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No gas money, you can't ride in my car

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Well, I know a few people in my city that do this, and they won't take you anywhere unless you have gas money. It doesn't matter if you just need to go down the street or something, they're still expecting gas money - which I fully understand because I do it when my gas tank is low and I don't have a whole lot of money to put into the gas tank.

    But, are you like this? Let's say someone asked you to take them somewhere and you had a full tank of gas, plenty of money in your pocket, would you still ask for gas money? I know gas prices are pretty high in some places, but one thing about me, is if we're going to the same place, I won't ask you for any gas money - I guess I'm nice on that front.

    How about you though? Do you require friends to give you gas money if they want to go somewhere?
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  2. If it's somewhere around town or going to downtown, we normally don't ask people to pay us gas money but if it's pretty far out we do. I always pay my friends gas money if I need them to take me to my gf's for the weekend or to pick her up and everything =]. I know gas can be expensive so I don't mind paying them $10 or $15 for gas to get out there and back.
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  3. Man I wish I was like that @-@ I don't think I've ever asked my friends for gas money

    Probably because I don't drive my friends places that I'm not going to anyways. If I wanna go to the store, I usually ask a friend if they want to come along, so I'd feel silly asking for money. The only person who ASKS me to take them somewhere is my brother, and I can't really ask him for money because he doesn't have a source of income. Plus it's really my parents car so I can't exactly refuse x)
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  4. It depends really. I use public transit now, but before I didn't. If someone is going the same place as me, it's no sweat. If we are going to carpool all the time to that same location I appreciate them paying part of the gas, but wouldn't push it on them.

    If a friend needs a ride, I don't mind. If a friend constantly needs a ride, I'm going to ask them to pitch in for gas. If they are going somewhere that's a decent drive, yes, I will ask for some money to help with gas. If it's like a 10 minute drive, I really don't mind paying for it myself.

    Now, if my friend needs a ride places and I know they are having financial troubles and I am secure financially I refuse to take money from them. As long as they don't take advantage of my kindness I am more than happy to help them in their time of need.

    It's all about circumstances and little details for me, really.
    Before when I couldn't drive and didn't have access to decent public transit people helped me get around and I like to return the favor. Most of the time I offered money for gas to them when I had the money and they wouldn't take it. Unless the driver is really strapped for cash I think it's silly to ask for money for gas if you aren't even driving far. But that's really my opinion. For a far drive or really out of their way I could understand asking for money.
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  5. When I ask someone for a ride, I always offer gas money. Even if it's a short trip.

    If it's a short trip, I don't usually ask people for gas money, but if they offer it, I'll gladly accept it. I've yet to see a day where we have money just sitting in our pockets, so we almost always need the little bit of help.
    If someone asks for a ride on a longer trip, I'll ask for gas money if they're not offering it. If they refuse to give a little money, then they need to ask someone else for a ride. We're not expecting them to fill up the tank, you know? But when you're asking for a ride that's going to take an hour of our time, we deserve a little bit of compensation IMHO.
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  6. I know exactly what you mean because if my girlfriend is out with the car and I need to go somewhere, I usually offer one of my buddies $10 to $20 to take me to where-ever I need to go. Some of my buddies don't ask for gas money though because they have jobs and they say "Its not a problem, Carlos, I'll take you. No, I don't need any gas money".

    One thing that I hate though is when someone offers me $5 to gas and they need to go far. I almost ran out of gas last week because my brother's friend gave me $7 and it wasn't enough for where we had to go, and where I had to bring him back home, so I had to cover the rest of it even though I didn't have a whole lot of money. The $5 gas days are really over with it, I think.

    Same here, they'd rather me get them something for the price of gas usually. It sucks then when you're on E, and others aren't willing to fork over the money even though you need deep-down that they have cash available but they don't want to spend it on gas. I know that's one thing that hurts my girlfriend's and my pocket is the amount of gas money we have to put in.

    Probably because we usually go to the gym daily, or every other day - and 8-10 miles there, and then another 8-10 coming back. It all ends up at the end of the day.
  7. I don't ask people for gas money. But then again I don't go far, I don't drive outside of my comfort zone, I will not drive in big cites or on the interstate. I'm way too chicken for that. That being said the furthest I generally go is a town that is a 30min drive away, and no matter who's car your in (as long as it's a normal care and not some gas guzzler junker or old muscle car) it really doesn't make a dent in your tank to get there and back twice. Unless you're a bad driver and romp on the gas and slam on the breaks, that's bad on gas mileage but I think of myself to be a very good driver so I don't have a problem.
    The only person who's ever given me gas money, I still didn't ask for it, was my boyfriend because right now he doesn't have a car so I have to drive him everywhere and he felt he needed to give me money for gas because I did that and he makes enough money at his new job that it doesn't hurt him to give me $20.
    I myself drive pretty much nowhere, I don't have a job right now so I don't have to drive around anywhere really, but if I did I'd be making money for that gas so it doesn't matter. My car just sits around in the driveway other than if I myself want to go to the store or when I go to work at the racetrack every Friday night, which that money goes to the gas for my car. But considering I don't drive anywhere my car can go 2-3 weeks without me filling that up, and that's even at half a tank. I don't allow my car to get far under half because the gas gauge is very tricky there and will say you're half full but then you could find yourself clunkin' to the side of the road out of fuel haha (hasn't happened to me though).
    But yeah I don't ask for gas money, I live in a small town, it doesn't take a 1/4 of a tank to get out to Wal-mart XD
  8. The way my friends and I always ran things was that everything comes with a price - it's just unconventional sometimes.

