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~Intrepid Dreams Services~ Hosing, Design, & Development for SIMs - OPEN

Discussion in 'Completed Transactions' started by Cayda, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. My name is Kae and I'm a 20 year old programmer just starting out.
    I'm looking to build my portfolio, so I don't really have any type of examples to offer.
    I'm going to work on getting some demo sites coded up for you guys to play in and test my abilities. :3

    Hosting Packages
    [table="align:center,width: 500, class: grid"]
    To Wish Upon A Star
    1GB Space
    10GB Data Transfer
    10 Emails
    10 Databases
    10 FTP Accounts

    PRICE:: $3.50/month or $30/yr
    Hope's Well

    3GB Space
    30GB Data Transfer
    30 Emails
    30 Databases
    30 FTP Accounts

    PRICE:: $6/month or $60/yr[/td]
    Bold Dreams

    UNLIMITED Data Transfer
    100 Emails
    100 Databases
    100 FTP Accounts

    PRICE:: $10/month or $100/yr[/td]
    VPS/Dedicated Servers
    Availiable Upon Request!

    All hosting plans come with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and cPanel hosting!

    Hosting Add-Ons

    ++ Pre-Forums (phpBB with custom theme) [Add $20 to first payment]
    ++ Game Base (login/register, user system, integrated -not phpBB- forums) [Add $50 to first payment]
    ++ Donations Setup (not automatic, paypal integration into site or pre-forums) [Add $10-$20 depending on complexity]

    -These items are cheaper as they are included as part of the hosting deal. The individual prices are listed below if you are not entering a hosting contract.-

    Programming Packages
    [table="align:center,width: 500, class: grid"]
    [td]Small Scripts - ($5-$15)

    ++ News System
    ++ Pre-Forums (usually phpBB)
    ++ Chatrooms (IRC chat)

    [td]Medium Scripts - ($15-$50)

    ++ User System - Login/Registration/Profiles
    ++ Custom forums
    ++ Pet System (pet pages, pet groups)
    ++ Inventories
    ++ Mod/Admin Tools
    [td]Large Scripts - ($50+)

    ++ BreedingP
    ++ Custom Demos/Creation
    ++ Auctions
    ++ Quests
    ++ ECT.[/td]
    Full SIms - ($200+)

    Please PM me for details on this. The package/price
    will depend on your specific needs.[/td]

    Design Packages
    [table="width: 500, class: grid, align: center"]
    [td]Coming Soon![/td]

    Payment Terms: For larger projects, I require half upfront. For smaller projects, I'd rather just wait and get paid afterwards. I'll also require, for larger projects and hosting agreements, that you sign a contract. I can also work out a payment plan with you if you can't afford something right away, just ask :3
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Are you servers secured? Do you have DDos protection? So basically, do you have a reseller account and you're selling packages?
  3. cpvr - I do have a reseller account, and yes, the servers have DDos protection.
  4. Where are the servers from then? What hosting company? Can I see what you guys have for "DDos protection". Is it a firewall?
  5. Sure thing :) It's MochaHost, and I've just transfered there after rave reviews from friends.

    From their site:

    "By using multiple (7) Tier 1 telecom providers including AT&T, NTT and AboveNet, along with numerous private peering arrangements, we provide more than 250 Gbps of transit and peering capacity. With network Points of Presences (POPs) in our data center in Chicago along with dedicated POPs in Virginia and California, the data center provides global reach and lower latency by removing network bottlenecks for your hosted servers.

    Key Features:

    Fully redundant HA network architecture with no single points of failure
    Fail-over routing & extra capacity at core and edge routers
    Multiple concurrent, high-capacity Tier 1 bandwidth providers
    Industry-leading network bandwidth capacity
    Over 40 Core IP POPs capable of delivering multiple-10GbE service, in 24 major metropolitan markets
    More than 2 Terabits/sec of active IP interconnection capacity with other networks
    100 Gigabits/sec of trans-atlantic capacity, via 7 diversely routed submarine cable systems
    Over 500 Gigabits/sec of diversely routed inter-city long-haul backbone capacity.
    Availability of DDoS mitigation
    Network hardware from Cisco, Juniper, Foundry"
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  6. It seems like a scam. I would ask them 'where' their data center in Chicago is. If they were out here I would have heard of them. Anyone can buy a VPS and write a great review of the services they have under their belt. If they were using even half what is listed, they wouldn't be marketing to this forum.
  7. What's up with this then?

    And where in Chicago is their data center located?

    And this:
    Lots of hate for a good hosting company? I don't think so.
  8. "They" aren't marketing to this forum. I am though. I have a reseller account through them and am offering packages to pet sims just getting started.
  9. Good luck with it, though I am not a fan of the phpbb + theme for $20. That is a bit high.
  10. ++ Chatrooms (IRC chat) - Are you saying you will simulate IRC for 5-15$ or actually build a completely function IRC client (requires port binding, a decently sized handshake, etc.). Either this name is wrong, or I think you are a little off the mark on the size of scripts.

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  11. I'd like to point out that most of those reviews are several years old. I'm going by personal experience - a friend has been with them for about a year now and loves them. I'm on a month-by-month basis, and I do personally back everything up that goes on any hosting account I'm associated with. Should I start to notice a problem, I'll transfer and be done with them, not losing any data for anyone and I can always compensate my clients for downtime due to a server move, although I don't see it being a problem.
  12. I've got an IRC chat set up on my own server and will provide your site with an irc client and channel(s) for you to use for the life of your game. I know it can be done easily, but not everyone is comfortable with IRC.
  13. Thank you for the feedback. What would you say a good price would be? I am looking for feedback on everything here, so if you feel something is unfair, I appreciate you pointing it out.
  14. More recent complaints -

    Here are some reviews if you don't want to do click and see the site (I'm only doing the previous two):
    I'm not going to say anything negative or positive. I'll leave everyone to develop their own opinions and leave mine out. I just had to post this since the previous reviews were a couple years old.
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  15. An IRC chat server is set up on your own server? Do you mean the one on MochaHost, or elsewhere? The IRC client you would be providing would it be an open source one, or one customly coded by you? How do you enforce safety / non-crossover chats if you are hosting from one server?

  16. Bad reviews = a bad hosting company period. How do we know that once you get games onto your reseller package that you wouldn't take their scripts and sell them?

    And plus, people don't write bad reviews for no reason, they're done for a reason and if the company hasn't learned to fixed those issues, then that's their problem.

    And since you're a new member here trying to push something, I'd recommend you learn the community before trying to come here, sell hosting and high-price programming packages that can be literally done in minutes.
  17. Thank you for letting me know. I'd not seen any recent reviews for them upon searching when I did. Like I said, I was going off of personal experience. Although I do think I'll remove the hosting offers from my ad and re-consider MochaHost as there seems to be so many bad reviews on them. Rather be safe than sorry anyways. It's a shame though, my buddy has had zero problems with them in the past year. Perhaps it was a fluke.
  18. Please do not make the assumption that I would even do that. I'm trying to build a name for myself and get productive and lifelong relations with future clients/associates. Although, you do not know that I wouldn't. I can assure you I won't. But you don't have to believe me. And yes, I know people do not write bad reviews for no reason. But also remember, people are much more likely to go write a horrible review than they are to go write an amazing one.
  19. Not really, if the company is good, their clients will write good and quality reviews. It's done all the time.
  20. A lot of people are using MyBB these days, it is going really well developmental wise to. Maybe just offer that with a professional instillation fee?
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