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Ovipets - A Facebook Breeding Game review

Discussion in 'Pet Games and Sims review' started by Kesstryl, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. When I first started Ovipets, it was exactly what I was looking for, a complex breeding game using Mendelian genetics. This means that traits can be recessive, and while some parental traits might not show up in direct offspring, they are carried and can show up in "grandchildren".
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    Ovipets is a Facebook game, and if you are a daily Facebook user like myself, this can be convenient. When creating an account, you open up a tutorial which helps you get started. The tutorial can be left by clicking the upper right X, and it can be re-opened at any time as needed. The interface uses tabs which can be labeled to organize your pets. You are also given 100 credits which can be used towards research in your lab. More credits can be earned by turning your neighbor's eggs, or by purchasing Facebook credits.

    My first 100 credits took me pretty far. I focused on researching dragons, and I was able to get to Level 4 without researching specific genes. As Level 5 is reserved for those who only purchased through Facebook credits, the few credits I had leftover went into specific traits that I wanted, such as wings. Earning credits through turning eggs requires patience and a lot of clicking (something I have to pace myself with as I have carpal tunnel) as finding them is sporadic. I haven't done specific tests, but I estimate that the ratio of finding a credit is 1 out of 15 to 20 clicks. There are some days where I feel like I'll turn over 50 or more before finding anything, and then there are times when I'll find 3 in under 10 clicks. I can usually find enough to splice the genes in about 1 egg a day, and as dragons are the more expensive creatures to mutate, that's not bad.

    I will probably buy a $5 Facebook credit card to fund some extra research and splice some eggs all at once. $5 will get you 200 Ovipets credits. Since my first 100 credits went pretty far, I feel like this is a fair price. Buying credits for only one time will also give you access to research Level 5 and research traits specific to that level.
    Breeding is very robust with five color options to keep in mind as you try to pair up for the perfect offspring. Dominant and recessive genes must also be kept in mind, especially since two parents with the same recessive trait can produce offspring with that trait as dominant. Any trait can show up whether you have researched it or not. Research only gives you the ability to splice the genes in an egg, it does not dictate breeding outcomes. Simply owning a pet with certain traits make those traits breedable, so trading with neighbors, or grabbing pets off the adoption center is going to be a primary activity.
    Credits can also be used to generate a new pet with specific colors. I generated a white dragon with yellow markings. The color scale is easy to customize to get exactly what you want. This is useful if you want to breed for a specific color.

    Here is an example of genetic engineering trees [​IMG]

    The artwork is crisp and cartoony with flat colors. The style is slightly cutsey, but not chibi or anime. It is definitely unique and pleasant. I prefer the wolves and dragons, and have shied away from some of the other animal types, partly to not over-extend myself, and partly because I don't prefer the look. I feel there is something endearing for almost every taste, and it will not be difficult to find a niche pet type that one prefers.
    As it stands, Ovipets has no extra games or content outside of the breeding and egg hatching. Robust as the breeding system is, I don't feel it needs more content other than offering more traits to research. I have lost hours to this, searching through my pets to combine the right pairs, or lurking the adoption center to snatch pets with new traits or richer colors. If breeding is one of the things you enjoy in any pet game, I would recommend trying Ovipets. If you do, don't hestitate to friend me in-game
    Oh yeah, you can friend other players in-game without friending them on Facebook, truly wonderful if you don't want to spam your account with people you don't know. Friends who do play are automatically neighbors in-game.
    #1 Kesstryl, Mar 26, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2012
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. Nice review. Do you have any screenies? : )
  3. I just added in a genetic engineering tree for the rangifer species in my original post. Since I don't have most of this researched, I am going to do an experiment in the next few days to try to produce a unicorn horn by breeding animals with the horn in the genetic background. The project is under the Unicorn Project tab and I'm welcoming anyone to view my progress on my account
  4. Hrmm, This looks like it might just be fun :)
    I shall try it out.
  5. It looks kind of confusing. @KesstrylKesstryl, how was the learning curve?
    #5 Drea, Apr 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. I tried to play, but its a bit... confusing >.>
  7. It may take a little getting used to, and it helps to know what Mendelian Genetics are (high school biology), but it's also very addicting and rewarding once you do get used to it. Here's a pic depicting their version of Mendelian Genetics

