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Icepets review by Love

Discussion in 'Pet Games and Sims review' started by Organic, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. This is a review of the virtual pet site called "Icepets". This review will be covering the following areas: Staff, Community, Navigation, Information, Pets, website functionality and Economy.

    I have not had much of a need for staff during my time on Icepets. There has been a couple occasions where I have filled out their help form and I received an adequate answer solving my problem within 48 hours. I really have not noticed the presence of staff throughout the forums. It seems from my observations there have not been a lot of need for them as far as the forums are concerned. I have seen a couple writers and moderators around enjoying the site just like the rest of the users. Which to me is a definite plus and I also love that the posts I have seen from them have never had any conflict and they represent themselves in an acceptable and polite way.
    While onsite I have never seen the owner behave unprofessionally I think recently we have all see a side of him that was't flattering of him on VPL. I don't mention this to start drama but it is true and good to understand that someone who can't behave professionally or treats their users poorly can (and for me IS) a big turn off to a game. So while I won't delve into the specifics I believe it is worth mentioning and could/should be a consideration for potential players. Afterall, the owner is the leader and they can lead their site to victory or demise and self control is going to definitely play a role in that.

    Staff - B
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    The community is a bit on the small side compared to other sites like Aywas or Subeta for example but it does have a wide variety of great topics and also enough people using it that if you check in daily you will see new threads and conversations. I have even strolled through very rough debate topics and seen a civility that actually shocks me lol. I do see strong opinions but I do not see the bickering and temper tantrums that can usually be found amongst VP communities.
    Community - A

    Icepets is incredibly easy to navigate given that there isn't really a lot TO Icepets. The navigation bar is simple and it directs you to everything that you need on Icepets.

    Navigation - A (Obviously the fact that the site is so small could be a bad thing but in terms of navigation specifically hey it works and I can't fault them for it!)


    Icepets is definitely lacking in information. I am thinking there may have been a newbie tutorial when I joined that maybe went through some things but not having been on the site for a long time and coming back and playing for a week there is a LOT of things that I needed to know that I could not find the answers to ANYWHERE. Information is definitely not easy to come by. A lot of pet sites have guides and fansites where you can get good information but Icepets is not one of them. I wore google out trying to find things and the site definitely doesn't have them. For example, the daily games don't make you very much points so it seems like questing would be a good idea. Well there are a bajillion quests available but when I started them a lot of them asked for expensive items. So since I have very little IP to start with it was definitely important for me to know what the payout was going to be so that I could either know that I'd be making a profit or if I should cut my losses and pay the 200ip tog et out of the quest. That information isn't anywhere though :-/ It's very hard to learn through trial in error if you don't have enough IP to error with.

    Information - D (Quite honestly it is very hard to find the answers to any questions you have)

    PETS :
    I find the pets on Icepets to be really endearing. While they are not hugely detailed and certaily not the most beautiful pet art Ive seen in the world they definitely have a certain somethig. They are cute and appealing. Pets are one of the most important aspects of a petsite to me and Icepets meets my expectations for them. In addition to the different species being appealing they do offer a wide variety of colors for each species. Some of the colors like woodland and snowdrift are really lackluster and disappointing but they make up for it with their other colors like Halloween and 60's
    Pets - B ( Unfortunately, to get an A from me they would need a higher quality of artwork for the pets but HEY a B is nothing to sneer at and I feel that potential users will find their selectio at least adequate.)

    Website Functionality:
    Everyone hates bugs and a petsite plagued with bugs and things that don't work is one of the biggest turn offs. FORTUNATELY for Icepets this is not an issue :) Even though they are small ad they don't have a lot of the bigger features that could potentially cause problems all of the features that they do have work as they were intended as far as I can tell!! You should be very proud of that Icepets!
    Website Functionality - A

    I feel like the economy is strange and I think it has to do with the fact that Icepets is small. It's always frustrating when you are looking for a common item and there is only one in shops and it's expensive. In fairness though if there aren't enough players to get a good amount of items circulating what else can you expect? So prices are wonky and that aspect of the site can be frustrating hopefully as Icepets gets more members this is something that will fix itself though!

    Economy - D

    Summary and some extra Info (AKA TL;DR SECTION):
    Overall Icepets is in it's stages as a little baby petsite. It has some great redeeming qualities like it's cute endearing pets, it's friendly community, functionality of what it does have and easy navigation. On the other hand being so small the economy and content suffers. There is also the subject of the owner potentially being a time bomb to destruction. It is my opinion that Icepets has a lot to offer and if the owner can keep pressing forward that it can be great.

    Some other little aspects and interesting aboutt he site are the strange funding system that they have. News on Icepets and updates are kinda slow and they now have a feature where you can fund new items and maps. Some people like it some people don't that's up for you to decide. Also it's worth mentioning that everything is cold related. I honestly kinda get bored with everything being Snow this and Ice that it seems awkward to me that everything needs to be identified as being cold... I mean if the whole place is Ice we'd assume that right? Or if the whole place isn't Ice why are you trying so hard to make it seem that way? Also remember that finding information is truly hard and you will have to learn how to play through trial and error without too much direction!

    Anyways, I hope this information is helpful to you all and that I covered the information you would like to know about Icepets! :) <3
    #1 Organic, Jun 9, 2012
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    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Thank you for this review, very honest.
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  3. Great job on this review @LoveLove
    #3 cpvr, Jun 10, 2012
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  4. You did an excellent job with this review, Love. I think you described IcePets perfectly.
  5. Now this is an actual review. Got it right down to the T.

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