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IcePets - Happy Easter!

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets News' started by Michael, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. <img src="http://icepets.com/images/news/Easter.png">
    <br>Jakrits can be seen throughout the lands. Their tails are twitching with excitement, its that time of the year again..
    <br><b>HAPPY EASTER ICEPETS!</b>
    <br>The sneaky Jakrits are placing some old eggs around the shops..
    <br><img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1140.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1135.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1145.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1151.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1155.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1158.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1148.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1163.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1166.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1170.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1161.png">
    <br>I wonder what happens when you open them?
    <br><img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1153.png">
    <br><b>Shopkeepers are also getting into the spirit with new Easter stock!</b>
    <br><img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1766.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1767.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1768.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1769.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1770.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1771.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1772.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1773.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1774.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1775.png"> <img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/1776.png">
    <br>There is also rumours of a hunt opening soon.. Hmmm..
    <br><img src="http://icepets.com/images/news/Contest.png">
    <br><a href="http://icepets.com/images/events/easter2012/Easter%20Egg.png"><img src="http://icepets.com/images/events/easter2012/Easter%20Egg.png" width="300"></a>
    <br><i>Click for larger!</i>
    <br>Design your very own Easter Egg!
    <br>Paints, crayons, digital software.. The possibilities are endless!
    <br><img src="http://www.icepets.com/images/items/506.png">
    <br>1st Prize - </b>5000 iC + 2 Jakrit Morphing Potions, Custom Avatar
    <br><b>2nd Prize - </b>2500 iC, Five Random Jakrit Eggs, Custom Avatar
    <br><b>3rd Prize - </b> 2000 iC
    <br>Rule 1 - All work submitted must be your own.
    <br>Rule 2 - Work submitted cannot contain anything offensive, including but not limited to: Gore, swearing, illegal drugs.
    <br>Rule 3 - You may use any means to color in. Crayons, paints, digital programs, etc.
    <br>Rule 4 - One entry per user.
    <br><b>Deadline:</b> 28th April, Midnight.
    <br>Simply mail your entry to <a href="http://www.icepets.com/mail/view_message.php?fuser=Lolly&amp;new_msg">Lolly!</a>
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  2. [​IMG]
    So cute!

    and I might just join that contest xD

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