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Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek

Discussion in 'Sneak Peeks' started by Angely, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. PLEASE REMEMBER: All work, art, and content shown herein belong to Kingdom Sky and myself and are subject to copyright law protection. ;)


    More sneak peeks:

    These sneak peaks are what Angely showed us when KingdomSky was still in development.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    #1 Angely, Apr 6, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!


    The fox hoodie and red panda pet are.. Hurr hurr awesome...♥

    And the derp sunflower is JUSTSOCUTE! ^-^;

    KAWAII! ♥
  3. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Hee,hee I had those specifically made just to reel joo in martyn! :p *derp*
  4. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Obviously, how did you know that Zyro LOVES -faints- FOXESS!!! *nosebleed*

    FFFFF, I love foxes. <3

    *gloomps Angel to the ground*

    P.s Kingdom Sky is like Catnip for Foxes... ♥
    #4 Martyn, Apr 6, 2011
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2011
  5. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Haha cuz I remember how much you luff them. I gave you fox tail item in Lura, not sure if you remember. XD
  6. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Oh I remember that... : D I love love love love foxes... -turns into Zyro from Lurapets again...-

    HURRR! I'm gonna be the first one to jump onto Kingdom Sky from the beginning and go "I LOVE KINGDOM SKY!"

    -tells self to calm down- I'm really hyper when it comes to people and petsites I like. XD
  7. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Ha ha no worries luff, we're all uber excited to open and have you and all our friends past and future to join and have fun together! I say this calls for some dancing!


    Oh and I wish you only the awesomest awesome of epicness with your site too, I love mr. unicorn. I think I'll name mine, Charlie. XD
  8. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Just to say Angel, your petsite is so awesome that I'm smiling in real life right now. Litrially...

    See once you open development forums, I'ma jump right in and do free music for you because I care. XD

    I don't care if you don't need it, I'll do it just in case you do. As a favour. :p
  9. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Beautiful preview! ~
    Very excited, thanks for sharing the excellent art. <3
  10. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!


    I agree I TOTALLY AGREE. O_O

    Pfftt.. I should try dodge this topic for a while, I'm uber hyper now. XD
  11. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    D'awww luff joo making me tear up! *sniffles* emotionalangelisemotional XD

    No worries luff, I shall pay you fair and square. I'll let you know for some music for our games in the future. <3

    Thank you for your words Tyler! There is so much really, I was afraid that I would get reported for posting such a huge image. lol This sneak is like 12% of what we have to offer, and well, I'm happy and proud to share it with you all. <3
  12. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Haha, I'm quite costly for Most Rights License, Angel... XD

    So that's why I was willing to work for free. XD

  13. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Oopsies I forgot to post guardian names *herp*

    From left to right: Luna, Talula, Orion, Callie

    How much Martyn? *scratches chin*
  14. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Well, the Exclusive License is around $15 and Most Rights License is around $115. XD

    Which I don't suppose you have on hand right this second. XD
  15. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Wait the 15, or 115? You charge 115 for each song? I mean I'm not looking for a grammy nominated single, a simple soundbyte that repeats and is a few seconds long is fine. XD
  16. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Haha, indeed. I can make songs for around $10 or less if they are under a minute. :p

    Loop ones are fun to make. : D

    Edit: The licenses add the cost. XD

    For a special license for Angel's Kingdom Sky, I can lower the price to $10. : D
    #16 Martyn, Apr 6, 2011
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2011
  17. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    This looks AMAZING! The art is gorgeous and I love the concept for the minis! Plus the two of you (Joy and Angel + KIKU!!) working together OwO I don't think I could have concocted anything better in my mind. I'm so excited to see how this site develops and will be FOR SURE joining in this community - one that I know will be filled with some great people and friendships!!
  18. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    Eeeee, guys, thank you so much for all of the support!​
  19. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    This moment right here, demands snuggles and licks....

  20. Re: Kingdom Sky: Sneak Peek!

    SOOOOO CUTE Angel luff! <3

    So excited for this, you have no idea! 8D

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