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Is it worth creating a petsite anymore

Discussion in 'Game Dev' started by Ollie, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. On both a financial and timescale perspective.. is it really worth doing it anymore?

    We see many sites coming out, and great, I love them just as much as the next person.. But 9 months down the line the buzz goes. (aside from the obvious big sites.)
    But many GOOD and established - Ichumon, Paladore, Misticpets, Icepets as of looking right now average 30-40 users online.

    So is it worth creating a petsite anymore? or will they always end up small?
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  2. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    Financially, making a petsite is a terrible idea. These things are not built to make money unless you magically get HUGE. If people want to make a site, it should be motivated by passion rather than by dollar signs. If they do that, then it wouldn't matter how many users are on their site as long as they enjoy it.
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  3. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    This, and it takes money to make money anyways. Passion for running a pet site takes you a lot further than just wanting to create one for the love of money.
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  4. Yea the online part is down bc most of us were younger kids when vps were big and we enjoyed then more, now we are older, have jobs, families, etc. and this new generation doesn't care as much.
  5. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    I'm only creating mine because a demon told me to.
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  6. Lmao well good luck with that.
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  7. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    Ya, the new generation is playing mobile apps and such. I'd love to see a pet site make an app on the phone where you can do quests, message users, be involved on the forums, etc.
  8. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    He told me to write a book and send it to a publisher where it would be accepted and printed. Look how that turned out :p
  9. It was published lol?
  10. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    Yup, due out soon.
  11. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    I personally wish more people would make single player PC pet games, not sites.
  12. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    If I managed to make a site I'd try and do a mobile app and be very into posting on FB, Tumblr whatnot. But I lack the funds and I feel rather intimidated by other sites because they are so so good! I can't art or code, just write, so I'd feel lazy.

    I honestly want to own a site but...maybe if I won millions upon millions I'd buy Aywas from Slash and make Eri a partial partner. Because Slash has faded so much now.
  13. You will get there soon, and I did hear about Slash.
  14. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    Slash still works in the background though. She pays the staff. Aywas is doing well currently though, it would be even better if Slash returned fully and updated the site with Eri all the time. Aywas was and is still Slash's dream.
  15. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    Literally all of the sites you mentioned have had issues with owners and staff. That's why people leave. Those issues interfered with professional responsibilities and the sites demands. You don't see Subeta's Staff getting in the middle of drama; they tend to it. But I think this is one of many problems with petsites. Regardless of what you may think, Icepets, Paladore and Ichumon aren't even great sites. Paladore was doing great until Ole let that drama interfere with his goals.

    Simply put, focus on building your site and things will do great.

    Losing members is inevitable; but you can build the site to the point where you can have a larger inflow of active members rather than those who get bored and leave.


    Do I think creating a petsite is worth it?
    Only the creator can truly know whether it is or it isn't. Know what you're getting into, know your duties as site owner, know every ounce and every inch of your plans and responsibilities /prior/ to the beginning of that site. Maybe it'll be great, or maybe it'll be a short lived thrill ride... that's entirely up to you.
    #15 Joy, Jul 21, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2012
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  16. Yep, this is very true. A great site isn't determined by how many members you have or how cool the site looks, It's how owners and staff treat the users and how the users treat each other. No site will be perfect, but when everyone is in sync together and can interact peacefully it can go very far. When you start caring more about numbers than members you have a problem.
  17. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.


    Surely sites can make turn arounds though? Personally I know since Ichumon is ran very well now that @rontifurontifu runs the majority of the site.

    And also @LeeLee is doing a brilliant job with Paladore.
    #17 Ollie, Jul 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  18. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    Slash pays taxes and stuff. I just wish Eri would take over completely and get some female NPC's in and replace the Gary Stu ones we have now.
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  19. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    Pet sites also rarely are done from the business sides of things.
    As a site owner, do you really think posting a few new items per month + some kind of page refreshing "event" is going to keep/bring in new users? If you want to grow and make money, you have to spend money. If a shoe store didn't want to spend thousands of dollars for new merchandise, remodels, opening new stores, or on advertising then they would see less customers too. If pet sites want to get anywhere they need to start following the example of how the big boys do it. (IE WoW, Maplestory, Neopets, etc.)
  20. Re: Is it worth creating a petsite anymore.

    @Ollie, Turning around and making real chances could help, but the damage is still there. I have yet to see Icepets, Ichumon, or Paladore make any real changes to help their situation. Adding more pets, items, or having events/plots is all fine an dandy, but that's the thing... all petsites do that.

    Being entirely honest, Misticpets is a good site, but there's still a lot of room for improvement there as well.

    I know you think @Lee is doing a "brilliant" job with Paladore. But where is the brilliance? She /may/ be doing a fair job in keeping the site alive, but she has absolutely done nothing to bring back new and old members. When she can take Paladore and turn it into a site that holds over 500+ users online at once, I will then accept your definition of her as "brilliant". You want some advice? Be realistic about your sites situation and consider how to really handle it; other than simply saying you're doing a good enough - or brilliant - job, and calling it a day. Because in this industry today, that's not even enough.
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