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Is Sheldon supposed to be Autistic?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SpunkiSpirou, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. So I started watching The Big Bang Theory and there's certain things that the character Sheldon does that makes him look like he's supposed to be autistic.

    Like there was an episode a while back I watched where he had to have someone go with him somewhere, I can't remember what it was but it was like he couldn't go to this place unless he had someone with him and he was going to all these people who were on a list in a certain order, like the 1st best friend and then the second best friend, and so on. I was only watching it for a bit whilst I waited for something else to start though so I dunno much about that episode.

    But in the episode that's just come on now, he goes to a barber's for a haircut and the guy that does his hair every time he goes there isn't in, he's in hospital. But this other guy opts to cut his hair instead but Sheldon's like he can't do it because he's not the person that usually does it and he'd do it wrong etc.
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    So I'm just wondering is he supposed to be Autistic or does he just appear to act like it?
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  2. The only thing I know is that the girl from Charmed is in the show lol.
  3. I think it is hinted at that he is autistic. He is really smart, but doesn't really have any social skills. I doubt they will come out and say that his character is suppose to be autistic, but it is certainly hinted at.
  4. why the hell were you watching the big bang theory
  5. Yeah I've noticed that.

    And he doesn't pick up on things, like this lass in it comes out of her flat or summat wearing like yesterdays washing and there's this other lass moving in and the first lass says she's going for a run to work out, but Sheldon says like she doesn't work out and she only dresses like she does when she's run out of clean clothes/washing machines broken. It were dead funny still.

    Think I'm gonna watch that now though if he's like autistic and that, plus its funny.

    Plus Dax told me to watch it ages ago and I never did. He reminds me of him when he goes into certain super complex things, I'm like the lass on it when she's just like "Yeah ok,".

    Pretty mint.
  6. It comes on after How I Met Your Mother, which comes on after Hollyoaks, which is the whole reason why I'm on the channel its on.
  7. People seem to connect autism and intelligence more than often. Think about Einstein and how people believe he was autistic.
  8. Is Hawking autistic as well then?
  9. Did I say every case?
  10. Well you didn't even say 'case'.
  11. Just re-read my post. I said "more than often"; not "always".
  12. Ooops...let me read wikipedia!
    #12 TheTeen, Jul 26, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 26, 2012
  13. I just think he is the epitome of socially awkward. Later in the series when Penny and Leonard are together they treat him as a surrogate son, almost as if he never grew up. He talks to his mother like a 5 year old and has certain practices.

    If I were to analyse it I would say that his intelligence boosted his 'mental' age far beyond that of a normal child and since he is in a place of job satisfaction his childish mind has been rekindled. It would be good to see the show portray an autistic man. He is highly functioning if a bit annoying. I also love that the fan base were more shocked that Sheldon's actor was around 40years old rather than his sexuality.
  14. *cough* Sheldon is meant to beautiful.

    Though honestly, I'd recommend watching it regardless. Some of the humour is cleverly put together. Some is just for kicks.

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