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Payment - Hourly or set rates?

Discussion in 'Art/Writing General' started by Elz, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. I think this is a topic that should probabaly be discussed, at least a little. Perhaps a lot of people are unaware of the idea, since it feels like the norm to have set rates here.
    I dont mind if you're for, or against, but its definately important. Most jobs, around the world, charge hourly, so maybe its about time we started with petsite work too. Hm.

    Artists - Do you charge hourly? If so, care to explain the process? :) Do you have set rates on items, hourly rates on backgrounds? I personally keep to set rates on items as I know how long they take me, but with environments I'm still quite unsure but I know they're over the $100 mark as the ones I'm currewntly working on take me days of work. D:

    Buyers - What are your thoughts? Do you think charging hourly is a pain? I see myself getting irked charging this way, as I don't like to change my price half way through - Its never the fault of the buyer so I dont feel I should put additional money on top. :(
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  2. I think set prices are more beneficial when it comes to small projects like pets and items because they shouldn't take as long, in theory. Also, there's no real way to track HOW much of that time is actually spent on art. When you have a set price for your artists, they know exactly what kind of time and effort needs to be put into it and there's no threat of 'i might add a little more to make a few more dollars'
  3. As a buyer, I like set rates. Hourly is too upfront for me. The thing I dislike the most about it is the fact you aren't actually watching the artist work on the piece for the duration. It's easy to manipulate. I hope that makes sense. xD
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  4. Yeh, I also find it better with set rates for smaller things. I think I have a semi-set rate on environments, too; I dont like the idea of it being uncertain - I give an estimate of time, a price, and ask for half upfront. If say, I'm ill, I wont add that time. I wouldnt add time for any reason really, as it would probabaly be on my side and they couldnt have known. Its a little unfair to the buyer, imo.

    @GabbyGabby That makes sense too :) I do livestreams when I can, too, mainly for bigger pieces. That way they can see I'm working on it. But, like I said, I dont give myself flexible hours - If I ask for $150 I try to limit myself to 15 hours, usually goes over but I know my target then.
    #4 Elz, Jul 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  5. I like set prices but I wouldn't mind paying hourly if that's what an artist wanted. How many people make art for pet sites as a real job?
  6. There are screen capturing programs made specifically for over-seas and commission jobs like art.
    There are indeed ways of knowing how your hiree is spending their time :)
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  7. @LewisLewis
    Right now its my only income; I'm a uni student and theres a real lack of artistic jobs in my area. I dont mind, though. I've been branching out into environments which has really helped me improve, and the pay seems pretty decent to me.

    I hardly got a thing for a long time, but somehow I persevered and got higher paying jobs which makes it worth it.
    @BexxyBexxy Haha, its good that artists are able to do so :p Do you use them sometimes? Or do you just use flat rates?
    #7 Elz, Jul 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. I use flat rates for item images. I know my process, I know how long they take based on size and detail.
    I set my rates on what I think is fair for the amount of work I'm doing.
    Sometimes I go over, but it's pretty rare and usually when I go over it's because I'm enjoying the commission / working with the commissioner anyways.

    As for things that I haven't yet gotten a time down for, I avoid them until I better understand my speed.
    I once got tricked into spending 19 hours on a map and got paid $20 for it. I made less than a dollar an hour.
    I know some people don't consider this a JOB, but I do. And that's ridiculous and unacceptable. I'll never let someone do that to me again.
  9. @MutationificationMutationification
    Ouch, thats pretty bad. D:
    I'm pretty new to environments too, I used to charge $10-$15 but found they took a few hours still, not as bas a scenario as you but a lot of it is getting used to a new image I think - You should probabaly set yourself a minimum of $80 and work up from there. Thats what I did. :)
    #9 Elz, Jul 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  10. @MutationificationMutationification @ElzElz

    As both a buyer and an artist, I don't see how drawing is not a "real" job. It makes me sad. :(

    Just because you work from home at the comfort of your own desk doesn't make it less real than a job where you work at a desk in a cubicle.

    As a buyer, I don't mind paying 5-10 for items, and 15-20 for minion based items. I also charge at that rate as an artist.

    For something more complex, like maps, I determine how many hours it will take me to do said image, and quote the buyer based on those hours. It's up to them if they wish to pay that or not, but at least they're informed.
    #10 Quetzal, Jul 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
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  11. All of the Ikkumon artists work on set rates, except the programmer(s).
  12. @QuetzalQuetzal - Haha, I guess I dont class it as -quite- a real job, as I'd need to declare myself as a freelancer and things before hand. I also need to dedicate set hours of my day for work, monday - friday; which I dont do yet. By no means would I call it a little hobby haha; I do too much work for that @_@

    Your prices are good too, its nice that you charge and buy at the same rate ^^
    #12 Elz, Jul 2, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. I think the artists should make at LEAST minimum wage. :p
  14. [SUB]For petsite art and graphics in general, I offer set rates. I'm at that point now where I know how long it will take me to complete something.

    When it comes to more professional design work however, I charge hourly. There are times when I will charge set rates for design (i.e. pet site layouts/logo) because I know that pet sites have a budget that they have to adhere to and they can't always afford hourly rates.

    In any case, I always email my clients about the costs throughout the process so they are aware of where the project stands at that point (also to make sure that they can afford it).[/SUB]
  15. Works well if you have the time. What if you have several artists working for you - all hourly rates?

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