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Off-site chat rooms

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Better, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I've seen Paladore was having it's problems when it came to this. And lately with it being brought up I'm noticing more arguments and harassment going on through the IcePets tiny chat. It bothers me that the IcePets tiny chat was said not to be moderated by the IcePets staff, yet their the only people to moderate the tiny chat. It's also been said that anything on the tiny chat can not be held against you on the site, just banning from the tiny chat, but I've seen people get in trouble for it on IcePets. I see no point in saying something off-site if it can get you in trouble on-site. And if you don't want something you said brought up on IcePets, then don't say it on the tiny chat?

    I've had 2 friends leave because of altercations with a user on the tiny chat. Both told me their stories, unfortunately I deleted the PM's so I cannot share them. It was basically the staff paring up with a certain users and making other users who thought differently feel extremely unwelcome and awkward.

    After chatting with an acquaintance of mine the subject was brought up, upon asking why (lets call him user1) user1 wanted to take a hiatus he told me this:

    (user3 is a mod or something on the site)
    (ironically after this happened user2 was promoted to icepets staff recently)
    (it also seems like user1 is now banned on icepets)
    I won't give out usernames, only because the situation(s) may not be true. But it is the same users over and over causing this.
    I doubt it could all be made up, something would have provoked them to share their stories/quit.

    So with this said, do you think it's a big deal to make? Did it need to be said? Users on the site know it happens, but no one really speaks up, or it ends up like this conversation:

    ^ Her situation seemed ignored.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    I understand rules are rules, but I feel like in the situation the staff as a whole has been very hypocritical on the whole thing, never giving out a straight answer. I would have made this on IcePets, but it probably would have just been locked, because no one seems to want to talk about it.

    Who knows, maybe it's just a big deal to me. Maybe I am adding gas to the flames. :p

    What do you think on off-site chat rooms as a whole? Do you use them? What for?
    Any stories of your own to share? Give me your opinions.

    *I may also have some other people sending me their tiny chat experiences through email, so I may change this later.
    *Sorry if I put this thread in the wrong spot or my markup isn't pretty. I don't use this site to often so I'm not familiar with it. xD
    *And yes I am leaving IcePets, but not for this reason. It's RL and other things around the site.
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  2. Wow, sounds crazy.

    Anyways though, when I used to frequent the IP TC it was generally a fun experience. But there was always a bit of drama going on in there most of the days, that was usually just from one user though. I stopped going in there because I just stopped going on the site in general (it didn't hold my interest long enough.)

    I don't actually mind offsite chat rooms, but I don't think they should have repercussions on the actual site that it's dedicated to unless it's labeled the OFFICIAL chat room of the site. Drama is bound to happen anywhere, and when it does I just think people should try to ignore it and move on with their lives. People have the tendency to get caught up in that junk and they let it run over their lives and then they get pretty depressed over it. Always remember that it's the internet, and there will always be people try to start up something, whether you deserve it or not.
  3. I would pop in and out of the tiny chat, but never stuck around to see drama, only hear of it.
    That's a good point, and great advice.
  4. @Better , Icepets tinychat hasn't been active for almost a month (or at least 2-3 weeks). What are you talking about when you say "more and more arguments in the icepets tinychat"?

    Actually, there haven't been any issues at all between people other than Jak/Jakkumon. He has been the prime reason behind any real issues that have been going on with regard to the TC - and he's the reason why we no longer have a public TC. In fact, we don't even have a link publicly posted on Icepets to any of the Tinychats involving Icepets.

    The only Icepets Staff members who have "moderated" the tinychats are Speedie, Lolly, and myself. There have been others such as @Farmer , who have been in place to moderate these groups. So it certainly isn't just us who have been in the moderator position.

    No user has ever been in trouble or have had to face consequences on Icepets for their actions in any Tinychat group; it has always been issues that we have had to deal with onsite. Please explain when we have given out punishment for Tinychat actions.

    I know exactly who has spoken to you and their intentions. This isn't from two different people (your "friends"), this is from the troublesome user, Jak. We have a thread about past issues with this guy and he continues to harass certain members of our tinychat group, Icepets Staff, and Icepets users.

