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Lance Armstrong gets stripped of his titles by International Cycling Union

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cpvr, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. cpvr

    cpvr Owner and Founder Administrator

    Jan 20, 2011
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    Houston, Texas
    Things can't get any worse for Lance Armstrong, eh? He was just dropped by some of his sponsors as well.

    Source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way...n-strips-armstrong-of-7-tour-de-france-titles
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  2. Corleone

    Corleone Approved Artist Approved Artist VPL Member

    Jan 26, 2011
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    Corleone Manor
    So it finally happened. I would like more details on how he managed to pull off "the most sophisticated, professionalized and successful doping program that sport has ever seen". Anyway, if it true it sucks then, cause he took the right of winning from other people who competed fairly, on the other hand, I still find it a bit hard to understand how he managed to pull it off 7 times, assuming it's true?
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