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Marapets hacked...

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets News' started by Jammybee, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. A staff members account was hacked and the hacker banned over 300 people, and apparently there is someone with a lot of hacked mp dishing it out. If I was you I would note down pet IDs.
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  2. Noted mine down, thanks :)
  3. I am slightly disappointed that the hacker managed to get a staff password and still did so little damage. They could have changed pet names, reversed mp, banned other staff members too, underaged people, etc. But randomly banning the online list? Hilarious and boring at the same time.
  4. Glad I wasn't online at the time then.
  5. I wouldn't consider this a hack if all they did was get an admin password. That's not really "hacking" imo. Maybe it was guessed, brute forced, saved to a computer they lost control over, etc. To say a whole site was compromised ("hacked") when in reality it was one admin account compromised is saying the sky is falling and can be really damaging to the site as a whole.

    Considering that so little damage was done and it seems more like random mischief than actually carving up the game, I'd be inclined to think it was someone not far removed from the game and admin, and their intent was just to cause embarrassment than actual harm.

    Another game I played an admin decided to take a LOA and (unknown to the owner) gave their password to their son so their son could play their account (sharing passwords? Not allowed there). I'm not clear on if the admin forgot they still had admin powers OR if they had made the son promise not to abuse the admin powers. You can imagine how that went down. Son gave into temptation eventually and it was pretty much a headache. Game-wide compromise? Nope. Just a player being extremely irresponsible and not following the rules they were damn well aware of.
  6. They were using a cookie grabber that was coded into some club layouts. Then they saw that Sinnful's password was caught, logged into her account and started to ban 300+ people and a few other staff members.
  7. So they grabbed the session cookie or the cookie contained a plaintext password?

    If you tell me the cookie contained a plaintext, unhashed password I'm going to have a serious WTF moment.
  8. I won't be using any layout codes then.

    I didn't even know Marapets came with layout code things.
  9. Seems like a pointless hack tbh though.
  10. I was rather disappointed in the hacker, like there was so much that could have been done with it but Mara seems to easy to hack. If anyone was considering it, it would put them off.

  11. so you want mara to get hacked????? you should have said THANK GOD the hacker didnt do worse.
  12. They made a club, sent club invites to staff and then you know what happened next.

    I'm waiting for someone else to try it again but produce something more worthwhile. Do you think Ian knows how to do a server rollback?
  13. i think ian just let staff deal with unbanning people
  14. Well I'm not joining any clubs anytime soon.

    I think I'm already in one but I don't do anything in it.

    Or I might be getting confused with Neopets or Goatlings on that one.
  15. @Sid12192Sid12192
    I think Jammy was actually saying that there was so much they could have done to Marapets with that power.
    But instead they did the most simple thing. As in, if you are going to go to the effort of getting that power.. might as well do the worst thing possible.

    You can confirm if this is what you meant, if you want.
    #15 Martyn, Jul 26, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  16. @MartynMartyn

    Yep! I don't see the point in putting in effort if your not going to have much of an effect lol
    #16 Jammybee, Jul 26, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  17. They don't have any security beyond the account itself for admin permissions?
  18. Marapets just got hacked once again. Most people on the online list are being banned (I got banned too lols).

    And yes @ClawsClaws, there is VERY little security on Marapets when it comes to user accounts, even admins. Quite sad actually.
    #18 Sirkowskii, Jul 27, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. I'm banned too. I was just whining on my blog about being depressed and after a minute or so, I checked and was banned. Ian, Shaggy, X, roberti are banned too. Emily is still safe (Piano_Lady,a blue star mod) as of the moment, i was just wondering why the hacker waste their time banning people and I'm also wondering why Ian and the staff still haven't solve this issue.

    edit: Piano_Lady's account is the one using by the hacker. That's why he got access to banning people.
    #19 Zha, Jul 27, 2013
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2013
  20. I wouldn't say hacked, the staff probably didn't change their passwords and deleted their cookies after it happened and so the guy had a round two.

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