    In the above the father carries two D genes for the double tail. The mom carries one D and one regular gene marked as a + which gives her a normal looking tail, but she is what is called a "carrier" for a double tail because one of her genes is for a double tail. The single tail is a dominant trait (it will show more than the other if present) and the double tail is a recessive trait (it will not show if it is combined with another gene). Dad has two double tail genes so the double tail shows up in him. Mom only has one double tail gene so the single tail shows in her. Because she does carry a double tail gene, she can have the ability to have children that also show the double tail if the dad has the double tail gene.
    Using the 4 square grid and making each row show one gene, you can see how their genes will split among four of their children. In four children, two of them will possibly have the double tail, and two will have a normal tail. You don't know which you will get until the egg hatches, but because of the grid, you know you have a 50/50% chance to get a child with a double tail.

    Here's a link to a simple real world biology primer on genetics using guinea pigs

    Hope this helps

    BTW if you guys would like a little help starting, send me a trade request to any 4 pets in my trade tab without sending me anything on your end (free for you) and you can have them. Try to pick a male and female unrelated so you can breed them, or take any four and look for mates from the adoption center.
    #7 Kesstryl, Apr 3, 2012
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2012
  8. See that would be my main reason for joining, I love Mendelian genetics, but they seem like a simplified version. : (
  9. The art reminds me of DragonAdopters, maybe its the same person. xD

    I'm going to give it a try. I like breeding. Another breeding FB game, Happy Pets was my favorite for a long time but I can't play it anymore. It lags too bad on my computer and literally EVERYTHING nice is RL money :c
  10. I'm pretty sure it is the same person or company or whatever... and I think this one does require some RL money once you get going... or it makes it much faster, from what I've heard.
  11. Speeding up things with RL money is something I can resist. But with Happy Pets, they'd come out with new species all the time (it went from Cats and Dogs to giant chinese dragons and kangaroos, kind of overdoing it) and then everything would be like $5+ per new pet.
  12. That sucks. D: I hate it when a game is based on its cash shop. : (
  13. I hate sites that only offer good things for IRL money.
  14. trying to reply to more than one post here @Drea , you are not required to buy credits, you can earn them in-game with a weekly log in bonus and by clicking other people's eggs. A one time purchase will unlock level 5 mutation though, but now that I've been playing awhile I'm finding I'm using credits more for splicing and generating new colors than researching as you can get breed mutations without researching them, you only have to own pets with them, including level 5. Also the Mendelian Genetics do get more complicated, I'm finding that occasionally I'm getting a mutation not present in the geneology, (got dragon wings on a wolf with only regular wings in genetics). Also I posted a simplified genetics char to make it easier for others who might not understand it, I didn't account for 1/4 carriers, the percent something is dominant or recessive, color theory, etc.

    @HappyHappy Pets posts - don't get me started on Crowdstar, I played that game since its beginning, and over time came to loathe how money grubbing they became as they grew in popularity. Also the requirement to log in and do things in order to unlock or keep features, and features that require adding new players (those who never previously played the game ever). I loved that game and really enjoyed the breeding features (much more simple than Ovipets though) but after letting all my houses lapse for over a week and needing to unlock them all over again, I never went back. No one wants to log into a game to re-unlock features.
    #14 Kesstryl, Apr 4, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  15. Ah I see, so it helps but isn't needed. Thanks for the clarification, it sounded like it was pretty needed once you got far into the game.
  16. Example of mutation that went further than intended. I was trying to make a unicorn horn (level 2), the mutation went further and produced antelope horns which are a level 3 mutation. I would have been happy with the unicorn horn *sigh* but this is only the second time out of at least over a hundred breedings that this has happened, so it's rare.

  17. I tried it out for a bit, But Im too confused by it :/

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