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How often do you use cheats?

Discussion in 'Talk Gaming' started by Gabby, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. How often do you use game cheats? What websites do you usually use to find them? What are some of your favorite cheats?
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  2. I think it all depends on the game and how effective the cheat would be. For the classic arcade game Rampage, for example. There's a cheat that allows you to unlock all of the playable monsters in it, which I think could be beneficial in some ways, but ultimately rids you of playing the game to completion since the point of Rampage is to play a monster and get to the last stage to free a different monster to make them playable.
    In the end, it all comes down to how useful the cheat can be depending on what your purpose for playing is-just to do something really quick and have fun completely annihilating something, or working towards an ultimate goal and testing your skills to surpass trials in the game along the way.
  3. I can remember two cheats I've used, from random magazines or something. xD; One was for the game 'Underworld' - I'd tried so hard at the game and it became really boring and difficult, so I didn't enjoy it much. :( But the cheat made me become a chicken that cant die. :x That made it enjoyable for a while!
    And the second one would be GTA.. I've had so much fun with flying cars and whatnot, but its always seperate from the actual gameplay/storyline. B)
  4. My first playthrough of Oblivion, I pretty much cheated through the whole thing because I would get frustrated. I try really hard not to cheat now (unless I'm playing The Sims, in which case I cheat so I don't accidentally starve my sims to death) because it makes games boring. The last cheat I used was a few days ago when I accidentally saved my game of New Vegas two seconds before I died. I had to cheat because every time it reloaded, I died. It was terrible.

    And of course there's the fun cheats for things like GTA, but like @ElzElz said, it's always for fun instead of actually using it to help with the story.
    #4 Zrr, Jan 29, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  5. GTA is really the only game that I like cheating on. Especially when you get all the wanted levels up and have the police chase you. It is quite fun. Also, the unlimited guns cheat is my favorite, same with unlimited health. The cheats make the game even better to me.
  6. It depends on the game, but for the most part I avoid cheats until I do a full play through. Actually playing games and unlocking/collecting as many things as I can is the only reason I play at all.

    When I do use cheats, it's usually at the end of the game, before the final boss. The first thing that comes to mind is the older Tomb Raiders. In the first three games, I'd do a quick run to try and beat the game, then I'd use the "all weapons and infinite ammo" cheat and do another run. I also really liked the Bonus Characters that you can only get through cheats and no other way, like Marionette in Darkstalkers.
  7. I do like to use infinite ammo cheats. Haha Because omg I have shit aiming skills okay.

    Other than that, I only once used another cheat and it was on... FF12 I think? (one with Balthier and Basch?? I haven't played any of the others lmao) and it was just so I could buy all those stupid flippin' weapon skill medal things because they were pointless.
    Seriously what is the point of making someone have to unlock the ability to use a stronger weapon? And to have to pick specifically each weapon and just
    So yeah, cheated that shit because just no. I wouldn't have even played the game without the cheat lmao.
  8. In this day and age I don't feel like cheat codes are really necessary. Games have kind of evolved from being all about a challenge to just strictly entertaining your consumer. There's seldom times in this age in gaming where you'll be like "man this level is so hard I need a cheat code lol" Back in the day though games like Tomb raider I could never beat without a code. Most games are just hack and slash the whole way through. There's nothing wrong with that though I personally like it that way lol.
  9. It depends on the game.

    I cheat all the time on my sims games for the very reason that: If I wanted to spend my day at work, sleeping and satisfying the needs of my family then I would live life, not play the video game. I use testing cheats to make my needs static at times when I'm feeling overwhelmed and the motherlode cheat. Also, even if it isn't exactly a "cheat" the Twallan mods are really cool for getting some really cool stuff to happen in the game.

    My dad made my brother and I memorize Triassassindontdie for Blood Rayne's god mode cheat. When I started playing I used it after a while, that one is nice because you can still actually die but not by normal circumstances. However if you run down a hall and get blasted by a bazooka, you do still die.

