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Medications that help get rid of scars?

Discussion in 'Health' started by cpvr, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. Well, I have one scar on my forehead and I've been using Mederma Advanced Scar Gel and its working quite nicely. My scar is closing up and improving everyday.

    So, has anyone here tried to get rid of their scars? If so, what medication did you use?
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  2. idk why anyone would wanna get rid of a scar
    scars are beautiful,,,,
  3. Simple, I got jumped a few months ago and it left a pretty bad scar on my forehead. It's not beautiful to me, I like my face to be nice and clean. So, ya, some scars are nice, but not all. Other than that, and since I didn't see the jumping coming, no need for me to be called "scarface".
  4. I like my scars, I have one of my eyebrown that make me feel very badass ahaha;;
  5. I have two scars on my left arm from when I got stabbed. They faded into my skin pretty well, so I don't really care for that scar.
  6. I have tons of scars, and even more stretch marks.
    I used to try to get rid of them, but everything I tried gave me rashes. (ugh, especially cocoa butter man.)
    Now I honestly just don't give a crap anymore.
    I'm too lazy. =P
  7. I've never heard of cocoa butter being a remedy for scars, but dry skin, yes.
    That's strange though.
  8. When I had my breast reduction, they suggested this because ((I am guessing)) that if scars heal moister maybe they appear less?
    They had me using it not very long after I had my surgery. But I had to stop because I broke out in rashes and hives and it was complete madness.
    My scars now are really visible. And I thought I'd be really sad, but meeh. I honestly don't care or mind them.
    I suppose since my boyfriend doesn't mind them, I don't =P
  9. Ah, I see. That's news to me though. Growing up, I always thought it was for dry skin. A lot of my black friends use it - because their skin become ashy and all that. And also some black girls put it in their hair as well[kinda strange, huh?]

    And that's all that matters - if you don't mind them and he doesn't, why worry? ^.^
  10. Exactly. C:
    I think the only time they annoy me is when they're irritated, like any scar. Even though it's like five years later, they still heal and get uncomfortably itchy. lol
  11. I got mauled by a dog when I was six. I have one three scars on my left arm, two on my left side, one on my butt and fourteen scars on my back. I never really bothered trying to get rid of them because I can't see most of them. XD
  12. Scars have their definition for a reason: they are permanent. With the use of cosmetic surgery for a steep price it's possible to reduce the visibility of a scar quite greatly, but it will always be there to an extent: it's a scar, after all. Stretch marks though not by definition could be regarded as scars as they never go away. I got a few when my weight fluctuated. Even when I become slim which I hope to accomplish by the end of the year or not long after, these stretch marks will remain for the rest of my life which is a little unnerving. Certainly not something you want a woman to see. Solution? Surgery which results in... you guessed it: scars! :laugh:
  13. I don't have any scars from weight loss, but I do have stretch marks from them. When I got my gallbladder removed, it didn't leave too big of a scar. But its noticable, which is expected.

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