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PC gaming or console gaming

Discussion in 'Talk Gaming' started by cpvr, May 8, 2012.

  1. Which do you prefer, and why? Do you prefer gaming on the PC, or do you prefer gaming on a console? And if you prefer gaming on a console, what's your console of choice?
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  2. Xbox 360. I like the controller, the range of games and borderlands is on it <3 However Diablo 3 (PC) is coming out soon so may change then Borderlands 2 will come out around September so will change back! I wish Diablo was on Xbox :(
  3. I enjoy PC gaming the most of the two o: I just like being on my computer more xD My consoles are also in the basement and I hate basements XD;
  4. I like both. Computers seem to have more power to handle some better games, but at the end of the day I don't know what life would have been like without Nintendo.
    I'll never be caught with an Xbox though. Nothing is appealing to me about first person shooters or games that solely rely on multiplayer aspects.

    My favorite console has been Gamecube, since I was a little too young for SNES and N64. The range from very casual like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing to classics like Sonic and LoZ is to die for.
    And if I wanted a little more hardcore gaming, I had backup in the form of my PS2. I'm desperately awaiting Wii U and hoping Nintendo will make a comeback for real gamers who don't want party games or shooters x.x
  5. I prefer console (Playstation for me), but I understand the strong benefits of PC gaming. The hardware for consoles becomes outdated quickly, while PC rigs can replace that same hardware regularly. Once a new console comes out, it's typically great for its time and handles new material excellently, but it goes with out saying my 5 year old PS3 does not have the same capabilities as my fiance's 1 year old gaming rig.
  6. PC gaming. I've come to love playing MMORPGs but I would probably never have done so if I haven't enjoyed playing RPGs in my old PS1... So yeah... :p I do miss playing the classics though (Bomberman, Street Fighter, Contra, etc... Ah younger days LOL)
  7. Definitely PC gaming. My g/f and I don't even own a Console. I've been playing PC games for more than 20 years, and I'm still hooked. :D I do a lot more than just game which is why I prefer PC. But we thought about getting a PS3 this Christmas. We'll see!
  8. I have all 3 ps3,xbox and pc but i mainly game on the xbox 360.
  9. We have a mac and pc along with xbox360 with kinect, ps3 with move, and wii.

    I prefer the mac mostly because I like to get everything in one place like music, movies, games, and all the typing photos etc can be done with my mac. Also, playing on a computer gives you a lot more keys and functions which I think makes a game more interesting ie WOW and why it isnt on a xbox or something.

    Husband likes both but I think he prefers his ps3 to anything and i think its because he loves shooting people and there is a lot od shooting people games lol.

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. For me, it depends what kind of game I'm playing. xDDD
    If it's a first-person shooter, I would love to be on my PC as I can aim faster.
    If it's relatively EVERYTHING else, I prefer my consoles. (PS2, PS3, Xbox, Wii, PSP, NDS, Gameboy)
  11. I've been primarily a PC gamer since 03 now, and will always continue to do so. I find it easy to just buy my games on there through networks like steam and just hooking up a gamepad/controller if I really don't want to use a mouse + keyboard.

    It also isn't THAT costly to upgrade a PC. Yes the initial price for a gaming PC can be mind blowing, but the upgrades can equal out to the cost of a console. Overall I'll just always just the game selection a lot more, and of course, MMORPG's!
  12. I agree. FPS games seem a lot easier on the PC....
  13. Does anyone here know of any games[video] that they wish would be converted to the PC? If so, why?
  14. Not for me , I'm not to found of the fact i have to use a keyboard and mouse lol I'm better with a controller .
  15. hehehe I'm better with a mouse/keyboard. lol
  16. oh PC of course i used it since i was 7 so no console can compare with a pc for me at least :D
  17. hehehe Cool. I've been PC gaming since the late 80s. :)
  18. See, my boyfriend loves PC Gaming. Personally, I prefer console gaming although I will play a few PC Games. I'm not the hardcore person who runs around screaming only console fuuuuu. Either works for me. I just love my xbox.
  19. Nice. My girl and I thought about getting a PS3 one of these days, but I love PC gaming! :)
  20. Did he ever play Gunbound? I used to play that back in the day, or how about Maple story?

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