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How do you get your referrals

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Jenny Harper, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Ah that elusive referral. Maybe you can get quite a few, maybe you can't.

    Either way, how do you get yours? Post on forums such as this? Maybe you spam it on your Facebook and friend's walls? Or maybe you just find people that want referrals and be friendly?
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  2. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    When I used to bother with referrals, I would spam it everywhere I could.
  3. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    I was never good at referrals because I felt bad harassing people about them..
  4. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    I'd just include a banner or a link somewhere here. Facebook is also good for referrals, twitter, or tumblr. Depending how big your social networking friends are and such. It's also good to post on other forums - like pokemon - with your banner/link in your signature.
  5. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    I have done that in the past and found it useful, but I've lost touch with a lot of the forums I used to frequent. I need new ones lol.

    I sometimes feel bad spamming the links but I have been referred that way and end up liking the site. I try and stay in touch with the people that I refer because it's only fair. I have been referred by people and then forgotten. It's kind of rude. Especially when they didn't remember who I was.
  6. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    Ya, I know I used to set up quizes on back in the day, with the answers going to my referral link. It worked for a while there as well XD
  7. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    That's rather clever lol. I just spam to my friends and try and refer people where I can.
  8. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    Ya, it was. I got thousands of referrals from that method. :p
  9. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    Where did you post your quiz then? Because I could try that.
  10. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    On, it used to be a quiz site and such.
  11. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    I'll have to look into that.
  12. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    I add them to my siggies on other sites, Post them on facebook and twitter.
    Or when I'm talking to someone, and a site comes up. Ill refer them that way also.
  13. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    I've seen a new twist to people getting referrals - and that's posting their referral name to gather more referrals. What happened to the days of having a banner, or a button in your signature to get more referrals - or writing blogs/reviews about the site? There's so many different ways to get referrals, I'm surprised they're not all being utilized.
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  14. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    I certainly agree with this statement. However, I'm a little confused as to what you mean by posting their referral name? Could you give me a made up example?
  15. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    Such as - join this site and put my referral name in the box. Wouldn't a banner be more attractive to get users to join under your name?
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  16. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    Okay, that's what I thought you meant. Yeah, I agree with that, but I still feel like it's just news being spread via word of mouth. Not much you can do about that, you know?

    & Yes! A banner is certainly a much more attractive candidate. The issue is people (like me) choose to ignore ads. If it's written as a personal request, it's different, I dunno how to explain it.
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  17. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    People tend to ignore ads a lot. It's been proven over the years. One of the best methods that I've see is throwing your referral link inside a blog post, or a forum thread. That way it stands out.
  18. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    Yeah like my revamped signature.. It's written like I'm talking about something funny. Lol. Engages the user differently.

    More people need to promote VPL though, no joke.
  19. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    Yeah, that gets annoying. Recently I got a PM here with this message:

    I don't know that user, and I don't know anything about that game either. :/
  20. Re: How do you get your referrals?

    I usually just refer whatever friends I can get to join from Neopets and keep a banner in my sig on sites that are at least somewhat related to pet gaming.

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