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Petsite Turnoffs

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Amethysttiger, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. What are some features or things you see on petsites that immediately make you click the 'x' button, or not want to sign up?

    For me, it's lack of community. If I don't see an active forums, I won't register. I also look at the art a lot, so if the style isn't consistent or the art looks awkward, I won't consider signing up.
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  2. Another thing is whether or not I like how the management is handled. After I get familiar with the ToS or site rules, then I move on to the News. If something seems off, I'll hit X immediately
  3. The lack of community, the lack of games, and the lack of not having a referral system for those that want to refer. I think the community can always be worked on, same with introducing a referral system. But I think having a referral system before opening is a huge turn on, not having one, is a turn off.

    And not being able to view the news without being logged in is a turn off.
  4. Turn offs? A bad layout is an instant killer for me. I'm all about visual appeal, so if the pets don't look nice, no dice.
    Then activity can possibly be another thing that'll have me refain from joining. Too few people or updates, and it'll look like a deadsite. Too many people, and it'll look like it will be hard to be part of the community. I like it riiight in the middle lol.
    I think so long it looks nice and is a med-small sized community, I'd consider joining. Keeping me as an active member is a whole other thing though XD
  5. I'm really not fond of games, pet or otherwise, where anything is on a timer longer than a day. So if I see a "feature" that says "pets mature in 3 days" or something like that, that's off-putting.
  6. This x 1000. I really dislike "Farmville" like features where you have to come back in a few hours/days/ect in order to get something. I like working for things don't get me wrong, but I would rather have something I can be actively doing for hours rather than doing one thing then coming back in hours.
  7. Different types of games if there are only flash games I don't join since my laptop is terrible with them. If the layout looks half done and a terrible job then I won't join either.
  8. 1. Bad layout, horrible graphics
    2. Dead community or a community where rants fly everywhere
    3. Too many bugs
    4. Having to wait for hours/days before I can play on further. I don't mind having to wait a little for a newborn/to reach adulthood. But if there is nothing else to do, I'm gone. Also when it takes too long, like at Wajas. Having to wait twenty days before my newborn can breed is just way too long.
  9. Not being able to explore the site without being logged in, saying this Aywas won me over. I also don't play if there isn't an active forum and something to always do.
  10. What I look for in a petsite before joining, in this order
    1)Layout. Is it logical? Is it user-friendly?
    2)Art. Quality and personal preference
    3)Site exploration. If I can't explore site without beinng logged in, I usually won't bother. I don't want to log on to a site I know nothing about.

    After joining:
    1) Same things as before
    2) Breeding/Pet specific game mechanics. What is the goal of the game and how to get there. If this is too complex, I probably won't be around very long.
    3) Games / Forums (for me games are not a must, but a plus anyway. If there aren't any games I fancy, I'll hand at the forums.

    I'm way too picky -__-
  11. Yeah, I think I'm pretty picky too. XD I'll just add to my list and say I agree with a lot of these posts; I need to see the site before I sign up, having to wait a certain amount of time to do something, sites that are too fast or too slow (like, if you have to keep going to the pet to feed it every hour, or if it takes forever to level up a pet) and a medium sized community.
  12. My biggest turn off are quests that require socializing with members. Sometimes I am not in the mood to talk to anyone so when this happens I get frustrated and end up cancelling the quest.
    • Dead or awful community. I'm a social butterfly (on the internet anyway). If there are less than 20-50 users online at one point, that won't satisfy me at all.
    • Bad, inconsistent art. The art style is one of my first impressions of a site. If I don't like it, then chances are I won't like anything else enough to sign up.
    • Mobile-unfriendly layout. 80% of the time I'm on a tablet. If I can't access the site on my device, then I most likely won't stick around.

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