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Scariest moment of your life?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jammybee, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. I can't really think of one D:
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  2. Probably when I got in a major car accident years ago. I almost died, but I woke up, thank God! It was a miracle because the guy in the backseat had some major damage and survived. He's okay today. But my chest hurt so bad from the accident. =/
    Never again.
  3. I don't get scared, I'm not scared of dying. If someone had a gun to my face I still wouldn't be scared. Scariest moment of my life is waiting for my moment.
  4. Nearly poking a black widow... oh ya that was fun XD
  5. My dad almost drove us off a cliff when we went on one of his searches in a cemetery (He was weird and liked to find certain peoples graves who were important in our city or something). There was a super steep hill and we were in a huge truck and he almost drove us off it. I was so terrified cause if the car went over, there was no way we would have survived.
  6. That reminds me of the time when my family and I were on a bridge in Florida and there were water tornadoes. I was scared because I thought they would come onto the bridge. :(
  7. When I think Im falling out my bed and you wake up and feel like you've had a heart attack. :p
  8. Scariest moment of my life, is kept locked in a box with the key thrown away. All I'll say is I have still have emotional scars from it and it happened when I was about 14.

    I believe that everything is pre-written and happens for a reason, but if I could change that one night, I would.
  9. Being chased by vicious dogs, just last Monday.
  10. Almost getting hit by a car. I think I would of been if it wasn't for my insane reflexes.... I also fell off the side of a tall but thin waterfall-cliff-thing (when I was young) and caught myself after falling a foot or two (slip and catch). I called my dad and he pulled me up and almost slipped himself.... Another time (when I was young) I was teasing my sister and took her too deep into the water at a pool. She started freaking out and I couldn't push her off. I was able to shout and have an adult remove her though (I could have drowned).... Another time I was walking my sister's dog across a bridge and he was cared enough by it. Then a car came by and he slipped the collar and began speed walking towards the double yellow lines. I pounced on him and shielded his body as the car came within inches of me (I felt the breeze as it went by, it didn't even slow) I wasn't scared until after though (you should have seen by sister's face, she was frozen)....
  11. Ya, that would have mad me go crazy especially if one of them managed to bite me!

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