    We would pick up hitch hikers and drive them anywhere they wanted to go up to 4 hours of drive time. But there was a catch.
    Before we'd go we would put a muddy shovel, a tarp, and some rope in the trunk of the car. We'd then drive to deserted places to pick people up. With smiles, we'd instruct them to "Just toss your stuff in the trunk and hop in!" Once in the car we'd lock all the doors "just to be on the safe side, you know? There's a lot of crazy people out there".

    If they could handle the ride we'd take 'em anywhere they wanted ;P
  9. @cpvrcpvr
    If I know it's going to cost more than what they're willing to give and I know I don't have the money to cover the rest, I refuse to take them =/
    Not only is it money out of my pocket if they don't give me money, but it's also time I can't get back. And if they're going to 'i don't care' it, then why should I care if they get where they need to go when I could easily spend that time doing something that isn't ripping me off.
    I should also say I do the same thing with family and friends. Of course if this is a person I usually find very generous and respectful (Nathan's grandma always invites us over and is very kind and gets us things now and then) then I of course wouldn't mind it coming out of pocket for someone like that. But otherwise no. =/
    #9 Mutationification, Jul 29, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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  10. You're so right, I should start doing that as well because it really does get costly. I know when we went to six flags as a family, I had to give my sister gas money for taking my girlfriend and I. We didn't drive because our car doesn't have any AC so that sucked, but it was worth it.

    I hate how people try to take advantage of that fact - say, can you give me a ride, but I'll only give you some money - not a whole lot? I told my friends that asked for a ride last week if its not over $10 in gas because I know where have to go and its pretty far from our area, then I can't do it. I had to put my foot down on that end, and it makes them mad, but so what? Its not my fault that gas is high, and my car doesn't do 30 MPG or anything like that so the gas goes pretty quick. I'm respectful of those that respect my rules for the car as well.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that was thinking like that, its good to see someone share the same views on that front.

    Gas prices are currently steady
    @CupcakesCupcakes @AfterlifeAfterlife @NisaNisa
    #10 cpvr, Jul 29, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  11. @cpvrcpvr
    To me; if you don't want to give me money for gas, then take the bus, it's cheaper. It's just more inconvenient. xD
    #11 Mutationification, Jul 29, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. I know gas is expensive, but I believe friends shouldn't ask for gas money if you want to ride with them. I drove my friends thirty minutes to a different town because we were going to hang out, and never took their money even though they offered, because I knew that they would eventually repay the favor.
    It makes me uncomfortable when people ask for gas money, ESPECIALLY when they're your friends. I had a good friend once who was extremely well off (iPads for the whole family for Christmas and a DisneyWorld vacation every year for more than 10 people kind of well off), who I asked to drop me off/pick me up at my house once or twice because my family was literally unable to come get me. What does she say? She asks me for gas money, even though she didn't pay for her own gas and my house was literally on the way to hers.
    That's why I've never asked for gas money from friends. The only time I can see myself doing so is if I don't have the money for the gas to actually get there and back.
  13. xD You ripped this topic off the coli @cpvrcpvr

    Interesting though. Yeah, I only drive around Mike, no other exceptions. Don't care who you are.

    Well, if you were local to me, cpvr, you would be one of those exceptions :c haha
    #13 Gabby, Aug 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  14. You see, we don't have any buses in our part of the city. And if you want a cab, you're looking to pay a lot of money.
    @ShadowShadow If I call up one of my friends and ask them "What's up, you want to ride with me?" And they say ya, the gas is on me, I won't make them pay it if I told them to come out.
    @GabbyGabby Aww thanks, and it means a lot to me because a lot of people try jerk others in terms of giving gas money and all that.

    So since we're on the topic of gas - how much does everyone pay to fill their tank?
    #14 cpvr, Aug 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  15. I'm paying like $4 a gallon but I'm not sure how much it comes out to because I use a Shell card at Shell and get like a ten to twenty cent discount per gallon
  16. I used to have a gas card for Chevron/Texaco that did the same thing. Right now we pay $3.33 a gallon.
  17. I'd never ask someone to pay for gas, then again, I'm not in a tight or uncomfortable position financially. Though that being said, I wouldn't give someone a ride somewhere unless I was going there as well on my own, I'm not a taxi service, haha.
  18. Now that I don't have a car, I've been seeing the full effects of this one. XD. I didn't think it would get used on me - but yea, I have to chunk money to my friends if I'm trying to go somewhere. I don't mind that, I just mind that where I go usually doesn't require a whole lot of gas. But, that's okay.
  19. So I've found myself coming back to this thread because my mind has been changing on how I feel about this.

    I'm at a point in my life with trying to pay my bills, save money, and so far I haven't been able to work all my hours due to car issues or a break in school, so I am very strapped with money.
    So right now I've decided that I am going to take no one anywhere or go run any errands for anyone unless I am getting some payment. The amount that I have to drive to school and work (same place so same distance) really adds up on how much gas I use, but then to be the generous person I am and give people rides or go run an errand for them, has ran my gas tank to empty very quickly and often.

    So yup, people can no longer get a ride from me unless they're going to fork over some cash for the gas, even though gas is going down (It's currently $3.07 here) it still is a chunk of change to fill up the car I'm driving right now, and that's money I don't have to spend or waste.

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