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Marapets admin change

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Mango, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. funnyyulgang is no longer admin. She posted this on her profile "I have left my position as an admin for my own reasons outside of Mara and am no longer any form of staff. As such, I ask that you please do not contact me about staff issues, glitches or problems, et cetera. It will only waste both our time"
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  2. How long were they admin for anyways?
  3. I'm not sure exactly. Maybe a year?

    I wonder if she jumped or was pushed.
  4. Jumped? More than likely. But pushed by whom exactly?
  5. Jumped as in really did resign or pushed as in sacked. Not all the old marapets staff really did resign.
  6. So users pressured the former admins to quit or something?
  7. I doubt users pressured her to leave. She wasn't particularly hated by enough users for that. Maybe management or Ian?

    Edit: I'm not saying that she was fired. I'm just wondering. Maybe she really has got things going on at home that stops her being staff now.
    #7 Mango, Jun 30, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2012
  8. Why would management fire her though? Was she not doing her job or something?
  9. That's a matter of opinion. I don't have an opinion on how good or bad she was as admin because I've only ever dealt with the other admins. I do know that she was/is good friends with some of the trouble makers on the forums though.
  10. Ya, that's a problem right there. Playing favoritism isn't cool at all.
  11. Umm she was a big admin at Marapets

    maybe @NintendoNintendo , @NiGHTSNiGHTS or @ianian may know more
    #11 santamynana, Jul 1, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. What does 'a big admin' mean?
  13. I'm guessing a big admin is someone who's in charge of a lot more than the other admins. Maybe James can clarify this. @santamynanasantamynana
    #13 cpvr, Jul 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  14. She definitely wasn't in charge of more than the other admins.
  15. Yes she was someone who was also very well respected over there, had a lot of followers. Many people thought she was one of the corrupt admins, but she did have a lot more work and was in charge of quite a bit more. got involved more
  16. What work did she have different to any other admin? I know TishaLook has different work but none of the other admins. Funnyyulgang was friends with RCers before she was even made a mod or admin and remained friends as staff. I know she talked on RC more but that's because they were her friends, not because that was her work.

    There are rumours that she was fired. Do you know if it's true and what for?

    By the way, I live in West Yorkshire too.
  17. She was not fired, as the title says she left because of out mara reasons, Ian does not really have much time on his hands, especially to fire someone. The staff have been leaving gradually over the last few months, so have the users.
  18. I know for sure that some staff have been fired in the past. Not all of them have resigned. SB, dolphinblue, cappygirl, alcyone, spyder_dawg, ricobob, sirensong, shabumpkin69 didn't resign. Just because they say they resigned doesn't mean that they really did.
    #18 Mango, Jul 3, 2012
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2012
  19. Oh I know some staff have not resigned but in this case they have. and SB resigned same with dolphinblue (they never got sacked). Alcyone got banned then got reinstated then resigned
  20. That's not true, alcyone was set up on messenger to see if he would cyber with a 17 year old. He fell for it and got fired. You're getting confused because his account got totally frozen but then he got it back and came back as an ordinary player for a while before he gave everything away and left. I don't think it's fair that he's been labelled as a paedophile but that's just my opinion. Dolphinblue got fired because of arguments she was having with an ordinary player on facebook and then she started posting about the other player on RC. SB got fired because she was forum banning people just because she didn't like them or because they had the same initials as her and wanted a similar forum tag, she just wasn't mature enough for it.

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