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Is your game a hobby to you

Discussion in 'Pet game management' started by cpvr, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Keith brought up a very interesting point the other day. When he posted the thread, what ignoring your site can do.
    So, with that being said - is owning a pet game or SIM game, a hobby or yours? So, if yes, that means you only work on it when you feel like it, correct? Thus, how long has your site been in development? If it's a hobby, is it also your passion that keeps you going?
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    #1 cpvr, Jun 6, 2012
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    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Elvonica is going to be my life. I'm working part time while I develop it but once I get close to the releasing point, I'm quitting my day job and focusing solely on making my career as a gaming business. Also with web design and programming services but I could never do such a huge project like a virtual petsite as a hobby. I would not only be letting down my players but also my dream of being self employed :)
  3. I've seen so many sites fail or waver because the owner isn't willing to make it his/her main thing. At least at first, that's definitely what you need to do. As you get bigger, it might be possible to step back from being the face of the site if you can afford some paid admin (What Slash did with Aywas, and it's ~kind of~ doing better. People are at least happier, I think). But you can't have a site succeed if the person running it can just update whenever they want and don't care.

    The best example I can think of is Digis. It was doing really good even as a "hobby" for a long time. And then the owner, Tofu, just stopped working on it. The other admin still pushes out monthly colors with some help, but that's literally it. The last news update was May 10th, but the one before that was November 1st of last year. Tofu told everyone that digis was a side project for her, and that she'd work on it when she wanted to work on it. Lots of people that were known on there left, I'm pretty sure. If anyone posts a thread about how the site's failing it gets deleted promptly.
  4. My games are my (more than) full time job. And there still aren't enough hours in the day. I'm always scrambling to get things done as it is, I can't imagine what would happen if I started treating my games as a hobby. They'd fall apart pretty quickly, I'm sure. I kind of have a problem with sites that are run as "just a hobby", meaning the owner works on it when they feel like it, but they still run a cash shop (unless the owner has been very up-front about the fact that they won't be putting much effort into a site - in which case, well, fair warning has been given). If you're going to charge people money for aspects of a game, then I personally thing you need to at least be putting minimal effort into maintaining the game.
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  5. Just a passion for me right now, but I'd like it to become something more. We have been in development for about two years now just as a side project but I love the whole idea too much to every let it become unimportant. Plus I am kind of gradually teetering toward a freelance career in design, illustration, and web development, so it fits in perfectly.
  6. For me, right now, I have quite a few Projects running, and they're all hobbies. When it comes to the point that my VPS is ready for release, then it will become my full-time Project to maintain it, improve it, and so on, but until that point I will continue to treat it as a Project along with the others :thumbup:
  7. Are you planning to put all your games under one company, or have you already done so?

    I believe one of the main reasons she did that is so she could work in the background without a lot of disruptions, and plus, the site was going through a lot of drama when Slash retired and pass the reigns to Eri, that was a good idea because if you don't think you can run something anymore, it's pass to pass it on to staff members, who can do the things that you used to do.

    I'd admit, I think Aywas had a lot more users online when Slash was running the show, because he was actively advertising to boast Aywas' numbers, and such. Also, the team is still going strong - especially Slash in the background, and plus, Yasu is still the main coder - so everything is fully in tact, Yasu came on to the team when Aywas got recoded - the version it is on today, because the old version was really buggy, and very slow.

    That's good to hear. A lot of pet site owners have made a career of owning a pet game. Just take a look at @SlashmasterSlashmaster, @PatrickPatrick, @ianian, @KeithKeith and a few others. I think there was an article/interview up about Slash a year or two ago, how Aywas made $10k in one month - especially when it first opened, and when the site is pretty active, in terms of features, and content coming out, the site tends to make more money. It's a nice way to build up a company, especially if you know what you're doing.
    #7 cpvr, Jun 7, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. BooPets is currently more than a hobby for me but unfortunately I am not in a position to make it my main priority. I put as much time and effort into as I can though in the hope one day it can become my main priority.

    Regards, Paul.
  9. I already have all my games under one company. My main company is Intellect Productions which is registered through the state.
    I also do all the fun tax stuff XD Right now, I'm leaning self employment with programming services and web design services which is offered directly through Intellect Productions. Elvonica and StitchNCrafts branch off of Intellect Productions, but are still under the main company as will other gaming sites I'll be doing... way beyond right now though because my main focus is Elvonica. StitchNCrafts is my crafting for my sister and I where we sell plushies, jewelry, etc. Haven't done anything in that for a while since I've been busy with freelancing for automotive companies and redoing all their web sites.
  10. That's wonderful. Does the crafting business make a lot? And also, forgot to congratulate you, congratulations on working for Misticpets. I bet its fun to work for @ZarabeytheZarabeythe, what have you created thus far for them? I heard you fixed those bugs with the layouts as well, nice job on that!
    #10 cpvr, Jun 7, 2012
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  11. To be Atween is not a hobby, it is something that I really enjoy doing and think more of it now as my job than i did when I first thought of creating one. When I first started creating it all them years ago, it was a hobby but now since I have grown up, I believe that it's now my life and I would do anything to keep it.
  12. Awe gee thanks. The crafting business would if I focused primarily on it, but my sister does all the plushie work. She is still completing her Pharmacy Tech class and exams before moving onto the plushie work. After that, I know the business will earn loads. Jewelry is a tad hard to get noticed and sell when a lot of people experience in that. But once Hannah starts doing her plushies, I know the business will take off greatly.

