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Interview with Tyler, owner of Kaylune.com

Discussion in 'Interviews' started by cpvr, May 29, 2012.

  1. cpvr

    cpvr Owner and Founder Administrator

    Jan 20, 2011
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    Houston, Texas
    Hi Tyler, you are the owner of the in development petsite, Kaylune, Correct?
    Yes, I am the owner of the in development petsite Kaylune. Kaylune is going to be a fantasy based virtual pet site set in the mythical world of Kayrth.

    Can you tell us anything more about yourself?
    Well, I’m a guy, and I’ve been frequenting virtual pet sites for about 6 years now. Back in about 2007, I started visiting the various virtual pet forums. I’ve always enjoyed virtual pet sites, especially the ones with great communities.

    How long have you been a working on Kaylune?
    I’ve been working on Kaylune since December 2008. Back in 2008, I originally opened Kaylune to the public on v-petsite. Kaylune was horrible back then, with no funding or staff. I also had very little experience. We then developed from there, hiring staff, cranking out some nice new art, and getting some new members. We eventually became the largest v-petsite with more then 700 members. Then, I decided v-petsite was becoming too limiting to Kaylune’s future, and the staff and I wanted to expand to off v-petsite. So, we began developing off-site with a free programmer named Grace, and things went pretty well from there. Eventually, I left on a hiatus, causing most of my staff to leave or become estranged. When I returned from my hiatus last summer, I was able to round up some veteran staff members and get Kaylune’s development restarted! From there, we’ve ditched the free coding and started anew, with a paid programmer named Icy.

    Where do you see the Virtual Pet Site community in 3 years time?
    I really don’t know, right now I’m really focused on the present instead of the future. However, if I was to make a prediction, I’d assume virtual pet sites would be changed, with unique new features and more flash based content.

    What is your favourite pet site, and why?
    My favorite pet sites are NeuroGalaxy and Neopets. Neopets is one of my favorite virtual pet sites because of their large amount of content, and if you find the right people, friendly community. I love NeuroGalaxy for its awesome unique features like Roam, its cute art, and a really friendly community!

    What do you want to achieve by creating Kaylune?
    I’d like to achieve a friendly, successful virtual pet site that will be enjoyed by many people. Kaylune’s staff and I have put so much dedication and work into Kaylune, we want to see Kaylune go places!

    Whats your favourite thing about pet sites in general?
    My favorite thing about pet sites in general is probably the various friendly communities and the art. I just love admiring nice pet site art.

    What is the hardest thing about developing Kaylune?
    I’d have to say the hardest thing about developing Kaylune is the ups and downs, maintaining staff activity, and motivation. There’s times when activity is really high, and times when activity is low, and you really need to make the best of each. Also, you need to think of creative and innovative ways to keep your staff motivated, which sometimes can be really challenging.

    When did you first get involved in the pet-site industry, and how?
    I first started playing pet sites about 6 years ago, and I got involved in the various forums around 2007. I got involved when I decided I wanted to make my own pet site, so I googled “how to make your own pet site,†and I went from there!

    What is Kaylune going to be about?
    Kaylune is going to be based on exploring various mythical worlds with your pet, chatting and communicating with other members, shopping, trading, etc. with plenty of unique features added in!

    What was the inspiration behind Kaylune?
    The inspiration behind Kaylune was really Neopets. About 4 years ago, I used to enjoy and love Neopets, so I wanted to make my own pet site like Neopets. Cyopets, subeta, and Neurogalaxy were also very inspirational to me.

    When did you begin work on Kaylune?
    I began working on Kaylune in December 2008.

    What was your favourite thing about working on Kaylune?
    My favorite thing about working on Kaylune is just getting to know Kaylune’s awesome friendly staff, and seeing Kaylune grow and become reality.

    When can we expect Kaylune (Can you give us a year/month yet)?
    Eh, I really can’t give a date at this moment. We should be entering Staff Beta soon, but we’ve had some minor delays. We’re getting close!

    Do you have any tips or advice for people who want to create a petsite?
    I’m still a rookie owner, so I’m not really that experienced, but a tip would be to never give up and always try to maintain a friendly, kind community with your members and staff! It’s really one of the most important thins if you want your pet site to succeed.


    I’d like to thank Anjwalker and Cpvr for interviewing me, it’s been a great experience!
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