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New Neopets Updates - Premium Accounts

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets News' started by Pepper-Head, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. 12th June
    • PREMIUM NOTICE - New Premium is live! Hooray! *fanfare* We know you are super excited (or at least we are) but don't forget to take a moment to check your payment information and update it if necessary. For those of you who already have checked and double-checked their information, here are some snazzy new features that you can look forward to:
      • 5th Neopet!!!
      • Updated SHH!
      • New Scratchcards!
      • Notification Bar!

      Note: If you're looking for Pet Central, it's listed under the Explore button now. :)

    So now, you can have a 5th Neopet. Some of the other features not listed include no ads, double neopoints with a premium featured game, a super shop wizard search, and bonus monthly neopoints. The prices are $3.95 one month (after the first month, it goes to $7.95), $24.95 four months, and $69.95 for a year.

    What do you think about these updates?
    I think the prices are rediculous for what's provided, and I'm peeved that they removed Pet Central's link JUST for the Premium Membership bar (which only shows buying memberships, atm). Seriously TNT, aren't you already full of money?

    Your banner/button can be located here for an entire month or year, please see our advertising on virtualpetlist thread for more information.

  2. I'm debating getting it. The benefits don't seem too worth it to me; all I'd want it for is the fifth pet, but that's not really enough of an incentive to spend money on this (especially since we're allowed up to four side accounts).
  3. Do you have any pictures of the new scratchcards by any chance?

    Sounds like they want to generate more revenue, perhaps Neopets wasn't generating as much as Viacom wanted it to, so they introduced new premium accounts.
  4. @Pandora
    Yeah I realized that right after I posted it x.x I fixed it though :3

    I wouldn't do it.
    And you have 4 sides already? I would probably just use a different email P: I don't think they should care too much (though they might now since it's another way to get money.) I do wonder how the 5th pet fits onto your account page though o.o

    @cpvrcpvr I can't imagine them not getting enough money x'D But I guess with all of the 'backstage passes' going around, and recent 'fortune cookies' that multiply user's chances at faerie quests and the lab ray, I guess it does make a bit more sense now.
    Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the scratch cards :c I could ask around in the forums if you want, though.
    #4 Pepper-Head, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  5. Well I just made my fourth, need space to hold all these lab pets I'm getting >; so far I'm leaning towards not getting it. Might get the first month for 3.95 to mess around but I probably won't like it enough to spend further on it.
  6. I might get it eventually for one month, just to get a 5th neopet and look cool (lol elitism). The prices are outrageous after that first month... but I guess I didnt expect much from Neopets.
  7. Well, Viacom did buy Neopets for $160 million bucks, so who knows if they're generated that much income, and more since they bought it. It's quite obvious that Neopets is all about their revenue - because don't they already have Neocash, sponsored games, and various ads on the site?
    #7 cpvr, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. I heard they give you 90 days to pound/transfer away your fifth pet if you cancel though, or it gets pounded q_q; If it were permanent I'd consider getting it for a month lol but yeah, guess they're being smart to avoid people doing that. >:
    #8 Pandora, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2012

  9. Oh, wow. That's a bitchy thing to do... lol. Yeah, screw premium. More accounts are free.
  10. I'll try it derp

    3.95 for the first month WHYNOT


    and now i cancel my subscription, because I'm not paying 8 dollars for this next month.

    Also get to use this avatar [​IMG]

    and scratch the spacefairie card every friday :U

    So, pretty much a waste of $4- don't spend $8 oh god.
    I don't see much to do besides be elitist with your fancy accounts haha
    #10 que, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2012
  11. Does anyone know for SURE if you lose your 5th pet after you cancel premium? If so I'd certainly not pay. And if you only get a 5th pet on ONE account... that just doesn't seem enough to me.
  12. @OnyxOnyx- yes, you lose it.
    #12 que, Jun 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. Ah yeah that's really lame then. I was considering getting premium if the pet was permanent, but not if you lose it after discontinuing premium. Not worth it.
  14. >replaced pet central with premium

    For the love of god Neo..
  15. I don't think it's worth the fth pet it if you have to pay a monthly fee just to keep your pet. Most other sites I can buy a pet slot key and pay only a one time fee to get extra pets. I also notice they omit this fact from the main membership signup page.

