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How's the art marketplace coming along?

Discussion in 'Completed Transactions' started by cpvr, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. So, I was curious - what do you guys think about the art marketplace thus far? Are you having trouble selling your art? Or, has VPL's art marketplace been go to you?

    We're asking this because - we know that our art marketplace has been one of our most popular forum features over the years - and we want to know how we're doing, and what you think we should do - to help increase your sales as an artist - should we, buy advertising - and try to help attract buyers - or should we just let our art marketplace grow from you guys?

    Basically I see things like this - the more art that's being sold, the more potential sales that artists can have. Why? Buyers like to see a variety of things - and if they don't like what they see, they try to find another artist or two.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    So, in other words. Has the art marketplace brought you any sales? If not, how do you think we could possibly help you increase your sales? Artists, you guys are the backbone of this section - not us, I can't draw, so I can't sell anything nor test out the art marketplace.

    Also - what images have you seen to be the most successful sales for you? Has it been the sale of some pets? What about some items?
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. The VPL marketplace has always been good to me. In fact, it's the only place I've been able to successfully sell my art on. And I won't lie - I enjoy the pet site atmosphere, and I still play them casually, but if VPL suddenly excised the marketplace, I wouldn't be here anymore. But I think that's okay. I'm by no means a major player here, but pet sites will never stop needing art.

    Advertising the marketplace would be nice, but totally unnecessary. Which isn't to say that everyone everywhere knows VPL as the be all, end all, one stop for pet site art, rather that the marketplace is a forum feature that's weight and existence is the responsibility of the artists who post in it. I notice that some buyers from the old VPL seem to have disappeared, though. And the success of this marketplace befuddles me, since it's not like the other pet boards all have their own warring factions - nearly everyone here is on another board and vice versa. I think advertising the marketplace would be a kind gesture, but I also don't think it'd do much.

    As much as I disliked trying to do it, and as unnecessary as it is now, it seems, I miss the juggling platypus qualification. That was something VPL started that I thought was, well, adorable. Even if mine was crap.


    :> I was actually thinking about making a thread on this. What Does And Doesn't Sell. Wasn't there an old thead/board on old VPL that was for people posting things they wanted to see in the marketplace? I mean, I think it'd help out a lot of artists. No one's gonna make money trying to sell the basic red rubber ball and apple type items. Items sell the best for me, usually food. I think pets are the hardest to sell, because if a buyer sees an item that doesn't quite match their site style, but likes it anyway, they'll still likely buy it. Because it's just one item. But pets are a bigger deal and stand out more. I've always wanted to know a way to make pets more sellable to anyone. Maybe posting lineart with flat color or something, and charging for shade by site style.
  3. By all means go for it. :) Anything that help make the art marketplace better is greatly appreciated. You guys are the artists here, we're trying our best to build a place that everyone can enjoy, meet new people, and build their experiences as a person - whether you're an artist, or a developer.

    Ya, you guys are talking about TheBernMan - right? I haven't talked to him in a few weeks, but he's quite busy in real life - and I'm sure he'll come back buying art and supporting the local artists real soon.
  4. Good sometimes and not so good other times. Right now I'm struggling a little but I don't blame the market. My style is a bit...'unique', so I can understand why my stuff isn't selling xD

    That's a great way to sell pets^^ Nice idea!
  5. I think its been doing well; I got a lot of emails from people who said they could help me out when I posted a thread :p
  6. Good to hear - and one thing I've noticed - a lot of buyers are gone, right?
    Well, perhaps, how do you think we can fix this issue?
  7. you should invest in to advertisement. It's really hard to find this site ><
  8. i am not selling much art on here or any other sites.
  9. I like to think my web designs are nice, but it looks like no one is buying web designs for their pet sites, or just aren't interested in my work at the moment. :(
  10. We don't have ad dollars to do it right now - once we do, we'll launch an advertising campaign through Project wonderful

    We're mainly growing right now through word of mouth - and that seems to be going well for us.
  11. I always seem to have a tough time selling art here. It might just be my style, or the type of creatures I draw. I feel like commissions work better for me. Even so, I like to draw things once in a while to see if there are any new sites that like my work. : p
  12. What do you guys think we can do? Site owners come here to buy art - and if they don't like your art style or what you're selling, they don't buy. A lot of buyers aren't aware that we're back up and running. We've only been back for almost 3 months now - we were down for quite some time - so I'd say keep trying or help us promote virtual pet list - that way we can try to attract more buyers here.

    We can't do it alone - some people find success in our marketplace, and some don't. I know buyers like to see a wide variety of art - its how our old marketplace grew.
  13. I wouldn't put the blame entirely on the artists' style. Owners' all have their own site style too, the range is really broad. I think it's just the bad economy (in real life), lack of buyers online, lack of owners who have cash that are willing to buy/commission artists on here, lack of knowledge of this sites existence, etc. A lot of the larger owners already have their own artists, so obviously they won't be interested in buying on here, so that's another factor.
  14. It's one the buyers market - owners may have lack of cash right now - we're in a recession, correct? The only way to attract more buyers is with more art.
    It's like any marketplace - like Flippa - its a marketplace for websites - it has a ton of variety - and buyers flock.
  15. More art doesn't necessarily attract more buyers. More doesn't always mean better. Though as of right now, I think the rate of new threads right now is just fine.
  16. I believe there are more buyers on VPL than thought, however, with almost a need for art to match on petsites today, auctions do not do well unless you are able to match a style found across a wide variety of sites. I personally check for art everyday, but I have yet to see anything that matches my style.
  17. This is why I think commissions work better. You can specify which style you want the artist to draw in.
  18. The opinion of a newbie here :) It might be there and I just haven't found it, but I think that one thing that is missing is a newbie buyers guide. There are some things that you take for granted as you know how it all works, but to someone who hasn't done this before it is all very offputting. For example...
    Some posts give the price as SB, AB and CB. Whats that mean?
    Whats the usual way of business? Pay up front, or pay on delivery?
    When you buy a piece of art, are you buying the non-exclusive rights to use it (and you might find it on half a dozen VP sites), are you buying exclusive rights to use it (but you can't do anything else with it), or are you actually buying the artwork and all rights associated with it (so you can use it on one site, many, sell it again, etc)?
    How should you contact the seller? Just post on their thread, PM them, add them to MSN?

    As I said, it's all probably quite obvious stuff to many, and I can probably guess most of the answers... but for someone just starting out it can be quite offputting not really knowing what you are doing.
  19. SB is Starting Bid
    AB is Auto Buy
    CB is Current Bid.

    Usually, for pre-made images: Artists send the .psd to you and then you send payment.
    If you are buying a commission, it's best to give 1/2 the $ up front, and the other 1/2 when you receive the finished product.

    I believe when you buy the art, you get all the rights to it unless otherwise stated. (Besides the right to say YOU made it)
    Usually, it's best to contact them through PM, and if you wanna do more business with them- add them to a messenger :3
  20. I only just joined the site about an hour ago, and the only thing I was taken aback by was the fact that I needed to have 5 posts to send a private PM to someone. I'm sure this is for precautionary measures, but I also find it a little..hindering. Particularly if an artist says they are looking to hire, but they want you to send a PM to them.

    If the artist never looked at the forum again they could potentially lose a lot of clients. Of course that would be on their own behalf. I still find it a little hindering though.
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