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My little pony: You saw this thread coming

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Corsair, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Ponies Then


    In April 14, 1984 The first my little pony cartoon aired. I was only a baby at the time so I don't remember the beginning. How ever from it's 1984 to 1987 run I did watch it. I didn't get into MLP until the run of My little pony tales which aired from 1992 – 1992, Ya it didn't last for very long. I loved the two series but after all it was made to sell toys to girls my age not so much to entertain.

    Now when I was 2-8 I loved my little pony. I once made a out cry when i could not get a MLP coloring book. Playing with them and roleplaying your own adventure was fun. However I have had my times of pony mishaps such as the time I burned the head of on my pony. I have also decapitated some bonies in my day. Soon I grew out of my pony phase and grew up. I didn't pain much mind to them and I found out about a new fad.

    Custom Ponies?

    I found out about a trend were people were repainting and even making major modifications to there my little pony dolls.


    I was like um ok but really there quite impressive. You should check some of them out some times.

    Ponies Now:


    So I found out they were making a new MLP show I was like "psst lets see how bad this one is". I had seen the G3 ponies falying around and even watched one episode out of lolz and I thought MLP could not get worse. I then notice people were talking about this show a lot. After seeing some fan art I watched one episode. Then I watched another after a whole season I was addicted.

    What is it about the new My little pony that makes even grown men addicted

    The new MLP has exploded all over the net grow men and women are drawing, talking about and posting them every were! It has even spawned the term brony to describe a male who like MLP.

    The show is self is pretty good. It's not as shallow as it's older counter parts. The show like most shows or kids have a moral end the end. The show focuses on a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle who was sent to ponyville to learn about friendship. Oddly enough the show is pretty damn entertaining. It's also quirky and the characters have personalities and even character flaws. Like I said it's not your normal MLP cartoon. Take the last episode that had a cute small pony snap a bears neck!


    Share your opinions on all MLP related matters. From G1 to your own little toy mishaps. I want to know what you think of this crazy money fad. Do you think this fad is silly? Did you love the toys? Do you hate the new series?

    I can not believe there was not a thread about this already.
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  2. LOL

    Well, after seeing that pony snap that bears neck... no wonder those extremists think My Little Pony is satanic. x)

    I don't know... I might give it a shot.

    But I will say this... That one lizard character looks like Spyro. >.>
  3. @JoyJoy
    -big giant fanboy squee-

    Oh yeah, MyLittlePony is funny too. :3
    #3 Martyn, Oct 18, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. [​IMG]

    The new MLP is genius because it's made by the same girl who helped with Dexter's lab, Foster Home for Imaginary Friends and many other great cartoons. They changed the old frilly looking mlp to something funny to watch, really people, give it a try. The new fanbase is also pretty great, there are some dudes who are obsessed with the stuff, but usually everything is great and smooth, there are plenty of fan games and a fan MMO is being made, you would be amazed by the quality of the fan's productions.
  5. Ahh I love My Little Pony. I loved it as a child (can't remember what gen, but it looked like this: http://www.kimsites.net/dreamvalley/graphics/new/cd-switch.jpg ) and even more so now with the Friendship Is Magic series.

    [Also @JoyJoy , that dragon is from Spyro! :'D It's one of the lesser-known dragons, a fire one named Ignitus that watched over Spyro when he was in an egg. c: ]

    Anyway, I personally love this fad, and while any fad as grounds to become crazed or hated by other people, it has a lot of good reason why it is a fad.

    The style is great, simple yet communicative and easy to replicate even for beginning artists that want to make fan-art. The music composition in the show is just stunning, and the character development far exceeds that of any previous My Little Pony, as well as some other popular cartoons like Spongebob, Family Guy, Fairly Odd Parents, and even Pokemon in terms of a very advanced culture of different characters and personalities. Each character has a very great strength, yet each character has an impassable flaw, and each episode is about how these strengths and flaws cater to each character's interactions with another. Hence, how their "Friendship is Magic" because at times, it seems liek these characters are so different, that they couldn't even be friends! xD

    But all that aside, I think my favorite part of the series is actually the creators and main developer and producer, Lauren Faust. She and the staff are just so in-tune to the fanbase of the show, that they even added certain things to the show because the fanbase liked it. The background characters, which were just fill-ins for space, now have official personalities and names thanks to the fanbase. There was even one time that an episode had a small 2-second or less animation error, but the fans liked it so much that it became an official part of the character's design! And now in season 2, since that character is so well-received by fans, the producers are making the character have a more serious part in the show, with speaking lines and everything. I think it's wonderful.

    And because of this, the fanbase has grown even more, because they like to be important to the developers! I'm also very proud of the fanbase, a lot of fan of My Little Pony have created fan-content that is just stunning. Art pieces, full websites, and MMORPG, videos, animations... you name it! And they're all helping the show grow even more by bringing in new fans into the fun with their original work.

    I actually see this post as very appropriate to this site because I think petsite owners could benefit from learning this. The fanbases of your site is very important! And if you keep up with their ideas, it will help your site grow and improve, as well as give you insight to the many kinds of people your work reaches out to.
    #5 Eeviechu, Oct 18, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. LOL well I need to watch the show then <3​
  7. I use to love My Little Pony when I was a little girl and had several of them. Then as I got older I collected them a bit and at the time had a boyfriend who had 4 children, 2 of them girls, and we use to play with all the Ponies. That Christmas I bought a Pony Castle and we had lots of ponies that I got off of e-bay, lol I love living vicariously through children and going back to things I did in my childhood. Anyway, I saw the new pony design in Walmart a few weeks ago, I am just so use to the other pony style. That is good that they improved on the cartoon though since the 80's.
  8. Voice 1:

    I feel rather out of place in this thread only coming into the franchise with the latest cartoon. I can still remember my initial skepticism after seeing a thread on another forum praising the show near the start of the first season. I figured it had to be ironic. But after I started watching it on YouTube, I wound up marathoning all the episodes that were out. The show's aesthetically pleasant, charming and peaceful.

    But it's the larger community around the show that makes it about 20% cooler. I haven't seen such creative output since the Touhou fandom (although that's still a fair bit more insane). I've met nothing but pleasant individuals who identify under the label of "brony." And as Eeviechu noted, the show's staff embracing the unexpected demographic rather than having Hasbro attempt to clamp down on use of pony material (as many other companies have done) is just yet another thing to love about the show.

    A few years ago I wouldn't have imagined I'd be excited for new episodes of a My Little Pony cartoon, but that's the magic of Lauren Faust.
  9. Personally I love the newest cartoon thought I remember growing up with one or two hand me down ponies from my older sister.
    THe humor can be surprisingly adult at times for the new series and it is fun to see all the things the community makes.

    There at at least 2 very well made fan games I have seen in progress, a platform rpg and a fighting game.
  10. Voice 1:

    I'm guessing the fighting game is referring to Fighting is Magic, but what's the platform RPG?
  11. It is called Fiends from Dream Valley . THey got some videos up on youtube if you are interested in it at all.
  12. woahhh.
    Those painted ponies are really cool!
    #12 Glam, Dec 17, 2011
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2011

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