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Just out of Curiosity...

Discussion in 'Completed Transactions' started by MichaelCrystal, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. How much would somebody pay for a site with a VERY easy to remember and great name for a virtual pet site, that contains the following:

    -5 Pets (many fur colors)
    -Pet color changer machine (must insert certain item to change the color)
    -News Updates with Comments section and thumbs up and down
    -50 Items
    -Full search that searches users/pets/items/etc.
    -Backback where you can sent around items to your bookself/workshop/etc.
    -Bookself where you can read book (items) that you have in there.
    -Secure Login (not SSL but very secure)
    -Very clean and very nice layout with advanced css involved.
    -Many many different pieces of art around the site (very well done)
    -Private Mail System
    -Boards with subscribe button/ and much more (when subscribed it will notify you via PM if more posts have been posted
    -Many navigation pages that are very well organized, with LOTS of arts.
    -Adoption process with a GREAT artwork with the adoption process.
    -My pets page
    -Very advanced profile system.
    -Ajax if you hover over a username it shows a simplified version of their profile.
    -Full map/world
    -Full City place where you can live and build a house
    -My Setting page
    -Freebies page where you can play games and such daily.
    -Site notifications at the top showing achievements of many of the players.
    -Notifaction area that shows YOUR personal notifications.
    -4 Quests requesting certain items
    -Personal User Shops
    -Personal User Galleries
    -Parent Center
    -Basic pages like copyright info, terms of use, etc.
    -Advanced Banking system that automately gives you money everytime you collect.
    -4 Shops
    -Money System
    -Many other features included.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    How much would something like this go for?

    Would $1,000 be a bit too much?

    Point Being, I have a Virtual Pet Site I might be selling soon.

    (NOTE: The site has not been released to the public yet)
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. have you got any examples to show the quality of art and coding? That may help people decide if it's too much or not
  3. That's a lot of scripts. I don't think $1k would be too much.
  4. You ask for a lot of functionality. It is a lot of work. I think that if you get a good and experienced programmer to do that for 1k. You have won the jackpot.

    You also ask for a lot of design work. In items and pets and in overall site design. That is something that a good programmer cannot do. My question is: is that part of the 1k or not?

    My personal opinion would be that you need different skillsets for a virtualpet site and for the site that you have in mind a minimum budget of 10k. You need to be the project manager yourself to make sure that you get the site that you have in your mind.
    #4 daffie, Jan 15, 2012
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2012
  5. I've seen somebody do that sort of thing for $750 but she made it from scratch and then sold it. So you told her the ideas and such and she'd do it.... But it seems reasonable I suppose XDD
  6. Yes, but the site is already done, I made it, I was just wondering if I should sell it to the community and or if I should open it and it work it as my own, many variables involved right now with if I would be able to have the time to run something like this, but it's built and it includes all of that. :) I was just wondering if I could get what I need out of it :)
  7. Well, do you have the urge to keep it open and be the admin or get into a company/start up a company that will develop online games? You could get A LOT of money out of it :D
  8. Yes, but at the same time I want to get the money back out of it, and buy something nice, it's taking that initial risk that worry's me X.X
  9. I'm actually quite interested in this, as I've always wanted to put my talents into a petsite, however I have absolutely no knowledge of coding beyond design coding such as HTML or CSS. xD I'd just be able to moderate, write storyline, and produce all of the artwork and layout... which I could do with this! Exciting!

    Do you think you could PM me with some more details? A screenshot would be lovely, actually. Once I know more about the site and how it works, I'll be willing to make an offer. c:
  10. I'd also be interested. Could you pm me some more details? Or possibly a preview account that I could look at? Thanks!
  11. Once I get it up on its own domain (.com) I will show everyone. I wanted to make sure everything is perfect before I started paying for the whole thing lol :)
  12. Oh okay, but is it possible to at least see a couple of screenshots before then?

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