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Mahodai - Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Sneak Peeks' started by Joy, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    As many of you know, Mahodai is an up coming and exciting new petsite with new unique features and a whole ton of wonderful "Eye-Candy" artwork. Since Mahodai deserves attention and adoration for their hard work, VPL has decided to create a thread just for them and their updates. Feel free to comment, add onto, and even ask for information, and we'll try our best to answer every inquiry to the best of our ability.

    There's no precise or certain release date as of yet, but we believe that they hope to open their doors sometime this summer.
    (If this information is incorrect, I'll make appropriate changes).

    Here are a few updates from Mahodai staff:

    Please be sure to check out the official Mahodai forums:
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  2. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    Wow, these sneak peeks are amazing. From the looks of it, this site could be a major hit!
  3. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    Gahhh. I can't wait that after so many years of hard work from all the staff, the site is finally going to open ashsgshajs <3 <3 <3 <3
  4. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    Omg... This site is going to be the best one out there. I can already tell by all it's potential. @KikuKiku.. just makes any site's art 5 million times more attractive.
    Gosh I admire her so much <333
    The human avatar system is going to be my top favorite.
    #4 Peanut, Jun 10, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  5. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    Finally, a site to look forward to!
  6. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    *prods the writer section*

    Just wanted to say that Mahodai does really need writers x'D. I think it's pretty much me and another staff member writing things. I feel bad about not being there so much to write cause of personal stuff but I'll start doing more writing for them soons. You guys are in for some amazing stuff when this site comes out :3~
  7. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    I actually applied a month ago or so and I haven't received anything about that application.
    I really would like to work for Mahodai, as I have ever since it came out.​
  8. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    This is the first site I've looked forward to in a very long time; I'm so excited! Props to @KikuKiku and the team for the amazing art. <3
    #8 Sammie, Jun 10, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  9. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?


    That's odd. The dev forums have been dead for a while aside from the art section as far as I know. I can check with Kath if I see her on MSN any time soon for you =]. I need to talk to her anyway to see what else I should do x'D.
    #9 Sirkowskii, Jun 10, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  10. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    I sent her a pm, so she has my contact information.

    But I would really appreciate it if you could do that. <3​
  11. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    *droooools* Pixelssss @__@

    Brings back fond memories of ragnarok online monsters. :3
  12. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    Looks interesting and I can definitely see myself trying this out when it does open.
  13. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    This isn't new, it has been around since February..
  14. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    The newest update was announced in March. They're due for a couple other announcements, as mentioned, but Kth is on break and Brook seems busy atm.

    The site, however, has been around for a couple years now.​
  15. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    The art is of course very stunning, as is all of Kiku's work. I'm really hoping for this site to make it. Just one thing though, on Anatu, the Mage/Trainer image.. it looks like she's missing a thumb on her right hand (our left)??
    #15 Richy, Jun 10, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 10, 2012
  16. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    @RichyRichy. Good eye :eek:
    #16 Rj, Jun 10, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  17. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    This looks cute.

    I'm glad to see something original coming out :)
  18. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    This site looks fantastic!
    I cannot imagine how much time and effort the staff must have put into this.
    I can't wait for this to open,there's no doubt that this will be a major hit!
  19. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    I can't tell what the fuck is happening with the legs here
  20. Re: Mahodai - Coming Summer 2012?

    I honestly never would have noticed that if it hadn't been pointed out...
    The two closes to us are decipherable, but the furthest ones are sorta contorted.

    The style and coloring are still beautiful, nonetheless.

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