    It's like "YOU GET TO ADOPT A EXTRA SHINY NEW PET! Hooooowever you have to keep buying membership or we will take it away from you.. KTHANKS"

    $69.95 for a year seems a bit steep even for a year and to add that up with neopets's habit of freezing people for the slightest thing I'd would not risk losing that amount of money. I mean what would happen if a person spent the $70 and got frozen? They would make off with your money and there is nothing could be done about it.
    #15 Corsair, Jun 12, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2012
  16. They're doing exactly what Webkins is doing, kinda.
    They know their user base will spend the money for extra things, its ridiculous, but hey, if you look at it through a business perspective, you could see that Neopets is just jumping on the feature that other pet sites do.

    Time to check some fansites for some reactions http://www.tdnforums.com/index.php?...ow-live/page__pid__604548__st__20#entry604548

    Looks like a lot of users are also peeved about this.

    That's exactly why I would never pay for it because they don't really protect user's accounts. So let's say you bought premium, and someone hacked you, or cracked your password, you just wasted money for no reason, unless you file a charge back on them. Allowing paypal to take care of it.
  17. Re: 5th pet:

    Snarkie posted:

  18. That is a lot :0
    But I'm pretty confident that they've made that much. I think they're pretty greedy about it too... they want more *EVERY* plot or event that comes up, there's *ALWAYS* a tie to Neocash. VIP passes, special treasure chests or Easter eggs that can only be opened with a Neocash item.. Shoot, they even have a Faerie quest just for Neocash stuff! (How lame is that? :/ ) Plus there's a lot of games that revolve around neocash. Wonderclaw, some Corridor thing, and others (Habitarium has some sweet items and paintbrushes for P3s but guess what? Neocash items.)
    But that's not the only thing they're making money from. Ads, too, like you said. Does anyone know how much advertisers will pay for ads on Neopets? (And those sponsor games?)

    One last thing that ticks me off is how good Neo is with immediate gratification x'D They'll give you some free neocash randomly, like just now they gave everyone who participates in the Altador Cup 100 free Neocash. But guess what? There's maybe only 5 (really bad) items that are 100 or less. Everything else is 150 and up. Or even 125.
    Then they wave this premium junk (ONLY $3.95! : DThat's just the first month. ) and scream about the 5th pet slot, which is something users have been wanting for a long time. I wonder how many people jumped and got this? X'D I will certainly be pound surfing more after the 1st month is up hehe.
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  19. @Pepper-HeadPepper-Head
    I don't know, but they're more than likely with CPM ad companies: http://www.bitdoze.com/make-money-online/ads/technorati-media-review-make-money-with-cpm-ads/

    So thus, Neopets receives a ton of page views a day, so they could be making thousands a day from the ads itself. And I wouldn't know how much they sponsored games cost.

    Sounds like they're milking the game - and what do those paintbrushers look like?

    Marapets does the same thing - especially for active members. I've never paid for an account upgrade in my life and have $6 bucks worth of credit there.

    Here's more information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neopets

    Neopets has various sources of revenue - not just the neocash and the "ads"
    #19 cpvr, Jun 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  20. @cpvrcpvr
    I remember all of the toys! They had little figures, plushies (my favorite, I have quite a few!), and McDonald's toys (the last thing they did similar was with Burger King a while back).

    The most money they've ever gotten out of me was with the plushies P: But as far as I know - they stopped doing that? I can't find them in Target anymore, or online (except ebay and such).

    As for the Habitarium - http://www.neopets.com/~gupppppppy#main
    That has all of the neocash decorations and how the inks look on everything. There's a Chocolate, Faerie, Pirate, and Snow. I also forgot to mention that they have some different backgrounds to buy.
    (They also have pet-themed things too)

    It's all a lot more interesting than the boring things they have now, although you can buy RBYG ink for buildings with resources.
    #20 Pepper-Head, Jun 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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