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Kind of new! :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Cakes1991, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. I was a member here years ago; had to leave for some crazy reasons.
    Since I've been gone, I've gotten married, moved to Texas from Cali, and am expecting my first baby. Lots of change!

    But, I've missed the petsite world, so I am back. ^_^ I've worked on petsite art a lot in the past. Now I've added plushie making to my list of abilities, and would love to see if I can combine the two!

    Anywho, my name is Claire and it's awesome to be back. :D
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  2. Welcome back! Plushies are so much fun! My hubby occasionally makes them. :3
  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy, have you decided on any baby names yet? I have a 4 year old daughter. Welcome back!:style
  4. Thank you! :) We won't know the gender for sure for about two weeks, but for a boy he would be Rory Tyler Sparkman, or for a girl Amelia Rose Sparkman! We're a little crazy about Doctor Who. :)
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  5. That's are some cute names. Did you take your first ultrasound yet?
  6. Yep! At about 8 weeks, heard the heartbeat as well. We weren't even totally positive I was pregnant at that point, it was a wonderful surprise! I'm about 17 weeks now and way too excited about the next ultrasound :)
  7. Woot. I bet you and your partner are so excited. I remember I was, I went baby shopping in the 4th month and spent so much money, but it was all worth it! Ya, the signs can sometimes be "I have no idea". Do you have morning sickness yet?
  8. We are for sure! We have wanted a baby for a long while now. :) As for the morning sickness, thankfully it's finally ending! I had it horribly for the first trimester. It's what got me to test in the first place! Now all that I deal with is disliking certain smells or foods too much. Not fun at all!
  9. How many months are you now though? I know morning sickness sucks for a lot of woman. My ex had it for a few months. My girlfriend took a test the other day because she was feeling sick for a whole week, and the test was negative. Congratulations to you again though! Be sure to post some pics of the ultrasound picture[create a thread], we'd love to see it! There's a lot of parents here as well. =D
  10. I'm just now in my fourth month, and everyone can tell! Just out of nowhere this week, all kinds of strangers are asking me about my baby. It's pretty cute. :D And I will, hope to have a new one to show soon too!
  11. Aww, ^.^ If you go to the search at the top and type in Harmony, that's my daughter. ^.^
  12. Wow!! :D Nice to meet you Claire. I'm a newer addition to VPL - though I've caught on fast and well!

    Your plushies are amazing <3 I just wish I could afford to get my charries done xD
  13. There are so many amazing new people that fit in here so naturally, so happy to see how much the petside world has expanded!

    and thanks, that means a lot! <3
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  14. Hey There cakes, <3
    I definitely remember seeing you around on deviantart. But you've achieved liked 100+ cool points for choosing the names Rory and Amelia! Can't wait for the latest season actually. ;p

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