    Thank you so much. I am working on the shop search that users have suggested. I just completed a huge design for an automotive sales business so I'm doing some freelancing programming at the moment for the rest of the week. Zara is writing up some business plans for two big projects we are planning on releasing soon :) I know it will be a big hit!! Not to mention what Eric has been working on for the past months.
    Yeah the layouts took quite a bit of time and I even made them compatible with IE. :) So the text wasn't difficult to read.
    I fixed the bugs for the commenting on the legendaries. I also fixed the glitch that was happening with the polls in the Alliances so now it shows the appropriate poll depending on the alliance that is being viewed. It was viewing the latest poll created anywhere for everyone so that could of gotten a tad annoying :p
    I also added the bulk removal on the wishlists.
    I also did some input on the plot that was going or still is. Haven't checked yet. Where all the pets turned into chocosheep and you could turn it back by using an item on your pet. :) Only active pets were transformed though.
    #12 Peanut, Jun 7, 2012
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  13. Currently my game is in development, and it is a passion and I spend lots of effort and time organizing and creating portions of it. However, I suppose you could say it's technically a hobby right now.
  14. Wow, you've been a busy bee, nice job. And also, when will these projects be released? Are they pet-games or adoptable-sites?

    It's quite hard to run a site and have a "Real life" job, but you're doing a good job, keep it up. How's your staff team?
  15. @cpvrcpvr, do you mean the projects I'm working on for Misticpets?? I'm not working on any other project of my own besides Elvonica. You would have to ask Zara about the release of the projects we are currently working on although I don't know if there could be a for sure answer until we see how the development rate goes along. :)
    Mine is a pet game, yes. It's going to involve some RPG aspects in it, but I kind of eliminated some like mining, smithing, and such because this game isn't meant for it so I felt like I was kind of going overboard with the whole thing. So I backed down on some features I was going to have and am building the current features and other ones I had planned into bigger.. more involving ones. It's hard to explain without describing the entire site concept :p
    #15 Peanut, Jun 7, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  16. I've talked to Zara, and from what I gather, there's a new battle dome coming out, but I'm not quite sure if it has a release date yet.

    And, I'm quite interested in your project, be sure to keep us update on its progress!
    #16 cpvr, Jun 7, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  17. Thank you :) I'm not sure on the release date either. But I know I'm working on to other projects that will probably release after the battledome.
    I will :) Don't want to build hype until it's closer to completion.
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  18. @cpvrcpvr

    Currently I have a limited staff team. As I'm just trying to hire artists to do the starter artwork. I have myself who is doing art for the game portion of it, and my boyfriend who is programming said game portion. I've also hired one set programmer to do the site itself. As for any other staff? I'll probably wait till we're a little bit more developed, as people tend to come and go with a site that's not complete. If I feel I have to HIRE an artist on staff I might. But as for now I'm just slaving @KikuKiku. ;)
    #18 Zei, Jun 7, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. My games are all developed under Khimeros Entertainment. I don't know how it works in the states but numerous sites can all be created under the same business registration in Canada.

    Re: Aywas making 10K a month. I think this is what entices a lot of people to want to jump in and create a game, because 10K a month sounds like a lot of money to many people. Khimeros makes usually somewhere between 6-11K a month depending on what we have going on, but by far the greater portion of that has to go back into the game and into my other games. If I stopped spending thousands a month on developing my sites, they'd also stop *making* thousands, because the quality would not be there, the users would become discontented and go elsewhere. Even when you are trying hard, users can become discontented and go elsewhere - we had a pretty "low" period a year or so ago while we were developing back-end stuff, and the site was bringing in very little, but I still had big bills to pay. Luckily Aluriya was a help at that time. Now khimeros is doing great but Aluriya is going through a "low" because there's a lot of things related to the original development that didn't work out the way we expected, and have to be redeveloped/new ideas implemented. This is where it's really helpful to have more than one game going, because if one slips, you still have the other to help pay the bills until you get things back on track again.
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  20. Yup, you're doing a great job, because once the site starts making money, its easy to keep it going, especially if new content is coming out, and keeping the users happy. And congratulations on making $6k to $11k per month - it's a real nice feeling, isn't it?

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