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Legend of Korra: Season Finale

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Sirkowskii, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. For those who didn't see it, I'll link you guys to the site that I normally watch it on if I miss it, once they upload the episode which should be soon.

    So...Anyone aside from me ball their eyes out during this finale of this series?
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    I just...THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW BIG OF A AVATAR NERD AND FAN GIRL I AM FOR THIS SERIES AND THE OLD ONE ; 3 ;...Just...; 3 ;...Oh god now I'm gonna start crying again ; 3 ;....What will I do with my Saturday mornings now!?

    *falls onto the floor and curls up*

    Anyone else watch the finale? Your thoughts? Comments? Eat any tasty snacks during it?
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  2. I'm not watching it yet. I'm not watching it yet. I'm not watching it yet. I'm not watching it yet. etc
    Legend of Korra, and series like it are like rewards for me. I'll watch it online later today, after I've done everything I've needed to do.
    And judging from your post, it seems I have to make space for tears. I cry at everything.
  3. @ElmvineElmvine

    Make the room for the tears, you'll need it. The ending was just...; 3 ;....*curls up with a blanket*
    #3 Sirkowskii, Jun 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. I've been hearing alot of good feedback about this show. I only saw episode 1 and thought it was pretty good. Takes some getting used to from the old avatar one though!
  5. @GwonkGwonk
    I did/very much still miss the old avatar gang. But I like the twist of a female one. It was quite a shock, with a whole new group. But I do reccomend watching it!
    You've got me all worried now, suspension is killing me. Dx
    #5 The Little Tree, Jun 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. I had a lot of high hopes for this series, but it...ugh TnT I have not been pleased with it to be honest. The animation is certainly lovely though, so it is still entertaining to watch.
  7. @EncodeEncode

    After episode 4 I think they tried to cram a bit to much and didn't focus on some of the character development. I mean, there was some you could pick up on but not much at all unless you dug deeper into the episode. They were really rushed to finish this whole thing. The series was still fantastic but it would have been nicer if they decided to go for 20-24 episodes like they normally do rather than the 12 for season 1.
    #7 Sirkowskii, Jun 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. (Trying to avoid spoilers, so uh...vagueness ahoy.)
    @SirkowskiiSirkowskii True, and I feel a lot of it was because of their very forced 'pairings' they wanted to shove in the plot. I'm all for romance, but they really made certain characters unlikable in their attempt to force them to be a couple, and they focused on it a lot o___o Korra's character seems to vary, depending on what's needed to advance the plot forward.
    This chapter was supposed to be about air, but how much time was actually spent about airbending? I feel the writing simply doesn't live up to the previous series.

    Also, I often feel like I'm rooting for the people who are supposed to be the villains o_O But the show clearly doesn't want me to. Character reactions and ominous music make it very clear I am supposed to dislike those guys, and yet - their cause seems very sound, and benders continue to prove that through the series from the very first episode (benders abusing their power against not-benders).

    But, in the end, I get the feeling I just had too high expectations for the series ): It continues to be lovely to watch, and at least sort of heading in the direction that I'd love to see more cartoons go. It also just frustrates me in how it handles its own characters XD
    #8 Encode, Jun 23, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  9. I thought it was too rushed. D:

    But I did like it. I thought that they should have spread it out for a couple more seasons because they had the room for it. (If they ended it at the sparkling tear, that would have been the perfect ending for one season and the beginning for another. :D)

    On another note, thank you soooooo much for posting this thread. @_@ I forgot it was Saturday and I would have missed it. D: (My mom confused the dates for me because she picked up my brother yesterday when she normally picks him up on Thursday, so yeah, her fault. :K) The funny thing is that my body knew it was Sat. because I woke up at my cartoon viewing time and wouldn't fall back asleep. (luckily I can catch up on the other cartoons. @_@)

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