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Looks vs personality

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. So, when dating or looking for someone what do you tend to chose, their looks or their personality? Personally, I'd rather have someone with a good personality that I can relate to and have fun with. Looks are also a little plus for me as well. But, I've given various people in my life chances, I also enjoy someone that knows how to make me laugh, and one that doesn't care what other people think about us.

    So, how about you? Do you lean more on looks than someone's personality or do you tend to lean more on their personality? Have you ever dated someone based around their looks though? If you have, how did that work out for you?
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  2. I've actually fallen for someone just by talking to them and having no idea what they look like, so I think I can safely say that personality is incredibly important to me, haha.
  3. I use to think that I like handsome guys :O turns out that they're always temporary crushes :O (( yes, I have many crushes, and all of them lasted just for 30 mins ~ 1hour.. .___. ))

    Currently, I have a crush that I've like since last year... it's been 13 months... and I don't have the courage to tell him, and yes, he has an awesome+fantastic+zomfg nice personality, I'm so in love <3
  4. Personality is very important, but I also have to be able to look at you and be physically attracted to you. While I think you become more beautiful through a great personality, I simply cannot see myself ever being with someone in the long run if you don't catch my eye physically.

    But like I said, I think someone's personality can lead them to be more attractive in my eyes, so I would say personality is of great importance. You start to maybe ignore any physical flaws the person might have and they naturally become exactly what you want.

    Aww mushy gushy <3
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  5. Personality, example being Dax ain't much to look at but OMG is he fun or what?
  6. Erm, I guess I'll admit to being shallow and say looks. :blushing: I have a serious thing for slender guys with long hair and pale skin. I'll look at guys who have only two of those traits, but guys who don't have at least two out of three are generally not attractive to me. (And people make fun of me occasionally for preferring "feminine" men, but I have no interest in women.)

    That said, there are personality traits I don't like - I don't get along with people who are too aggressive and macho or too girly and obsessed with what others think of them, I don't get along with people who are too religious or political, and I don't usually get along with anyone who's a fan of horror, tragedy, epic war stories, and that kind of thing. But that's the same as saying I like people who have similar interests and taste, and I think everyone prefers to spend time with people who like the same things they do.
  7. I'm more for personality, but if the guy doesn't fall in the brackets of what I dub tolerable to cute to attractive, I try to ignore that crush/feeling. I think of dating as a time to find someone to settle down with and have a family/life with. For this reason, if the guy isn't fit enough to keep up with my high energy level, he is likely to be frowned upon. :/ (also, since DNA is passed onto children, I want them to be healthy and NOT inherit a bunch of flaws. Just saying.)

    So I think it has to be a combination. Just cause somebody is attractive doesn't mean I'm interested and just because someone has a great personality doesn't make me interested as well. It has to be a good mixture of the two. :3
  8. I am definitely more supportive of personality. Looks? Not so much, though it is a bonus.
    I'm so happy to say my fiance has both. He's got the best personality in the entire world- couldn't hurt a fly (though depending how you met him you might have an entirely different impression of him lol!!)
    Looks wise, I think he is the most handsomest guy on the planet. :X
    But, I talk more about his personality. Vanity is dogma

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