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How To Make More Bp On Aywas

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Toxic Rainbow Kisses, May 14, 2011.

  1. Good Morning Aywas
    This is a guide to a daily routine to earn the most out of aywas.
    Now this isn't going to make you OMFG rich, but it will put a little BP into your Pocket, Maybe even some GP or SP. Who knows?

    Task one - The Games

    Count the objects is a pretty simple game, This game is free to play, you press start, and you have 10 seconds to count the items, Count them right you win, count them wrong you lose.

    Everyone loves hangman. This game is fun and addicting, But remember everything is Aywas related with Hangman.It's free to play, and guessing right gets you a nice prize.

    Throwing bones is one of the most addictive games on aywas. Well at least for me. It costs 10 BP a roll, but in the end its worth it. You get Items and BP thrown at you like you have won at a slot machine. Hint: Never "Collect pot" just keep going.

    Slots is of course a gamble, it costs 20 BP to spin each time, Its all about luck of the wheel. Will you match 3 who knows, just don't get too addicted, you might loose all your paws.

    One Per week you can test your knowledge of Aywas. This is free to play, and you get some pretty awesome Prizes. Depending on the correct answers you can get anything from a random egg to a Custom Crystal, but where not sure if it stops there, this is a very new feature on aywas, so the possibilities are endless.

    Collect a raffle ticket every hour to win awesome prizes. From Gift Cards, to custom pets, to awesome expensive items on Aywas. This raffle is chosen every Tuesday. Plus, even if you don't win. Every time you collect a ticket you get 100 BP.

    Every Hour Pick 1 of 3 leaves and try to win. You can get some BP, Leaves, or nothing. It's free to play, and you lose.. Nothing.

    Guess a number between 1 and 100, you get 1 try per day. Get it right and you win 1,000 BP.[/url]
    The simple game of Higher or Lower. You are shown a number between 1 and 10. You must guess if the next card will be Higher or lower. Guessing correctly Wins you 100 BP, Guessing wrongly does nothing.

    Take a look inside the Crystal ball, it costs 100 BP.


    To dig for bait you first need a Fishing tacklebox, you may fill it for 500 BP. To use your tacklebox you must completely finish the bridge level 15 in explore. Using the tackle box You can gert r100 Treasures (a pearl thing that gives 50k when you use it) and food.

    Choose between 3 and 10 numbers from the Keno board. Then click play. The game will chose 15 numbers at random. Match half the amount (If you choose 10 you must get 5 matches) and win up to 5k BP. This game costs 100 BP per play.

    Every six hours you may purchase a scratch card and play to win the jackpot, some BP, or random items. It costs 2,500 BP to play. You can scratch off 6 Spaces.

    once per day, Guess the item that is on the screen. Guess correctly win 1,000 BP, if you guess it wrong, you must wait for the new day to guess a new item.

    The rock quarry is a Premium member game. Once per day you can find a quarry and trade them in for Premium Points to use in the Premium Shop

    Submit your lovely artwork for a chance to win items and BP. The prizes change weekly and the winners are chosen on Saturdays.

    Flash Games
    You know that addicted game on your phone, where you eat mice, and you grow larger, and touching the walls or yourself cause you to die. Yup thats the game. Play this game on either Easy, Normal or hard. Send your Good scores in (Up to 3 times for members and 6 times for premium members) daily for some quick BP.

    Lite a candle and watch the items spin. Match the items to the pictures in the bottom row to clear graves. Clear a line of graves and get 3k Points. Watch out for Kaz thou, he likes to eat your points. Send your Good scores in (Up to 3 times for members and 6 times for premium members) daily for some quick BP.

    Do you remember Tetris? Sky blocks is tetris to the extreme. Go through levels and earn your self points. Turn those points into some major BP by sending your good scores in. (Up to 3 times for members and 6 times for premium members).

    Other Games
    Help Xero with some pet research. He will ask him to find him a certain pet, be the first to bring it back to him, and you get a prize. The quicker you are, the better the prize. Notice: You must have this pet on you, in your lair.

    Help Ax with some pet research. He will ask him to find him a certain pet (usually 3 at one time). The quicker you are, the better the prize. Notice: You must have the pet(s) on you, in your lair.

    Help Rogue on a scavenger hunt. Rogue will ask you to find a pet, you must look through people's lairs (or your own) and find that pet. Give Rogue the Pet id number, and BAM you get a prize.

    Purchase a tent from the random crap Store, or from user shops. Set up your tent at one of the explore locations, Wait for the time it tells you, then come back and see what pet you have caught.

    Once per day listen to xero ramble on about his dramatic life. Every time you talk to him, he gives you some BP, each day you talk with him the BP amount grows.

    Help tam on his item quest by finding items he asks you to get. As a thank you, he will give you a duplicate item he has and some BP.

    Learn to cook with chaos. Find the ingredients needed to cook, wait the time, and grow in levels, Once you hit master you can make things like Random Lunaris Potion, but remember, once you click on a recipe you must make it, because if you give up, you will start over at level 1. Every time you cook, Chaos will give you some items and BP. The higher your cooking level the more items and BP you get.

    Kaz and shoe can be so weird sometimes, But they love to have visitors. Well, at least they do sometimes, Visit them daily, and take a poke at kaz. Sometimes, he will be in a good mood, and chuck a nice item at you, other times, he will just throw a fire ball at you. Hrmm, Good luck!

    Tak loves CDs, so take him the CDs you get, and he will give you something in return for them.

    Visit Zave once a day for some free food for your pets. He will give you 1 food item for every pet you own up to 10 pets.

    Once per day Rogue will zap your active pet into a random pet. To access Rogue's zapping you must first collect all 9 spheres and give them to Rogue, you only need to do this once.

    If you know how to make even more bp on Aywas , then please respond to our guide and tell us how we can become richer on Aywas by earning more bp.​
    #1 Toxic Rainbow Kisses, May 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 21, 2016
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