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I don't care and my excuse is that I'm young

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. I remember when Drake first dropped the song "trust issues". Now, you have a lot of people that do wrong things and claim "I don't care, I'm young." "And I'll do what I want", which is why YOLO became such a big phrase last year. I always didn't care for the word at all and you won't see me saying it. The word YOLO being texted has also resulted in a few car wrecks.

    But, thing is, why do some people say such things? Example: My excuse, I was young before and I said those things because I didn't care about any consequences that would result from my behavior which in reality I did care, I was just being dumb and naive because I only live once.

    Same reason why people text and drive.. They're being wreckless to their surroundings and environment.
    Take some young teenagers as good examples of this. They love to party and some usually drive drunk. Which results in accidents and other harm being done.

    Which brings me to the next question, have you ever met someone that was just plain wreckless and they needed help and/or treatment but they refused it?
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  2. I'm young, but I never use that excuse. When I mess up, I mess up, no excuses, because everyone makes mistakes. It's just how you deal with them afterwards that matters.
  3. Mistakes are also lessons in life and teach us on how to do better so that we don't repeat the same mistakes over and over. Some just aren't willing to accept that and continue to make the same mistakes over and over.
  4. I'm "young" (23) but you only stay young for the smallest portion of your life, and dying young...well, there's a lot you can miss out on. But you can entirely blame them. I don't think your brain fully stops developing into you're into your mid twenties; that means that entirely, people aren't fully "functional". Which is possibly when people engage in wreckless behavior.

    The thing which gets me? Not wearing seat belts! I know far too many young people who died and it was deemed a tragedy when, we all know, although not mentioned in the newspapers - they probably hadn't been wearing seat belts when they were thrown from the car. I don't get it. Wearing them is nearly the same as not, it takes like two seconds to put it on. If you're not worried about your own driving, be weary of others because there's always some crazy person driving terribly.

    Alcohol in general is a legal liquid drug and costs thousands of lives per year. I've engaged in drinking it to "spice" up little events or to make me more social, but life is far more compelling when you're totally "there" and sober. I've said some pretty dumb things while intoxicated which I deeply regret now.

    People do risky things because it gives them a natural sort of "high". Is it stupid? Many times, yes. But there's plenty of different ways to feel "good". I personally love hiking or swimming. I also like roller coasters. :p

    YOLO is a stupid buzzword meant to give people an excuse to be reckless. It's pointless. Yes, you only live once: isn't that more of a reason to be somewhat careful?

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