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Should high schools/colleges give out free condoms

Discussion in 'Health' started by cpvr, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Should high schools or colleges give out free condoms to their students? Do you think its a good idea to help promote sex education and do you think its a bad idea? Such as, a teacher could pass them out - and if a student doesn't want one, they don't have to take it.
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  2. I knew a girl who got pregnant at 13 with her first kid, and then again at 15 with her second. The first time; she'd been pretty sheltered and didn't know she needed to use a condom; the guy never told her they needed it, he didn't care. The second time, she used a condom but due to a lack of knowledge, something went wrong and she got pregnant.

    I highly think sex ed should be taught in school. I think it should be mandatory for all students. Obviously some kids don't get this education at home and it's important. 'Don't have sex' makes a kid want to do it more and sets them up for this kind of situation if they're not educated.
    And yes, I realize this goes against certain people's beliefs / religions / etc etc etc. But from my standpoint and my morals I believe this should be something that is taught and required.
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  3. Ya, see that's really bad when a young girl gets pregnant because the guy forgot to put a condom on. I'll admit though, I've only used them a few times, and because my girlfriend has birth control, I don't use it - and quite frankly, I wish there was more things in school about this because really if they're not teaching it, how will the students learn the ropes? Such as, they should have a class talking about condoms and the methods of birth control - that way, young girls don't get pregnant at such a young age.

    It's really tough to be someone that young because its hard to focus on school when you have two babies under your belt.
  4. Well, we had sex education back in high-school, from learning about ovulations, how to apply contraceptives like male and female condoms, birth control pills and that lotion thing and even how to actually do it. There were graphs and pictures! Though, we never got free condoms. Either my school is just a teensy bit conservative on that part, or maybe they couldn't afford to distribute a boxes of condoms to a hundred classes.

    We got the picture though. :p
  5. The sex ed at my high school was honestly more like "abstinence ed". I think we learned about STD's and how awful teen sex was for your life, why abstinence was key, etc etc, but wasn't really education on sex, imo. We learned nothing about birth control except that it's there. They didn't educate students on how to use it properly, where to get it, or what to do should your birth control fail in some way. And don't get me wrong, I have no issue with abstinence at all if that's what someone wants to do, but I feel like abstinence only education in itself is terribly ineffective. I think there would have been less issues with teen pregnancy/STDs/whatever if they had taught "Hey, this is sex. It happens. Should you choose to do it, here's how to do it safely."

    Needless to say, they didn't hand out condoms to us, because "teenagers shouldn't be doing that anyway." But that's a whole 'nother debate in itself, I guess. =P
  6. No.
    For so many reasons, no.

    But, should kids be taught how to be safe if they're going to be stupid? Yes.
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  7. lmao I once was surfing on this girl-forum site, and a 15-year old was trying to convince herself that she isn't pregnant because 'it was her first time', therefore she couldn't be knocked.
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  8. I thought schools already did this? It might be just england but in high schools here (grade 7 through to 12 or 13 -or maybe 14- ) the school nurse that do the cervical cancer jabs for the girls they give condoms too.

    We get taught about the birds and the bees in grade 5. But legal age here is 16, but statistics say by the time people reach that age they've already had 3 sexual partners.

    I think the youngest mother here was somewhere along 9 to 12, I know she was super young.

    But then there's all these stupid things people say, myths so to speak:
    1. You can't get pregnant the first time you have sex - wrong
    2. You can only get pregnant if you do it in the missionary position - wrong
    3. You can't get pregnant if you 'pull-out' before ejaculation - wrong
    4. You can't get pregnant if you're on a period - wrong

    I'm sure there's another one of those...
  9. Exactly, you can get pregnant through all those methods, and its an excuse used by a lot of teenagers. "I'm drunk, I can't get pregnant", or "I'm high, I can't get pregnant".

    And plus, child support is not a joke when a guy just gets the girl pregnant, and bounces. He'll have to pay "Backpay" for all that as well. Believe me I know because my ex wife received about $7k from the government and my child support is $700/month, but the government handles all that for me.

    It just sucks because a lot of young guys, and girls, don't want to use protection because they claim "Condoms" take away all the feeling. And, that's from various teenagers I've spoke to and are friends with.
  10. [SUB]Problem with today's generation of teens:
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  11. @cpvrcpvr I've never used a condom so I wouldn't know.
    #11 SpunkiSpirou, Jun 19, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  12. Colleges for sure but I cant help but feel that people under 18 are a parents responsibilty. I guess I feel like its unacceptable for someone to give that to a child without parent permission. Dont me get wrong my boy will learn early but I would be upset if someone took my choices for how to raise my son away from me.
  13. SAW THAT! xD I know EXACTLY what you're talking about!!


    In relevance to this topic, I can't speak solely for myself, since my school taught sexual education really well and thoroughly. It was awkward, but now that I look back, it was definitely worth it. The only issue I faced was the cost. I know condoms are cheap, but they can be difficult to get. From my personal experience, I really wish they were free and more available. The other thing I wish was more available and free was pregnancy tests. I remember a few of my friends being very ignorant and stubborn about getting tests.. using lame excuses like "I don't have enough money, I don't know where to get them.."

    I also live in one of the most expensive places in America - that being Long Island, New York. So understand the amount of inflation that I see pharmacies and stores put on these products. And honestly, why? Do we want to make teenagers feel encouraged to have children?
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  14. in australia (at least where i live) sex ed IS cumpolsory.. we were first taught in year 6... by which time everyone knew everything anyways. i think, where i live, everyone just knows.
  15. We started learning this year. The guys were forced to put a condom on a banana. How classic.
  16. I remember having sex ed, from year 5 (around age 10), year 6 and in years 7,8,9.
    We were given leaflets, corrected about myths, and each put condoms on fake dicks, the right way of course. o_O
    I would say Sex Ed, is important. But don't hand out condoms.

    It's just motivation to use it then. Having someone to talk to, nurses, anonymous leaflets and numbers, is a lot more helpful in my eyes.
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  17. Its a good question. I don't think it is the right thing to do because even though you are promoting safe sex, you are promoting sex itself. That said if I had to I would really only give some to college students, not high school students.
  18. Here in Uruguay, sex ed is basically taught as a workshop sort of thing.You can either go or not...I thought they sucked, they talked about how abstinence was the way to go and not really about sex and ways to take care of yourself etc.

    Also, my high school gave out condoms to 11th and 12th grade students every year at the international aids prevention day which I thought was really cool actually. Also when I lived in the u.s I had sex ed classes in 6th and 7th grade and those helped out a lot for me personally since my mom has never once mentioned the word sex to me.. I learned all I know from those classes and google.
  19. I think it's a good idea. The kids you give the condom too who have sex were likely going to have sex anyways. May as well promote it safely.

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