gift thing never really appealed to me. I hated waiting for Christmas to get something I could have had sooner. It wasn't until I had gotten older than I really started getting into the holidays. I loved buying gifts and hiding them from the kids. The look on everyone's face when they opened their presents made me happy, and I'd have a huge stupid smile if someone liked the gift I had given them.

    Since most of my family is gone now, we haven't celebrated in a few years. It's kind of hard to have a huge get together with only 6 people left in the entire family. I still like the season because seeing kids happy is something I enjoy, and watching holiday movies and Christmas commercials makes me smile sometimes. I can't stand Christmas music, for some odd reason.
  8. I love Christmas. To me, it is a wonderful time to be with family and to reach out to old friends. It is a tradition that we attend Christmas Eve services and as we file out in the candle light singing Silent Night I reflect and give a little prayer of thanks for being able to do this. To me it is a religious time of renewal and generosity.
  9. Although it's not as "magical" as when I was a kid I do still enjoy it. I like buying presents for family and friends (though I'm broke because of university haha), and I like seeing my family.

    I also like decorating... I really decked the halls this year haha.
  10. Love it! It's the best time of the year for me!
  11. I love Christmas, I always get something, so that's not the issue. The main reason is because of the holiday spirit, and stuff. I love going to Church(I always love it, but Christmas puts more perspective into it, for me), because the sermons always put a smile on my face and make me realize how fortunate I am. Merry Christmas :D.
  12. It's already Christmas Eve! x__x wow!

    Christmas really snuck up on me this year. Of course I had everyone's gifts out of the way, but it's really hard for me to look at the date and say, "Christmas is tomorrow!"
    Maybe it's because it's hot here for a change, or maybe it's because we haven't really done anything special this year... but wow o__o It does not feel like Christmastime, much less December. Am I the only one?
  13. I don't celebrate anything to be honest. :)
  14. Saw the third to last post, and had to check my calendar XD wow. mind blank xd
  15. Instead of celebrating Christmas, what holidays do you celebrate?
  16. Woah, this board confused me for a moment. "Christmas is approaching...wat?"

    Uhm, I celebrate Christmas with my family, even though I'm not Christian :D Like a lot of families, we don't really do anything related to religion for the holiday (my grandmother sets out some little figurines of biblical figures and that's about it), but instead use it more as an opportunity to meet up and exchange gifts and good tidings :)
  17. Cool, I can dig that. :D
  18. hehehe Yeah someone did some post digging it seems! :D
  19. Halfway through the year, its nearly christmas, lol.

    We celebrate it, but its also a sad time for us too.

    We have 1minute of silence at 6pm on Xmas Eve, and then another minute of silence at 9am on Xmas morning.

    ~ Tosh Harland ~ 23rd October 1994 - 24th December 2007 :(

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