Neopets is lauching a tv show soon


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According to Neopets' parent company, Jumpstart, there's currently a new Neopets's tv show in the works.

Jumpstart will be teaming up with the Beach House Pictures company on their new Neopets Tv show. Their upcoming show will be the first animated tv show based upon the online game of Neopets.

So, how do you feel about this? Do you think its too late for neopets to get involved with the tv industry or not really?

Let's not forget, Neopets is still one of the most successful and popular pet sites in our niche. Do you see their entry into the tv industry as a new game changer for the entire pet game industry and/or a bust?

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They are! I think it's a good move to try and bring back attention to the game. It's definitely not too late, with a younger generation that knows nothing about neopets, they can cultivate a whole new community. However, I think the only potential downside to this move is that it implies they're looking to move Neopets away from the browser based realm and more into a commercialized, juvenile focused video game (or PC game) niche. The reason I say this is because this new segment expects more engaging, interactive games. So far the marketing team over there seems to be thinking the same to that degree as well, as they seem to be putting more money into things like this than continuing to build out the core browser game. I have a feeling we'll see neopets video games next.


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I think it's really awesome that they're doing that, but also I hope they do a huge overhaul and revamp the website completely.
Possible art revamp as well???

That's a lot to ask for, but if they're just making a tv show just for more exposure that's fine too. I hope the writers are really good though!

A video game for neopets...I never thought about that, but if it was like an mmo that would be super cool.
A simple questline video game would probably be fine too if they're trying to do cute short story games I guess.

I just hope for them that it works out and any risks they take pays out.