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Referring on other sites

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by Jenny Harper, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. So after yet another Aywas member decided they would post on the Neopets Facebook page and start a wonderful conversation I want to know what owner's opinions are on referring people to your site by breaking the rules of other sites, all for publicity.

    Do you turn a blind eye to it or do you actually take action? I know that getting new people to join is always a good thing, but do you want the reputation of your site to be underhanded? Because that is all I see when people post their referral links on sites, when it is not allowed or is the fanpage of a site.

    So what would you do? Do you do anything? What is your opinion?
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  2. You really can't do anything about what your user's do off-site. Imagine if you started banning user's for referring by posting on neopets facebook, whats to stop malicious users from posing as legit players and posting referral links on the page? How do you know who is doing it to get referrals and who is doing it to get another user banned? Admittedly- it sucks, and any petsite owner doesn't want users referring on their site for other sites, but users (usually young users) find it easier to get referrals by posting at popular places. Neopets happens to be the biggest and easiest way to do it.
  3. I just find it increasingly annoying that 2 Aywas players have done it now all for the referral prizes. I was referred that way and the person who referred me has never contacted me again.

    On Neopets I'm still friends with the people I referred and try and help them out. It's like posting and leaving, just plain rude.

    I left IcePets because it was implied they didn't care people were purposefully joining Neopets just to advertise them.
  4. This has been going on for years though. I remember the days at Icepets with @MichaelMichael, there were so many users spreading Teripets' referral links on Neopets. Personally, I don't see a problem with it - as long as the users don't go over-board.
    #4 cpvr, Jul 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  5. I find a problem with the site. If you are not discouraging people from advertising on sites like this, when it is against the rules that you sign up with when you join, you're as bad as the person doing it.

    I have never seen a site tell off their users for doing this and that needs to change. They sometimes give a loosely worded warning against it, but that's utter bullshit without the punishment behind it. It's all hot air, worth diddly squit unless you're a balloon.
    #5 Jenny Harper, Jul 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  6. so it's no problem for people to advertise/post links to VPU/VPC etc.. on here, as long as they don't go overboard?
    #6 TheMetal, Jul 27, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  7. I think posting links in your signature or on a Facebook wall is fine.
    If you are interested and click on it you are.
    On aywas it tells you when someone joins, and I usually message them, and welcome them if they clicked my link to join.
    but unless i actually gave you the link like "Hey, Check this out LINK" then, you clicked it while it was in my siggy.
  8. As a user, I actually don't get annoyed if someone advertises a different site, and wouldn't view that site any differently. I really don't see why anyone would... there's absolutely no indication that the site itself endorses it. In fact, I'd check the site out, out of curiosity.

    As an owner (though I'm not implying I'm one), I can see the issues that result from users doing so. But you want to maintain healthy competition with other sites. You can't ignore that other sites exist and a link to other sites, or a mention of them will happen at some point. Some sites allow users to discuss other sites, as long as it isn't a "post link and disappear" kind of act. Take it as a compliment that people value your community.

  9. The one person found to have been doing this was a staff member, and they were removed from staff.
  10. Good to hear. Finally some consequences. What scared me was that when asked about the possibility of people doing it, another member of staff turned a blind eye. But it's good to know people are getting punished.

    As a user, I actually don't get annoyed if someone advertises a different site, and wouldn't view that site any differently. I really don't see why anyone would... there's absolutely no indication that the site itself endorses it. In fact, I'd check the site out, out of curiosity.

    @nobackseatnobackseat: I wouldn't take it as a compliment, I would be horrified people were purposely breaking rules for the sake of referrals. If they are willing to do that on other sites, I'd be scared they would do other things to break the rules on my own site.

    If I did ever own a site with referrals, I'd make a stern warning that if anyone was found advertising on other sites (competition or not) and it was against the site's rules to do this, I would bring down a hard punishment for them and send a message to the site that they had been doing it on apologising that someone from my site was being a twat.

    This isn't about posting on FB walls, this is about posting on discussion forums of sites, shamelessly advertising for the sake of prizes.
    #10 Jenny Harper, Jul 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  11. People break the rules for referrals everywhere, all the time. It isn't like something new or done rarely, so you being 'horrified' is surprising. I don't see much relevance between breaking rules on separate sites. You would think they would respect the site they are advertising for, and obviously not the 'victim' site.

