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Marapets and it's lovely userbase.

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by lockbox, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Decided to catch up with Marapets today.
    Did the dailies, and went to the forums to see who was still around.
    Went to the Random Chat forum to lurk a bit and apparently everyone there has no idea how a forum works,
    seeing as their threads would only last a few posts and consist of absolutely nothing worth even mentioning/discussing.

    Noticed one member making multiple threads on the same topic and openly asked why they needed so many, which prompted them to accuse me of backseat-modding for whatever reason. I think they have a problem with reading comprehension. Two other members also attempted to insult me by bypassing the built in censor (for brownie points, of course) one of them going as far as to telling me to kill myself.
    I was surprised to even see a staff member posting, as they didn't seem too bothered about any of it at all.

    I suppose I'm disappointed. Seeing as I was there from the beginning almost, it used to have an alright community.
    If anyone here still plays, for the love of god, don't give these people any of your money. They absolutely do not deserve it if they can't even be bothered to fix what's broken or uphold the rules they set.

    Oh well, RIP Marapets.
    #1 lockbox, Jul 18, 2011
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011
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  2. Funny how things seem to change for the worse, isn't it?
  3. Sounds like a very worse version of deviantART, hehe :p I used to be a mod on deviantART, but left because I don't really like the way it's run.
  4. Well, when you target Neopets members via various advertising campaigns, what do you expect? If anything a lot of their veteran members have gone since the updates have turned to crap. If they ever were to re-build their community, they'd need to drop the ban hammer on a lot of people, restricting forum access, or other things. I remember when the forums were actually modded.

    Oh well, but hopefully they can fix things and turn it around, but I highly doubt it. Unless some new things are introduced onto the game.
  5. LOL, using 'Marapets' and 'lovely' together.
    I'm sorry that happened to you, people are pretty internet tough. |:
  6. Yeah... sorry man.

    Marapets has definitely gone downward.

    (Actually, to be honest, I never personally believed it was ever "up")​
  7. I think we can all use Marapets as a good guide on how not to run a site. If it wasn't for the posts made about Marapets, I would probably make a lot of mistakes on my own site but after reading complaint after complaint, I know exactly where NOT to take my website. So, thanks for sucking crud, Marapets!
  8. Well i left marapets not so long ago and i used the adult forum and random chat alot but then i just didnt go on anymore but as for the staff member they recently had a staffing update where they hired some more people. the staff that remember and hopefully still staff would never post like that so it might be one of the new staff do you no which one it is?
  9. Hehe, so true. Even a site like Marapets has SOME worth.
  10. It's not about being internet tough, though. I've been to the websites they so desperately try and imitate.
    It's the fact that Marapets has gone even further down the crapper than I first thought.
  11. Ya, its probably worth millions too, but I'm pretty sure Ian & company won't sell. They're making too much money. :p But, who knows.
  12. Oh wow. I started playing Marapets a few years ago. It was fun while it lasted, but it's not the best virtual pet site.
    In the 'Random Chat' forum, yes - pretty much every topic in there is useless. There's like a group of 'popular people' there, and they're not the nicest people I've met on Marapets. Staff don't really communicate with users(but a few of them do :p), unlike Aywas you can't message a staffie to say Hi or anything. x[
    And it does seem they're on a 'banning' mood or something, :L I got banned for a ridiculous reason! The same thing happened to my friend on there, she got banned as well. -.-
  13. What did they ban you for? I stay clear of the forums and my account has never been banned.
  14. Marapets is throwing down the banhammer now? What? D=
    I've been on Mara soo long, nowadays I mainly lurk, though. It was good graphics experience, but now nobody has any interest in even FREEBIES because its all a game of popularity. I mean, I know that generally happens with graphics makers and stuff, but still. It bothers me to no end.
    Stealing used to be a HUGE problem, too (as in a couple months ago); not sure if it still is

    Sad because I haven't found another pet site to hold my interest =P
  15. I got accused of sharing accounts, when I never did. I had clearly stated that I would possibly be sharing the same IP with friends or family, but yet they banned me. :L [edit] It's kinda a long story. >_<

    I started graphics making at Marapets, :3. And Panda, come to Aywas. <3
    #15 Bee, Jul 25, 2011
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2011
  16. I don't expect any less from Marapets. They are capitalising on the prommies from Neopets. They need a banhammer and fast.
  17. Even though I love marapets to death and am a member of 4 years, I have to agree with everything that's being said on this thread. I am a Random Chatter never really realised that the topics in there are pointless until now... I guess I just got used to it after awhile. And the whole "popular" thing is kind of annoying too.
  18. The Marapets forum is full of newbies who can't type properly and the adults there act just like little babies. At least some of them act like that.
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  19. All those Neopets people that were banned when the monitors got a little ban happy, or even Neopets people now that get frozen when they swear on a site that states no swearing all go to Marapets.

    I never expected anything more.
  20. Well, do you blame those users? And not to mention @ianian did target Neopets for a while - which explains his community "lacking" in "quality content".
    #20 cpvr, Jun 16, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013

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