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    Gaming Reinvented Review : Sulley

Discussion in 'Pet Games and Sims review' started by Sulley, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Marapets Review


    Marapets is a growing pet site that is comparable to Neopets, though it is not commercialized at all and is a more involved and smaller community. Being that the community is smaller, you're more likely to get personalized help and an overall more enjoyable experience with the staff. The workers here seem to be more concerned about content and customer service than getting pocket funds. When they first began the art wasn't as 'nice' as some might like it to be and the layout of the site took some getting used to. Marapets consists of 4,993,087 players , and 6,696,686 pets, founded by 17 year old Ian. ​

    Beginners Appeal:
    It's free so it can't hurt to register an account, there are 21 worlds to keep you busy and hopping around and much to do. Free prizes, dress up, battle, clubes, trades, auctions and community forums. There are also shops, and an option to upgrade your account if you so wish. It's a good place for someone wanting to dabble in the adoption world.. as the other players are willing to help other, just like a small neighborhood.

    More on the Game:
    Even at registration the site boasts of being safe, fun and free. 24/7 Moderation, Tons of cool features and no download required and no pop ups or viruses. I like this, because it means they are looking out for their players safety. If I had a young kid I would feel good about letting them play here. The site has alerts for new feed, alerts and mail.

    There are 29 pets in all, each with 4 color schemes. You can upgrade your account which will give you perks of course, like better chance for rare pets. There is also an adoption place, where you never know what you will get, maybe even something rare. Something different about this game, is that you need to take care of the pets. Feed them, give them water, or they will suffer.
    You can take them to the gym, battle arena, disown them, create a new one, breed them, exchange them, an 'operations portal' that changes them up, a whirlpool that can make your pet special, hospital, pets forum, graveyard, mini pets, pet colors, a fountain and a gym and much more.

    Marapets, like most sites have games as well. There are many similar games but the site had no intentions to copy any other side in doing so. I find them all just fine, and easier to play system wise. They don't bog my computer down and as opposed to 20,000 plus people playing and competing on Neopets, you'll get about 3,000 members on Marapets making it easier to play both competition wise and system wise. There are 162 free games to choose from! The game are all categorized in arcade, puzzle, card, goal, quest, mission, sports, shooting, luck, fashion, strategy and other. Between all those categories you're bound to find a few you'll love to get into, like Murfin Chase, Undead Billiards, Rofling Gold, Marapet Keeper, Fruit Harvest and more.

    Doll Dress-Up:
    Marapets has a really neat feature, kind of like Gaia and Subeta and a few other sites. You pick a gender for yourself and you're given a little human avatar/doll. The site has a dress up doll feature, and you can choose from a handful of celebrity looks to start from and customize the colors and looks. You can change the eyes, hair, skin, hair color and more. The doll you create will appear on your profile, on forums, and 'maramails'. On the dress-up doll page below the doll, are a list of games that you can play to earn more clothing, and even accesories like shoes, sunglasses and more for your customizable doll.

    The art of Marapets is done by Laimay, who likes to keep things intrested in. While the art is not the best in the world, it's not the worst. In a personal point of view, I like it. It shows that he did at least put effort into the looks.. but he is more concerned with the content and actual workings of something, keeping it intresting. How often have you gone somewhere, and it looked really great! Though soon as you got into it, you were quickly bored or not impressed? I've seen it happen often, site owners either get picky with the look and it has to be this or nothing or this content type ot nothing or just get lazy or whatever the reason. It's one of the reasons I liked Marapets so long ago and still do now, the entertaining possibility of something new at some point soon.

    There are many items, for both your human look and your pets, accesories to boot. The pets looks can also be altered with items. The site, like most, has an item search, and user owned stores. There is also a trade area to find those more elusive items. There are really thousands of items that you can choose from, from battle items to clothings to food to little odds and ends. The site seems to keep growing and having more things to explore and get into.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    I kind of like this, they are quests but different. They are tailored to each world area in Marada, the Marapets world. You complete a goal and move up a level and earn a prize. The higher the level the harder it gets, though the chances are higher to win a more unique prize or higher currency give-out.