    So yeah, it matters on the cheat. Some cheats are useless to gameplay but cause interesting things to happen or unlock secret outfits or recolors. Take the sims joke cheat that just spits out a cheasy joke everytime it's entered. Useless but entertaining. My brother likes to look up cheats immediately after the game, same with walkthroughs. I prefer playing through first as much as possible before looking for a walkthrough and actually using any cheats that help gameplay.
  10. For like hand held video games. Like legal cheats that the companies have actually intentionally put out for people to use? Those kinda cheats I like always use. I don't generally play stuff that doesn't have cheats in fact. Online like neopets or subeta or whatever I don't use any cheats at all. I feel like when you are playing multiplayer cheating ruins the game. Not to mention is illegal so yeah.
  11. I use guides if I get stuck in an area, I don't really call that cheating, though.

    I usually lay into cheat codes into games after I've fully completed them once, and if there's some benefits to adding some cheats in. (ie. guns & health/armor)
    If it's a really enjoyable game, then I'll play without again.
  12. I used to have a game genie for the SNES and a giant book packed with cheat codes. So I cheated a lot! Especially fun in Mario Bros. :- )

    Nowadays I mostly try to play on my own, occasionally seeking hints/ guidance in games like Pokemon (how can I catch this guy? Can this Pokemon evolve, etc) mostly I frequent Serebii.
  13. I've never (really) cheated (I say that loosely because in the original Mario Brothers Series, I always warped to save time), not because I was morally against it, but more so because I wasn't aware of how to go about it. Growing up, I heard of things which help you cheat (codes, GameShark), but I never purchased or bothered. If a game was difficult, I simply bit my lip and dealt with it. (As long as I didn't get bored.)

    One of the most difficult games for me when I was younger was this Simpsons NES game, "Bart Versus the World". In retrospect, it probably wasn't a very good game. It was difficult because of the controls, the cheap graphics, and pretty much the entire game play. But I didn't have a computer to help me. (My family wouldn't get a computer until I was around 12 years old.)

    I do recall using a cheat for a Spiderman n64 game which I loved. I used it only after I had beaten the game, and only to obtain all hidden costumes and items. :squee:

    But really, what is the point of cheating? Why play the game and waste your time? Sure, maybe you can get some online praise (if people don't see right passed you're cheating score), but beyond that, it's pointless unless you've beaten the game and want to breeze through it for fun!

    Invincibility is enjoyable.
  14. I have never used any type of hack/cheat programs for any games like CA, AC, CSS, BO2
  15. I don't think I've ever used cheats... I've looked at guides before, but only if I'm absolute stuck/lost in a game... like many of the dungeons in Tales of Phantasia XD

    ... unless you count some fun little game glitches like sliding across LoZ OoT
  16. I haven't used cheats very much. I think it takes away the challenge in the game. But I mostly use it when I absolutely cannot beat a certain boss.
  17. I have a method to my game play. the first time I play a game, I play it with the least fire power as possible. The least amount of weapons, armor. Then, the second time I may or may not use cheats, depending if I want to play again, but with more weapons and at a higher difficulty setting. After that DAMM STRAIGHT I use cheats :D After that, it's all about fun, messing with the game, if I can. GTA San Andreas was magnificient with the cheats, GTA4? Not so much. I look forward to the cheats after I've exhausted regular game play.
  18. I never use cheats. I play the game the way it was meant to be played. The only game that I would consider using cheats in would be GTA. That game has fun cheats that don't really effect the campaign gameplay.
  19. I always play through the game first and then use cheats afterwards, just to see what they do. I also use cheats when, for example, in free roaming or when I'm about to do something that would either probably force the computer to crash or overheat. I always spawn more than a few hundred guards in Oblivion and then put my chain lightning spell to maximum. I then shoot one of them with it and see the fun that happens next. Either ten or twenty of them will be thrown in the air or the computer freezes, lags and then shuts down, haha.
  20. I used to cheat in games all the time when I was younger. I don't anymore, with the exception of cases where you've been trying for ages to get past a certain part and you just can't. I do enjoy a challenge but when it's day #6 of your attempts and you haven't made any sort of progress, I think that's a bit much.

    I don't have anything against people who do use cheats either if it's a game they're playing by themselves; one thing that really bugs me is when people crucify someone for cheating. As long as it's single player, my attitude is basically that it's their game, they paid for it, they should be free to do what they want. In the case of multiplayer however I'm completely against cheating because really, what is the point of multiplayer if people are just gonna cheat? Then it's no longer a battle of skills/luck, it's just a bunch of people punching in cheat codes and letting it do the work for them :s and I don't know about anyone else but I don't see how that could be fun at all.

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