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Man From China Sues His Wife For Being Ugly and Wins

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cpvr, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. Wow, talk about being cold. He also won $120,000 in this case.

    Here's the video though:

    Why get married if you feel that your significant other is ugly? Sometimes I don't get why things happen in life, but it looks like this guy won big.

    Do you think something like this could happen in America though?
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  2. Wow.. Just wow.. This will definitely wouldn't happen in America. I mean, come on. I agree with you cpvr. Why get married when your partner is ugly?!?! Come on, common sense. We all have some and should use it.
  3. They didn't get married when she was ugly. Their offspring didn't look like her, as she did after all the surgeries, and his, so he accused her of cheating on her. She had to reveal her looks before the surgeries. I would have sued, too, if I found out my partner hid that much from me. She should have been honest, but then again, in that culture, who knows how far honesty would have gotten her.

    I can see people suing their partner for being ugly in America but I can see a lot of those cases going nowhere fast.

    This was more about fraud then ugliness, I believe.
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  4. Considering she had paid $100,000 for all the plastic surgery, I can see why the judge came to that. The man probably had a baby with her thinking it would be a nice mix of their appearances, or at least come out attractive taking from either parent. I'm wondering why he didn't take a look at her parents for traits that could have been passed down, or if he had married her without even knowing them.
  5. I agree that she should have been more honest about it, but the whole thing is still ridiculous, sigh. In my views you should want to marry and/or have children with someone because you love them, not because you think the baby will look a certain way... o.o
    then again I don't know too much about china and their cultural beliefs so... shrug...

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