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Once a liar always a liar

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cpvr, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. I've heard this saying too many times - especially from my female friends, and they claim if someone was a liar before, they'll always be a liar. So, thus, do you think this is true? Can liars change their ways just like anyone else, or do you think its a habit for some people to lie?
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  2. That's like saying 'every man is the same'. It's silly.

    I'll be honest though, I do go by "Once a jerk, always a jerk" because of real life experience. >_< I gave that person so many chances, it sickens me!
  3. I don't.

    I think that lying can be 'cured' if the liar one thinks of its ways and decides to stop. It's pretty much the same to me as cheating, stealing etc. Sure, it's HARD to 'cure it', but it's possible. :p
  4. I dont think thats true at all. Well I mean people lie everyone lies in their lifetime but I do not think a person who lies all the time will necessarily always lie all the time... I mean they have a lot of years to change.

    I have lied before and I am sure I will lie again but I dont consider myself a liar. In fact I have a tattoo that says truth and I am very proud of the fact that I almost never lie :)

    I have always headd the term once a cheater always a cheater and that is something I 100% believe.
  5. I don't agree with this because I was a cheater before, I cheated on my ex three times. I've learned my lesson, and I've yet to cheat on my girlfriend as of now because I know how much pain it is, and it makes you an emotional wreck - especially because it eats away in your mind, which is why, I don't cheat anymore.
  6. I dont agree, I think people can change. There are some liars that dont ever change but because they dont want to, while there are others that can easily change.. My mother for example is a liar and has always been the same way while my boyfriend used to lie about silly things and now just stopped lying.

    As for the once a cheater always a cheater, I dont believe that either.
    I cheated on my boyfriend 3 years ago and would never cheat on him or anyone again, the pain is just too great, first for hiding the fact and then for just seeing the other person fall apart because of what you did, it just really taught me my lesson, I was 15 at the time and learned it quite clearly.
  7. @LoveLove That's the one I've heard as well, and I stand by that one.

    Depends what sort of lies we're talking about cause there's major lies but then there's little white lies as well.

    I used to lie about my age but that was more of a little white lie really, that and I got so sick of people telling me there was no way I was the age I made out. So I just went along with them mostly. I was saying my age was 12 right up until about the age of 17, because in stores staff kept saying I was 12 so I was like pffft fine I'm 12 then.

    My best mate Dax lies, sometimes it is plain obvious (like when he claimed to find a king cobra in a school field) but other times you have to be someone like me to figure it out.
    #7 SpunkiSpirou, Jun 22, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. Did you tell him that you cheated or did you keep it to yourself? I know my ex heard about it from someone that I was close with, I denied it, then a few months later, I slipped up and told her the truth. Which, to this day I think it was stupid to do so - but its always best to be honest.
    "Forgive and forget, aye?"
  9. I did not, we had only been going out for a little bit at the time and I didnt want to mess things up right away.. He found out about 8 months later and it was just awful, he got really upset and cried and my heart just broke, definately learnt my lesson! He got over it eventually, thankfully, Its been over 2 years now and things are going strong :)
  10. Dang, who ended up telling him anyways? One of your friends? And that's so good that he forgave you. Congratulations on making the relationship work again!
  11. No, my computer ratted me out.. He was doing something to my hard drive and inside there was a conversation of me and a friend talking about the incident xD

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