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How old is your computer?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Evolution, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. How old is your computer?

    My tower is around 5 or 6 and still goes like she is new ;), my laptop is about 2 years and no problems with it yet.
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  2. my macbook is 2 years old ^^ got it in 2010 xD
  3. My computer is about 6 years old. Runs fine, the fan needs adjusted soon though as it's making an odd noise when I boot my comp. :/

    I'm also saving for a brand new laptop.
  4. only 11 months old. Its fairly new; i hope i dont have to get a new one for at least 6 years :D
  5. About 6 years old, and it's still essentially in the mid-upper range :)
  6. My laptop is probably a good 3 years old. The network card inside[to access the internet] blew up a few months ago so now I have to access the internet with the internet cord plugged in[its plugged in through the modem]
  7. My iMac is from early 2009 and my MacBook Pro is from early 2008, so 3 years and 4 years. I plan on replacing my MacBook Pro as soon as I can (though I'll wait for a new model to be released when I do save up), here in South Africa, we pay about 25% more for Apple products -_- not that a new computer every other year from Apple is affordable for me if they were set the same as American prices...Macs are cheaper in the end, even with our prices ^_^
  8. My Acer laptop is about 2 years old and I think my keyboard is already worn much forum posting:)
  9. I have a new laptop, so it's only 2 years old. Yes, in my 'terms' this is still new, since I don't like to change them too often. I want to keep working on them until they 'die' so that I can get a return for my investment. My old laptop was good to use for 5 years, so I hope this one will do its job for at least 2 more years if not more.
  10. My laptop is almost 2 years old now. My desktop is about 8 years old and still runs like it's new (it's modded a bit for speed).
  11. My desktop is only a couple months old because I just built a new one from scratch. I'd been using nothing but laptops for the last several years, some of which I still have, but usually they'd need repairs and are all different ages, heh.
  12. My husband and I built our desktop/tower from scratch with our tax refund from last year, lmao, so everything we've got is pretty much top of the line... for now. With how fast things progress, we're probably going to have to update in a couple of years.

    My laptop is another story, though. It's an Acer notebook from 1999 or 2000. It struggles along sometimes, but it's still decent! Definitely a beast, and it's the reason I'm fond of Acers in general.
  13. Mine's literally only a week old. I'd been using an old dinosaur of a laptop that was still running XP and I decided that I needed an upgrade. I'm so glad I did it.

    I plan on saving up for a Macbook, but until then, I have the cheapest of the cheap! 8D
  14. How's the speakers on your desktop? Are they real loud?
  15. A year and a half old.​
  16. That's about the same age as my laptop. I had to reboot it once before because the internet stopped working[the network card blew] and we didn't know it fully until the laptop came back, and now I have to keep it plugged in with the internet cord.
  17. My tower is 4 years old and it crawls now. I have got to get a new one soon! I feel like I am on dialup Internet!
  18. My laptop is 3 to 4 years old - it's still in great condition though, but I can't run two Adobe programs simutaneously or else it'll crash :p
    I got a new battery for it though, considering the old one had issues.

    And to think my laptop was worth $700 bucks when I first bought it.. now it's barely even worth $200. :p
  19. Only around... a year? C: <3 My other one is... maybe 6 years? My dad's is even older. xD
  20. Do you delete your cache and remove files often? I don't see why it would crawl if you optimize it and such. I remember when I removed a ton of pictures/files from my laptop, it loaded a lot faster after that.

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