    Wrapping it up:
    Of course each area on the map has a certain theme look going on and they all have their little shops, homes, foods, and area specific items. So, all things considered the site is good. Lots of games and places to go and things to do. Pets to adopt or make, and you can train them and customize them as well. Human avatars to customize as well, and quite a few ways that it is integrated so it makes it worth the customizing time. Always somewhere, something to explore and do and a reason to keep coming back and keep your pet alive. It's a bright and enjoyable site with a layout that is fun and pleasing to the senses.

    A good interview by cpvr: Interview with Ian, owner of

    Coverage on Marapets staff

    Score: 95%
    There are not as many pets, it's still growing so it's not bad. The pets die so that's a bit of a downer, but it motivates you to play the game. All things considered, a good pet game.
    #1 Sulley, Apr 11, 2011
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2011
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. They're games keep users busy at all times.

    Great review!
  3. Just a correction but the artwork is created by Laimay, not Ian. Laimay creates ALL the artwork on site. How many pet sites can say that?
  4. Laimay has done a great job for Marapets, but I still personally choose other sites over Marapets because of the artwork. Doesn't matter how many artists Subeta, Paladore or even Rescreatu has, so long as the job is done and done beautifully, that's good enough for me.​
  5. I quite enjoyed this review, it's about the same opinion i have about marapets.
  6. Nice review.

    I'll always love Mara over other sites but that is because it's one of the first sites I ever played on that I met some amazing people. Mara is special to me and even though it's slowly going down hill, I'll always love it.
  7. This has been fixed. Thank you. And well, Laimay & Ian have been working together on Marapets together for various years now. Laimay is also the co-owner of Marapets. I'm just suprised that Laimay's art work/style hasn't improved so much over the years. There's a lot of sites out there with much better graphics than Marapets. Where do you think Marapets would be today if it had better art compared to say sites like Paladore, Aywas, Rescreatu and Subeta?
  8. Ian has said hissen though that Marapets is quantity over quality. Plus I don't think Marapets has THE best artwork, but it doesn't make it the worst either. I don't do anything with my pets on it, I play games and quests and do all the freebies, I don't bother with the pets side of it.
  9. I still don't believe the artwork is all that bad its simple as aimed at the target audience of the younger generation whereas some other sites have more complicated art and sophisticated and more tailored to the grown up audience like aywas for I stance

    Anyways great review I like marapets too and have had an account on there for many years 4/5 years I think
  10. I guess you could say that - because Mara is infact Coppa compliment and such. Not to mention a lot of their site is opened to guests - so you don't need an account to play and explore.
  11. Marapets is amazing - i really think that they are going to outstand neopets really soon
  12. I don't think that will ever happen, but good thinking. Marapets would have had a chance a long time ago if they didn't go months without updates/progress.
  13. I dunno about the site. Having dealt with some of their members, I have to say I don't look forward to meeting more of them. The bad ones soured me a lot.
  14. What forums were you trying to check out? Some of the members are pretty nice though. Especially @Panda!Panda! @JammybeeJammybee and @SirkowskiiSirkowskii The community reminds me of Neopets because they advertised to their members, so that's not really surprising.
    #14 cpvr, Sep 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  15. lol how about a drama between two marapets players that could have been kept to pm but broadcasted in a public irc chatroom for all to see?

    It wasn't a forums it was an irc chatroom
  16. I've never seen that drama, what actually happened. But anyways, the new Marapets layout is decent. A lot better than the old one. It seems more modern now. What do you think?
  17. Cant say I have ever had an enjoyable experience on mara. I tried once to join but the artwork drove me away after a few days and the people I spoke to weren't very nice either. I was generally ignored for the majority I was there. Granted, I wasn't there for too long but about a year later on another website a handful of mara users posted profanity in every forum topic and basically said "This place sucks, join Marapets"

    So, can't say the few experiences with the users I ever had were good ones but it's really the art that turns me away. It's been about 6 or 7 years and the artwork hasn't changed for the better that I've seen. Even if it's meant for a younger audience I would think it would get a little better.
  18. @cpvrcpvr, I prefer not to say. Better not to know. It was rather funny to watch though.
    #18 bluebell_rose, Oct 18, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. Mara is an amazing site and recently it has become better.
  20. In your opinion, how has it gotten better? @JammybeeJammybee do you agree with this statement?
    #20 cpvr, Dec 19, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013

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