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Paladore Review: Fallen Angel

Discussion in 'Pet Games and Sims review' started by FallenAngel, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Paladore

    Let's just start off with the walk-in. Everything seems to look very sleek and nice. The layout isn't too bad, but the background is a bit bothersome. The good news? You can change that once you have an account under the options. The nice application bar at the bottom is also notable. It houses the search and shout box so it does not clutter up the main part of the layout. Other apps can be added at future times. The colors are nice, and not hard on the eyes, and it also changes depending if it is night time or day time.

    The only thing I do not like about the layout is it is not newbie friendly. When I had first joined up, I had a very hard time navigating the site and learning where everything was. I couldn't find where to do my HA(paladin), where the bank was, what the difference between the round circles were, and I even didn't notice the icons at the top of the RPG were buttons (looks like decor).

    The site lingo is also confusing at first, as I was confusing Pali/paladin/paladore/palia/looking glass/palapees and so on. No idea what those were at first and I felt very lost.

    Layout/Navigation: 6/10

    Once you get that down, however, there is a lot to look at.

    RPG - This is where you can walk around the maps, follow the plot of a story, quest, train, and even join in a party with other people. It offers online interaction and the ability to battle with up to three of your pets at a time. Not only that, you can get other, wild pets to join you and you can loot items (such as soul stones which boost stats or flutes to evolve). Make sure to dress yourself while walking about. =)

    Adventure - I thought this was very neat. There are several floating islands you go to, which take energy to do their tasks. The tasks are the flash games that are on the site, and you have to get specific scores in a specific amount of time to beat them. Once you win, you get to pick a chest, and the chest can contains items or rubies(on site currency). They can even contain Pali(pets) which you can then attempt to capture by using what energy you have left. When you find a map for another island, then you can proceed to another. Different islands hold different Pali(pets).

    Battling - In RPG mode, you battle other wild pets. It is similar to Final Fantasy where you have to wait for your green bar to fill up before you can attack again. Your team can have up to three pets battling at a time. You can equip different attacks to your pali that have different power levels. It also depends on what type of element they are (similar to pokemon in this aspect). Using soulstones on your pali, they can also have a stat boost. What is also nice is that when your pali level up, they gain stat points that you can distribute the way you wish.

    Flash games - They have a decent amount of flash games on the site, though they all seem to be very similar in my opinion. There is also the matter of not being able to mute some of them, but I am sure that will be fixed in the future. What is interesting is that you can actually increase your gaming level. The more you play the higher your level is. This gives people another reason to play the flash games, on top of the adventure mode, ability to earn rubies, and the chance to hit a high score.

    User Titles - While playing Paladore, there are many ways to collect "user titles". These are kind of like achievements on xbox. You have to do various tasks to earn them. Some of the tasks are beating specific amounts of pali in the rpg, posting so many times, or even losing your first battle. It isn't just in the RPG, so there are many ways people can go about earning them.

    Palapees - Little pets that you can also battle with. You can have up to four. Personally, I don't use them, as they don't look as appealing to me as the pets themselves, but they do add something more to do. They also have quests and are obtained either in the gardens or in the palapee pound.

    Jobs - On site, these are known as professions. You can earn job points by doing jobs. These points are then used to get better attacks in the rpg. The jobs are mining, alchemy, and fishing. Mining is when you go into the cave and click on a rock ever 30 seconds and hope you dig something up. Fishing, you click on a fish, pick your fishing rod type, and hope something is there. Keep trying combinations until you snag something. Alchemy is when you collect specific items, put them together, and then you get a new item. All jobs get you points and can be done once an hour.

    Pets - Obviously the main point of any pet site, the pets themselves. They do not have colors, but you can evolve them. Basically, you have a list of all the Pali on the site, and you can go about collecting them if you wish. Some can evolve up to two times, others cannot evolve at all. To evolve them, you need a flute and then you need to wait for the moon to become full. Just better make sure you have the right type of flute. Pets are collected through battling, trading, adventuring, and evolving. I also like the style the art is done in and many of the pets are eye catching. There are many to pick from so they can appeal to many different types of people.

    Souls - You can also collect souls from the Pali. When you get a soul stone, you can take their soul and it is added to your looking glass.

    Quests - The site also has its basic collecting items quests. Never personally done them, but I am sure they are similar to what other sites have. Some people are fan of them.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    Humans Avatars - Called Paladins. They are just for looks, but some people (like me) enjoy dressing them up to look cool. Clothes can be kept and such and your HA is also displayed in the RPG as you walk around throughout the world.

    Restocking - Paladore has something interesting that has caught my eye. Not only do they only have one shop, you can get restock points, which then let you get special abilities that work to your advantage when you are attempting to restock (such as hiding the last time the shop restocked). There is also a time when the shops on the main shop page are lifted, and people can go in and claim those spots for their own shop. Better be quick!

    Those are just some of the many things you can do on paladore, and I just picked the ones that stood out the most.

    Content: 10/10

    The community itself seems to be very nice. The forums always have something worth posting on and it is easy to locate topics. The staff take part and even listen to what is being said. When there is a huge issue on the site, they will go in and make a forum topic asking what we think should be done, and the winning vote gets to be implemented. I have heard some issues about staff, but from my personal experience, it has been nothing but good. I have even spoken to Tom and Joy about an issue with getting onto the site, which I still don't know the problem, but they were kind enough to sit aside with me and talk to me about trying to solve the issue. The forums seem clean and neat and any time there is an issue with another person, they are quick to it.

    Community/staff: 9/10

    Conclusion - Overall, Paladore is my top pick of pet sites currently. They had me playing for two to three months, which is a new record considering I don't ever actually play play pet sites. The only reason I have stopped playing is that I have seen a trend in the whole site, and that is it is luck based. The chances of getting a pali, finding a flute, getting a soul, getting a soul stone, getting a full moon, fishing, mining, finding event items, and so on. I wouldn't let that stop you. Their updates are consistent, they are always looking to improve the site, and there are always events going on. Even if something above didn't catch your eye, I am sure you could find something else to do on the site.

    Overall: 83% B
    My Personal Rating: 94% A
    #1 FallenAngel, Dec 31, 2011
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2012
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. This is very appreciated, FallenAngel. <3
    Thank you!​
  3. Super great review, thanks for going through the site point by point. I feel that a good review should be a preview for players that havn't joined yet, and you provided all the needed info, awesome!
  4. A note: You don't do "jobs" you do "professions"

    I noticed no comment on the artwork (except on the pets)? What do you think of the artwork from the team?
  5. Great review, and thanks for going so in-depth with it. @FallenAngelFallenAngel
    #5 cpvr, Jan 1, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. All of the art work is very nice.
    The only part of the art I do not like is the palapees, possibly because it just seems so different from the pets?
    But everything seems to flow, the art has its own feel to it.
    Items are super cute and so are the HAs, which I tend to horde the items as I said above.

    It isn't super art, EX realistic or tons of shading, but for a pet site, I enjoy that type of style personally.
    I have even seen some creative items on the site as well.

    Edit: Thanks for saying about the professions. Fixed it.

    Double post.
    Who is the good sir or ma'am who touched my review?

    One does not simply edit my post without asking permission.
    I got fired once for doing such.

    Edit: Thank you for telling me after the fact, CPVR <3

    Edit 2: Much better =)
  7. Nice review, I would love to see an updated version xD
  8. It probably wouldn't be very good considering the sites current condition.​
  9. Thanks for the review
  10. Ya, but still other people aren't aware of what's going on, and this review was written when the site first came out, so there's a lot of points that weren't made, and such, but the review is still great.

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