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How do you feel about VP Rant Sites?

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Michi, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. How do you feel about VP rant sites/blogs? I noticed in an increased of users actually making blogs or tumblers that rant about petsites. Usually its about people on certain sites, but sometimes its about the site itself. Do you think something should be done about them?
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    Personally I don't care since most of the time you don't even know there is a blog site. Only when others point them out do you notice them or sometimes when googling the petsite. Though I really dislike ones that actually name people and say rude things about that that is basically harassing.
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  2. It's a matter of free speech.
    I think they're fine, they're also pretty amusing and somewhat relateable here and there.
    I feel if they contain screenshots, names should be blanked out for privacy.
  3. I'll admit, I love drama blogs and I follow quite a few of them for aywas. Sometimes there's just things that need to be said but can't be said online. I'd probably make my own blogs if I actually had something interesting enough to talk about.
  4. I just don't read em, and I completely ignore them.
  5. I don't see the problem with them.

    Some things can't be said on-site, but people still have the need to complain about it (whether there's a ban on complaining/whining/the admin just can't take criticism). I feel that it's all part of owning and running a website that these things are going to happen and it's up to the admin to either 1.) Ignore it, which I don't necessarily agree with, especially if there are legitimate concerns about the site and the admin just feels like everything is bashing and ranting and whining when it's not and 2.) Actually checking it out and dealing with the legitimate issues that arise.

    It's all part of the package, which I've found a few pet site owners seem to have really thin skin, and so, these types of blogs pop up to give the users unbiased places to vent about things.
  6. Oh, no, I understand that, which is why I stressed the 'legitimate concerns' part of the whole issue.

    Also, I find it incredibly unreasonable to ban someone for offsite conduct if all they're doing is letting off steam on something that upset them, whether it was unfounded or not. It's offsite, and really, you should have no jurisdiction there. I'm also not really sure if you're talking about the players being on site or off site, so 'take this with a grain of salt', as you put it.

    I know that you'll probably come back with a 'well, it's my site' response, and that's okay. I just think it's ridiculous and petty.

    Now, that is to say that if a player admits to cheating in the game, or causing harm to the game in an offsite forum or blog, well, that I will say it's well within your rights to protect your site, because it costs money and cheating and hacking can bring that all to a stand still.

    But ranting about some one or just generally venting about something that won't even matter in the long run, as long as they're polite and follow the rules on site?

    Let them be.
  7. As a VPS owner myself, I can tell you that we definitely don't go looking to off-site rant topics to search for suggestions for features or site improvements. The right place for that is on-site suggestion or glitches and bugs forums. If a site owner rejects a suggestion from an on-site thread because they don't think it's something that would be good for the site, then they're certainly not going to change their mind because a disgruntled user makes an off-site rant topic.

    As for these kind of things in general, I don't think it matters whether we like them or don't like them... they're going to exist. Often these kind of blogs/entries are created for multiple sites by the same people, who seem to be generally angry at the world. Do they hurt the sites they're aimed at? Not really. Most users have been accustomed to these kind of things and mostly read them for amusement. Besides, my own sites have actually gained users because people like to read these kind of things, and then get curious enough to check out the site for themselves. Most people who put up these kind of rant blogs come off as so incredibly, frothingly single mindedly angry that few people are going to take them at their word and believe what's said without checking things out for themselves, and I'd like to believe that most people who are led to my sites because of them, are capable of actually making up their own minds :p

    Personally I've found that pet site owners tend to get accused of having "thin skin" simply because they respond to someone's rant with a differing opinion. It seems that users are "allowed" to say whatever they want and be as rude, angry, and slanderous as they want, but if a site owner responds with a different take on something, they are labelled as "thin skinned" or "defensive". If another user posts disagreeing with the OP's point of view, they are "kissing up to staff". I've actually stopped bothering to respond to rants because of this. Not because I "can't take it" but because it's utterly unproductive. My take is that if someone is ranting, they're ranting - blowing off steam. If they have an actual suggestion to make, they can post it in the suggestions forum, or if they encounter something they don't think is working right, they can post in glitches and bugs, and we'll review their posts and act in whatever manner we feel benefits the site.

    I certainly don't find most off-site rant blogs to be "unbiased". Watch anyone post an opinion differing from the OP's and just see how unbiased they really are :p
    #8 Onyx, Apr 13, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2012
  8. I'm glad they're out there, actually. Sometimes it takes some negativity to wake people up.
  9. I guess it's all a matter of how you run your site, then, really.

    I personally would take into account all ideas, issues and discussions, whether it be something that's in a rant or on an offsite forum, because I'd want to get opinions from all sides of the issue, whether I like what they have to say or not and whether I agree with them or not.

    I also know that it's impossible to make everyone happy and you're going to make someone mad no matter what you do. You can't win them all, but I think to be a good admin you need to realize that people aren't going to like everything you do and that people are going to criticize everything that's within their power to do so.

    And as to the 'thin skinned' comment, I never said that you couldn't disagree with what the users have to say or that the users are able to say whatever they want to say and I ask that you not imply that I do so. I just simply meant that the admins get so overly defensive about their sites and see everything as an attack that they lose sight of what the scope of the issue is and disregard what someone is saying as petty whining even though some of the ideas are really actually very good. As for the users that are rude and inconsiderate, well, that's not okay and I'm never going to say that it is, even though I say that people are going to rant and whine and complain. That I will stand by the admin in slapping down, even while I say don't disregard the whole issue, just because someone went about bringing it up in an inappropriate manner.

    But, as I've stated before, it's all a matter of how different people run their own sites.

    You're certainly able to run your site your way, just as I'm able to run a site the way I think that it should be run.
  10. Mm, you're right, and I apologize. It wasn't right of me to assume and it makes for horrible argument/discussion as it invalidates everything I say.

    Any further response to the re-quote by Onyx will be found in my last post after theirs.
  11. I think most site owners are well aware of this fact, ha ha. Which is why I personally let rants be rants (for the most part... there are times when an issue needs to be addressed). As I said, if someone has a legitimate suggestion, there are certainly options available for them to have their opinions heard on most sites. Rant blogs are not really the appropriate place to post things that you really want a site owner to pay serious attention to, imo. I doubt that that's what the creators of such blogs have in mind when they create them, anyways.

    Whoa. There was nothing "implied" against you, personally. You said that you think that some pet site owners are thin-skinned, and I simply responded with my own thoughts and opinions on the matter, from the perspective of a pet site owner. No offence was intended, I merely expressed my own opinion.
  12. They really don't bother me because some things that are said aren't true - and really in the end, the people who make those rants are actually promoting your pet site, so it's a really win-win situation. Because bad press can turn into good press - such as, users rant, more people join out of interest.

    Even though this was about music artists. I still think it relates to thread

  13. Well what do you think about that ones that basically ends up harassing other users? Harassing to the point where they name them, post pics with their account info showing on a screenie, and basically calling them names.

    I personally don't mind ones that show their disagreement with the sites. But there is just one thing I draw the line at personally.
  14. When it is blatant harassment that is just inappropriate. I don't mind ranting but when you are out to get a user that is something different entirely.
  15. Those that harass other users for no reason shows how much respect they have towards others. It's called ignore them and keep on going. Negatively comments can't take you down - you have to make sure it makes you stronger[in some cases].
  16. It all depends on the rant site. Some are "constructive" in that they aren't utterly hurtful. Sadly, the ones I've experienced weren't like that. Most of them named specific parties and made fun of them. Complete cyberbullying is not ok.

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