    We also highly believe that Tessybear/Lovehoney101/Bunnysrawr is also Jak. However, we have only ever banned this user for harassment and blatant disregard for our rules. After she was banned, she goes on another site to harass me and other members who are from Icepets.

    We have been overly stressed with the drama and behavior that has been presented by Jak and his "friends". They invite themselves into the TC, and when they are disruptive, they are banned from TC. Then they go onsite and continue to be disruptive on Icepets - which is why they are banned and continue to be banned.

    The whole situation is absurd. Jakkumon and his "friends" simply need to leave us alone. I'm personally tired of having to be on my feet because this drama is a weekly thing for us. It needs to desist.
    #4 Joy, Mar 18, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2012

  5. Sorry I kept your name in the quote of the first post, forgot to remove it.
    There was a TC before that one, you said on the new thread you made for the new tinychat it was taken off-site cause non members were getting access to it.
    If there has been no problems with the TC then why am I hearing about it? I see now that it has been removed from the site, but I still want to know how everyone feels about it.
    And no, I believe the 2 friends of mine and 2 other acquaintances are not Jak, this has really nothing to do with him.
    And sorry, no one has any bad intentions with this, except maybe Jak. (but i havent talked to him in a while and i do understand the situation with him, not sure why you'd bring him up)
    I saw a user posting on a thread about getting in trouble for using language on the tiny chat, when the same language can be used on IcePets.
    #5 Better, Mar 18, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. Here's the thread I mentioned earlier.

    I referred to all TC groups.

    Clearly because of mindless drama. Think about it, Better. We are more than happy to give you harassing emails, messages... heck, even Speedie has had some phone calls from Jak which are also considered as harassment. @Bexxy herself has considered (and may even be trying still) to build a case against Jak because of his relentless harassment and attacks.

    How do you know that they are 2 different people, and not Jak? He has gone as far as to admitting to be certain "people" on a few occasions.

    He and his "friends" are the only people we have to deal with right now. No one else. That alone should give you the hint that maybe this guy and his "friends" are the real problem. If they would leave us alone, we wouldn't even have any problems in the first place.

    We are trying to do our best to keep our distance. Such as going as far as to have a private tinychat group to get away from him and his friends and their drama.
  7. It's not just mindless drama, believe it or not some of it has got to be real.
    Nothing makes a users say 'let me just make this up'/
    Something normally provokes it.

    Although it may or may not be Jak or a friend of his, I don't see why you need to bring that up about him here. The harassing phone calls and Bexxy thing has really nothing to do with the TC.
    Post it on the thread you linked me to?

    I don't think any of the 4 are Jak, but it doesn't mean they haven't had a relationship of some kind with him.
    I'd rather trust than have trust issues.
    #7 Better, Mar 19, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. Jak still roams into the TC? He was the drama I was referring to, he was going at it even in October - January when I was playing.

    When it came to him, you couldn't say the slightest thing without him taking it the wrong way and then blowing it out of proportion.
  9. I remember chatting with him often, I never understood why everyone disliked him, until I started hearing some things he had done and said.
    He never acted that way towards me, so I decided to treat him with the same respect he treated me. Although, I slowly started to move away from him. xD
    I dunno if he really is still around. Wouldn't surprise me if he is though.
  10. @BetterBetter
    It doesn't matter if it's mindless drama or not; it is still drama, and we have had to put up with it for far too long.

    The only reason why Jak was brought up is because he and his "friends" are the only problem we have to deal with on Icepets. They strongly relate to what was brought up in the OP, which is also why he was brought up.

    After moving to a private TC, we haven't had any issues at all. No Jak = No drama.

    Clearly you believe this statement, but I assure you... people with mental illnesses, such as Jak (he has admitted to having them on multiple occasions), tend to make things up because that's what they believe is going on. Jak, nor his friends, have ever done anything logical or reasonable since I came on board with the Icepets Staff Team. Jak has an agenda... he has made things up, and he has admitted to doing them. Even when it comes to identities.​
    #10 Joy, Mar 19, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  11. I find sites that do this quite sickening and off putting. It's people maliacious nature but I am saddened by the staffs partaking in this. If I had staff that was being accused of something then I wouldn't even touch them with the staff barge pole! It's bound to find trouble. But the idea of Jak and it makes me get the geebies! He is one scary bloke if you ask me.