    And this is where more trouble opens up. Who's to say it is the actual person? I could register under 'Jenny Harper' on any other site (especially if I was particularly mad at you), and be a 'twat'. That justifies a 'hard punishment' for your accounts everywhere else? Of course, identifying by IP on sites that agree to do so (and state it in their privacy policy) is a different situation. And would you really remember every time and go out of your way to check the rules of each site? Or you would act solely upon receiving complaints by annoyed users (even though the user did nothing wrong) (let's be honest here). After all, getting referrals (with bad intentions or not) is still getting referrals, which in turn helps your site. As much as it may annoy you that a user can become the face of your site at another site, there will be people curious enough to check it out. And what if you're punishment is considered harsh by other users? That sure is not a welcoming sign, seeing a user being punished for advertising their site, regardless.

    I'm getting picky, and it's because I think you're taking it too far. Just as Ole said, there really isn't much you can do, without causing further issues, which in the end may not be worth it.

    Again, this happens extremely often. (That's an awful lot of apologies...for things you didn't even do.) Do you see what I'm saying? It just all seems unnecessary.

    Isn't that what it is all about to the average user? The prizes/rewards (be it new friends or an iPod)?

    I don't really post much in the discussions of the forums, but this was an interesting topic and so I decided to give it a shot, and hopefully I made some sense. :p

    #11 nobackseat, Jul 28, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. If I did punish I'd go for the people with their referral link. It always gives their name.

    I think it pisses me off because it makes me think badly of the site the person is referring for. But that's me.

    Glad it was an interesting topic. I'm just sick of people leaping on Neopets to try and turn their users away, especially when they're advertising a site that is for over 13's. Facebook allows that age of people on, but advertising Aywas on Neopets?
  13. You have a very extreme view on this, it's not one I've seen before.

    My opinion: As a user if I ever refer people it is purely for the prizes, I've never done it for any other reason, I'd happily post my referal links anywhere and everywhere. I get prizes, the site gets new users. I see no issue with it. What I do offsite is up to me.
  14. LOL! Referral link, why didn't I think of that? But referring can also mean just mentioning it, discussing it, or just linking to it.

    Yeah Neopets is the worst site to advertise on. It's extremely different in the way they handle everything.

  15. I think you would drive yourself insane if you tried policing what your users do offsite. Not to mention, you would lose a lot of users.
  16. I think I'd take it upon myself to warn people that I wouldn't accept people referring offsite. I'd make an example of someone. But I can understand how much work it would be.

    I'm just sick of people going to Neopets thinking they can refer users, that everyone on Neopets is sick of Neopets. I am also fed up with people referring Neopets users to sites that are not family friendly. Some kids on Neopets are over 13 but they are still immature, yet people go on and refer people that might get upset by things on the site.

    At 13 I would have been disgusted by some of the pets and their looks because I was very naive. People don't get this.

    However sometimes I act like an over-protective parent. I think that's because my siblings are on there and I'd never let them go on these sites until they are older and less naive.
  17. You could say "If you are caught spamming your referral link you will be punished". But the only way you can really punish the users is if someone else brings it to your attention. But there is nothing stopping the person who brought it to your intention, from spamming a user they don't like's link to get them in trouble. Really there is nothing you can do to stop it. The site they post on should just remove the link/topic and leave it at that.
  18. I read through that whole topic (and this one) and found it very interesting. I joined Aywas less than two months after I turned thirteen and found it perfectly fine for me. Of course, that being said, the aywas community was quite different when I had just joined xP I generally maneuvered my way around boards that were too "mature" for me and I grimaced at the bloody, gruesome pets but went on with life. There wasn't much on aywas that I hadn't seen before.

    If someone were actually posting that link on neopets, then I would agree that it would be inappropriate to advertise a site on a family friendly site; however, on facebook, you are supposed to be over 13. Actually same for neoboards in that you're supposed to be over thirteen (or have parental permission) to view the posts. I've seen some nasty stuff on the neoboards (that were against the rules but *shudder* I digress.)

    I do agree that it'd be impossible to monitor off-site activity though, and there's nothing you can really do about it.
  19. Incase you missed it - here's a quote from our rules:

  20. I'm a bit confused by this statement... if you're not referring offsite... then why bother having a referral in the first place?
    You can't refer onsite. Those users are already ON the site.

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