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Monthly Commissions - TheWoWExp [Open]

Discussion in 'Completed Transactions' started by TheWoWExp, Oct 24, 2011.

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  1. Monthly Commissions - TheWoWExp [Nov.] [Closed]

    Hullo, everyone!​

    All right, let me explain what I'm doing for commissions, since it's not the everyday thing. Hopefully I can do it like this, too.

    My friend and coworker is in a bit of a jam. Her car broke down on her and she doesn't know what's wrong with it yet. Could be the engine, or it could be a pipe, or a few other things, I suppose. She doesn't have enough money to get a new one, nor does she really have the money to get it fixed if it happens to be the engine. I'm doing these commissions to help her out.

    What's slightly different here, I guess, is the fact that I'll be working for one main pet site for around a month's time, then move on to another when I get all situated to continue. I like the differences when switching from one site to another; you don't constantly have the same things going on. I say "around" a month's time, because I want to get a little bit of a rest before the next month begins, and (maybe) I'll start this up again for it.

    How do you commission me?

    I think this is the fun part. You guys name the prices you're willing to pay me for specific things, but I'll have a minimum wage written out for the specific stuff I'll do. I don't judge who I'm going to be working for by the amount they pay, but rather by picking a random person that posts here that is interested in my work. When you post the prices that you're willing to pay, name four things that you'd like me to draw. If you win, I'll draw those for free.

    Also, the random person that wins my commissions will get four free items at the start that I randomly drew. These four items at the moment are:

    What are the minimum prices?

    Before I state the minimum prices, you don't have to be able to pay me for everything. If you just want me to draw items, then that's fine and dandy; you don't need to offer prices you'll pay for anything else. Another thing: I don't draw humans, as they are my downfall. Right, a last thing, you can keep the prices at their minimum if you wish, commissioning me higher prices helps me to help m friend out of debt and with her car. :]

    • Items: 2$ || Item Redraws: .50
    • Pets: 5$ || Pet Sketches: 2$ || Pet Redraws: 3$
    • NPCs: 5$ || NPC Redraws: 3$
    • Battle Opponents: 5$ || Battle Opponent Redraws: 3$
    • World Maps: 35$ || Specific Location Maps: 20$ || Map Sketches: 10$ || Map Redraws: 25$
    • Writing: .25
    If there's anything anyone would like for me to add on the list above, just ask. I think I covered most of it. I don't do avatars or banners, sorry. I can do miscellaneous items as well (bookmarks, sticker designs, and such), but not sure if people would be interested in those so I won't post minimum prices.

    Recap with added info:

    • State prices you're willing to pay for specific things you'd like me to create.
    • Name four things you'd like me to draw, and if you're the winner, I will draw those for free.
    • The winner is chosen randomly.
    • Before I send the .PSDs of the art, I require payment. I will send previews of the art (ah heck, we can discuss this XD).
    • Payments are made via Paypal.
    • My lack-of-updates DeviantArt is http://thewowexp.deviantart.com
    • Contact me via Skype: Krholbrook22
    • Contact me via e-mail: thewowexp@gmail.com
    I think I covered all of it? o_o; Hopefully this is okay, too. Commissions are open through the month of November to whomever wishes to commission me. :D My friends going to crap her pants when I give her free money. XD

    Winner is Marvelhose.

    #1 TheWoWExp, Oct 24, 2011
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2011
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  2. I am interested!
  3. good luck! ^^ Your arts are beautiful ^^ I bet you'll get lots of commissions ^^
  4. You are WAAAYYY too cheap O______O
    Don't be afraid to up the price, really, your work has really nice quality.
  5. @bamboo123bamboo123, thanks! :]

    @kamikami, LOL. I know I'm being cheap here. I took your advice though and upped the prices on a few things. I just know the economy is not being kind lately and people don't have a ton of money to spend, so I went cheaper and am going to allow them to raise the price on items if they'd like. Plus this will allow me to make a bigger portfolio of items and I'll most likely raise the price at a later time. :]
    #5 TheWoWExp, Oct 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. The economy affects both the buyer and seller. The seller, not just because nothing will sell, but also because they need money just as much as the buyer does.
    Best of luck getting commissioned :) I'd offer on dA too so you can spread yourself out to more people :)
  7. @MartynMartyn should check this out. If I had the money I would definitely say I want you to work with us, but I have no job. :(
    #7 Calypso_Rayne, Oct 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. @kamikami, my DA doesn't offer too much in recent art, I haven't posted anything on there lately, but I may put that in my thread. The link is in my signature anyway. :p

    @Calypso_RayneCalypso_Rayne, Thank you; there may be times where I might toss out a freebie concept sketch of something. :]
    #8 TheWoWExp, Oct 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  9. It's just another place to advertise. The more places the more chances of people seeing :)
  10. I would commission you with lots of items, but right now we are in development and the art department doesn't need much attention right now since I'm re-programming the basic with OOP.
  11. @DylDyl, perhaps in another month's time then. :]
    #11 TheWoWExp, Oct 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. @TheWoWExpTheWoWExp, most definitely. I would really consider that. :)
    How long will you being doing this month-wise?
    #12 Peanut, Oct 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. @DylDyl, I'm honestly not sure, but it's not just going to stop after just a couple months. I'm willing to do it for as long as interest is kept and I've got the time on my hands. I may, at some point, just make a huge portfolio of my own ideas and concepts then sell all of it as a whole to anyone willing to buy, but that will be long in the future. :]
    #13 TheWoWExp, Oct 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  14. Ah got it. Thank you very much for informing me! :)
  15. Hello-
    This is essentially a form letter that I am sending out to various artists whose art I admire and who are looking for new work.
    I am interested in hiring an artist for a gaming website currently being developed. This is not a “pet siteâ€, but a creature one; zombies and people.

    I need approximately a dozen full body characters (2 if these being customizable), 100 items, 1 banner and 1 page template. Characters and items being the priority.
    I am looking for someone who is comfortable doing “realistic-cartoon†pieces, aimed toward young adults more than children (but still kid-friendly). The characters need to be 500x500 and the items 100x100. I also need thumbnail sizes of each, but can resize them myself if needed. I am open to suggestions on how to make projects better flow, fit, etc.

    Of course this is a start-up project and money is tight, but I understand that no artist truly wants to “starveâ€. Please give me an overall quote and/or what it would cost per piece. Most of the artwork will be completed before opening the site, but I will need new items and such on a regular basis. Therefore, I would currently consider this position temporary, but could result in a long-term opportunity.

    Most importantly, I need someone who works quickly. Time is of the essence – my site is supposed to open late December/ early January.
    If you are interested, please, get back with me ASAP and I can explain in more detail. Thank you.
  16. Grats to @marvelhosemarvelhose on winning. :] Hit me up on Skype for me to be your drawing slave for the month of November.

    Topic closed until next time.
    #16 TheWoWExp, Oct 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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