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Petsite Rules

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Rj, Jun 14, 2012.


Do you read petsite rules?

  1. I Read The Rules

  2. I read The Rules Sometimes

  3. I Do Not Read The Rules.

  1. As you know, Every pet site you visit, has a set of 'rules'.
    I was just wondering, How many of the VPL users have read the above fully?
    Please comment and vote in the poll.

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    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. @LionLion All the rules on pet sites all seem to be the same, just worded differently. Some have strict rules in regards to "talking about other pet sites", where others allow their users to have more freedom.
    #2 cpvr, Jun 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  3. @cpvrcpvr. I know they're pretty much the same, but sometimes people read the rules every time to make sure they don't do anything wrong.
    I don't like to receive warnings, Which is from now on, I will be reading them every time.
    #3 Rj, Jun 14, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. I always read the rules. I don't go on many pet sites though.
  5. I read all the rules in every pet site as much as I can, like how I'd try to find the rules sticky for every forum I join. The last thing I want to do is get myself in trouble for a silly rule I didn't know about.

    Would you believe that YayDigis had a rule where you're only allowed to role-play as the pets you own? People there would showcase their pets, saying they're up for role-play. Sometimes they'll pretend they're human. What if I had a pet named Anna but I wanted to roleplay as a guy named David? Nope! YayDigis says no to that!

    A totally ridiculous rule, but I should have read about it before.
  6. I read the rules every time. I need to know what I can talk about and how mature I'm allowed to be, or if it's a "kiddie" site (Neopets and Paladore fit this) where everything needs to be safe for the children.
  7. I absolutely always read the rules. I do not frequently re-read though as most suggest. I think it's unfair to tell a user it is their responsibility to basically read the rules every hour of the day because they shouldn't have to tell you they were updated. Just my opinion though.
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  8. as of right now... the rules on my site say "by joining you agree not to be LAME." lol I will eventually probably put up a rules thing... ugh.
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  9. And what if I'm a lame and I want to join?:mad::mad:
  10. lmaooo we dont take kindly to your TYPE in here. lmao totally just kidding BTW.
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  11. Omg, I love that thing!! LOL
    We shouldn't change it.. we should turn it into a link that if you click, it brings up our ToS.
    Ohohoh! I could always write up our ToS/rules?

    OH WOW, I'm off topic.

    Sorry! XD

    Yea, I always try to read the rules, but sometimes I know I won't be doing anything else except stalking, so I don't.
    but if I dig it immediately, the rules are the first thing I read.
  12. Nope, we're not kidding. We really don't want @cpvr ;) He's not welcome because he's now acting like a WWF wrestler >: D
  13. I read the rules to see if selling art is allowed, that's pretty much it xD
  14. Hahaha. I'm welcome anywhere ^.^ I read the rules, the terms, and everything else to make sure I can crack jokes if I can or something. XD;)
    But then again, there's only a few pet sites that I check out - on their forums and such.
  15. Of course you're welcome anywhere. Without you the party never starts. :p

    Nope, no rules for cpvr. You do it anyway. ;)
  16. @Lion
    It'd probably be a good idea to read our rules, lol.
    Mainly if you're an active poster and active in the community. Every petsite's regulations are relatively the same, and become flexible around a point, depending at what age group they are aimed at. For example, on Subeta, you can say what orientation your pet or 'character' is on their lookup, but if you even try to say, or even imply, that your pet is 'homosexual' then you'll be warned in an instance.
    This is not to say, however, that Neopets is anything like Subeta.
  17. I always read the rules no matter what. I read them before I join, after I join, when I'm bored, and I sometimes read the privacy policy too.

    I'm serious. I don't know why I like reading rules, but I do.
  18. That's really the best way to do it, so you don't get banned for some rule that you forgot to read.
  19. Usually not til I post in the forums, and even then only if I think what I might be posting would be against the rules. (Ie, talking about a sale, other player, other site... things that many petsites have rules about.) Also the couple times I've tried to make a fansite/helper tool for petsites, I read very carefully to make sure I'm not going against anything in the ToS.
  20. It's not problem for me to read the rules. I actually enjoy doing it, because anything related to pet sites is enjoyable for me haha. You also should read them carefully because you shouldn't risk getting banned :eek:

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