    Can Icepets not ban IP's and I would think its better for the chat to be attached to the site or arguments and harrassment may run over into the site and impersonating is often. Otherwise bad reputations are going to spring up...
  12. The users you are referring are Jak under different identities.
    I can assure you all the accounts were well looked into before banned. We're very aware of how Jak talks and acts now.
    We're taking huge measures to get him off the site once a for all. He was banned in November and still won't leave it alone.
    It's not only for our sake; but his too. It's seriously not healthy.. ><

    We have blocked his IP, but it doesn't stop him.
    It's pretty easy to reset a router.. :/

    The off-site chat has nothing to do with IcePets.
    The one user causing the harassment is Jak.

    Check the Jak Maggai thread for reference. : P
  13. Note: I skimmed this thread so a few things I say might've been mentioned already.

    People shouldn't get in trouble on-site for crap they say on off-site chat rooms (off-site in general) unless it's something involving hacking the site or whatever shit.

    I've seen a site owner say screen shots aren't good evidence because they can be edited but one person got in trouble with them because of a screenshot taken from a Xat chat.

    I like private chats more because not everyone can just join. They keep out unwanted people. However, this sometimes ends up with crazyass rumors started by people who don't have access to the chat(conspiracy theories wtf lol). With that being said, people misinterpret the chats thinking it's only limited to friends so they don't bother even messaging anyone if they can join.

    Public chats ends up as a whole shitfest more often than not. There's always off-site drama caused because the site's rules don't govern over it. It can start petty, unwanted drama and be brought on-site by a small handful of people.
  14. I'm not a part of icepets, but I witness some of the stuff Jak did myself even to the point of getting harassing emails. Its hard to get the ISP for Jak because he keeps using a phishing site to hide his ip and whatnot. When researching into all his ips he was even on here with it was jumping around all over the UK.

    And Vel I know what you are talking about and that was wrong. Though I think that warning was retracted after more proof from what I remember. That whole drama was idiotic and more.
  15. @Better

    I did not read this whole topic and frankly I do not think I need to. Off-Site chats are not places of official site business and thus they should not take action upon situations that derive from an outside source (in this case a situation that was presented outside of I was given moderator powers by Joy to ensure that a disruptive environment was not formed on a certain chat group. When a user comes in and forms a disruptive environment it is my job to instill my judgement. I banned the person because they were creating one. They were not happy with my choice and they brought the problems to IcePets. On Icepets I am not a mod or staff, to be quite honest I am barely a frequent player. In this particular situation you that are pointing out the person had sent me various PMs harassing me about the situation saying I was abusing my powers as staff and that I should be banned from IcePets.

    While I understand where you are coming from, a website can tell it's users not to form chat groups but it does not mean users will listen, In which case they cannot really do anything about it. The same goes for Help Sites. While I understand your worries, if users do not click with the members of a certain chat group it is best advised to ether start their own group or stay on-site where official IP staff can better moderate a situation.

    (sorry if anyone already said this I did not read past the first post)


    I'm famous too!
    #16 WikiJason, Mar 20, 2012
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2012
  16. That's really all you can really do. You can't just keep mentioning the user and talking about him because its obvious that's what he wants. Just send off an email to his ISP - which you can usually get when you look up his IP, and tell them everything that has been going on with said user.

    And on the note of "off-site chat rooms", I don't recommend using them. I'd only recommend chatting on-site with the messaging and forums features. Because the staff can't really moderate the off-site chat rooms, so there could be a chance of users bullying one another, and such, making it not so comfortable for other users(off site chat room).
  17. It was reassuring to hear what everyone thinks, especially some members of IcePets and staff.
  18. Yup, when in doubt, just ask. I remember when users used to cheat on flash games at Zetapets, we would just send an email off to their ISP and they took care of the rest. ISP's won't act upon anything unless they receive an email in their abuse department.

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