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Signing up into PetAdoptables - Admins still butthurt

Discussion in 'Virtual Pets Chat' started by vanillaeclair, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Sorry, but I have to have my own voice heard here. If you'd rather keep your nose out of internet-dramaz, then feel free to choose another thread.

    Yesterday I decided to sign up for I've actually been avoiding it like a plague after bumping into this thread. Since that was a really, really long time ago, my little boycott had melted and I decided to give PetAdoptables a chance. Who knows? Maybe I'll enjoy the game! I decided to sign up at while in school.

    Upon registering, the sign up page had a box that asked why I would like to sign and how I learned about PetAdoptables. I learned about the site through THAT thread, so I decided to be honest.

    Very, very honest.

    There's actually more that I wrote because I remember that this was the second paragraph of my reason, but I forgot what else I wrote (because I think Emma chopped it up and left some parts - I'll go into that bit later), but I believed I promised I won't be biased at all when entering the site and that all I'm looking for is for something fun and new.

    TL;DR Basically everything I just mentioned here, just worded differently.

    vanillaeclair, you're so mean!!!11110012! Yes. Yes I am. I've been told I'm like Gordon Ramsay when I critique my friend's animations during the finals for group projects, but you gotta deal with it. Besides, I'm not mean ALL the time.

    About the review I wanted to make; I'm very willing to give PA above 80%. Their art was super adorable and the layout looked better than last time, so it's a nice starting point. All I have to do now is rate the community, mods and gameplay.


    Woohoo~ Activation code! I activated my account and skimmed through the newbie guide. I tried going to the 'forest' thing to get some new 'rare' pets, but the computers at my school didn't support whatever PA had for that feature. I decided to leave that for home, but before I could explore the site more the class was dismissed.

    When I came home, I found that Emma had PM'd me here on VPL, inquiring about my reason. She had quoted part of my reason too (which is above there). Plus there was a nice, happy smiley face on her message. Aww. Maybe she's a nice girl after all! ... Right? I explained a bit more about it, assuring her that I don't go to either side of the argument from the thread linked above BUT I'm still looking forward for their little 'personality' improvement.

    Until I saw this:


    Rather strange. I know I made an account during class, right? Maybe it had something to do with the IP address? Maybe there's just something wrong with my keyboard? I decided to 'recover' my password instead.


    Doobeedoo~ Fillin' up the form.. I'm sure I'll get my account back.. Right?



    I thought about this deeply. The only 'offending' thing that I could have possibly done in the site is BEFORE I even registered - which is the reason why I wanted to sign up.. Which is kind of stupid, in my opinion. I already promised I won't be biased, I promised a review (which is basically free-advertising for them, amirite?) and that I'm only there for the game.

    Hell, I didn't even do ANYTHING in the site besides read the guide and visited the 'forest' (which wouldn't open in my classroom's computer). I didn't even adopted a pet yet! Before I started foaming all the place, I thought: Maybe Emma would reply in a day's time. If she had time to read my two-paragraph reason AND message me about it, then she certainly has time to read my reply (as she probably must be anxious to read) and then activate my account again.

    NOPE. Never happened. I've waited. My account hasn't even returned yet.

    Call me childish, call me rude, but this only proves how much butt hurt the admins there still have. I'm very disappointed.

    Art: 9/10
    Layout: 10/10
    Gameplay: N/A
    Community: N/A
    Mods and Updates: N/A
    Admins: Butthurt

    I won't even try going back there. :\

    Thank you for your time reading.

    Also, mods, feel free to lock this down if you think things might go out of hand. :p At least I got this all off my chest.​
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  2. As my personal opinion, I don't think you were/are being mean/cruel/evil/etc in any way towards them in signing up or in posting here. I thought your sign-up was actually handled very maturely and honestly and if I was the owner of that site, I would have some immediate respect for you. You told them exactly how you found it, your old feelings, and that you were willing to give them a chance. I thought it was worded (at least what you shared) very well and mature.

    As for the review, I did enjoy the screenshots, haha. You made it quite entertaining :) But it's a pity they deleted your account, especially before you were able to do anything. Did you check the rules to see if anything you said in your initial sign-up broke anything? I would think it quite odd to have a "don't be mean to staff" rule on one's site but *shrug* they may have it. I think it makes sense that she'd PM you (though here, that would've been my first suspicion). I would've done the same thing. I would be curious more about your opinion, what brought you to this, if there was any way for me to help ease you along the site and/or assure you that if you needed anything, the staff have (hopefully) changed (for the better) and are willing to help...*smiley face*

    Curious, did she further contact you at all? Have you tried contacting her about this issue? (I know I'd be fumed if I found out a staff of mine had deleted an account out of personal issues.)
  3. @kamikami - Why thank you o:

    Nnnnope - Can't find a rule in the terms of service that I might have broke. It might be 'No trolling', but that's only in the Forum rules and haven't even touched the forums. =w=

    No further contact. I replied to her immediately last night, and it's been about 24 hours. I only contacted her about the issue until a whole day has passed, because I thought that there must have been a mistake in deleting my account or if she had a reasonable explaination.
    #3 vanillaeclair, Feb 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. I actually joined this site way back when...what month last year, I can't really remember. Oh, August, right.
    Anyway, I actually never knew about this 'other side' to theirs. You did handle this situation with much more maturity, and I'm surprised that they deleted your account. I'm a bit wary about it...have you tried making another account using the same e-mail? Maybe the data never pushed through? But then I guess since you contacted them, I guess that's highly doubtful.

    Why don't you go on stealth mode, make a new e-mail, and stalk them with this? :U
    ...oh, you don't want to go back. But, there can always be a chance that it can be a misunderstanding. >_> Eh *shrug* what would I know?

    Still, the time I spent there wasn't so bad. I just sort of left eventually, not really knowing why. The features they had at that time didn't really keep me interested. The forums itself were friendly enough though. Not that I disagree with you, it's more of that I haven't seen this 'bad side' of theirs (hers) yet.
    I checked out the link you posted, but it seems like most of her responses are led by other links. That is pretty suspicious. :\
  5. You're welcome c:

    Huh, well, looks like Emma's got some explaining to do. If you didn't break any known (and I highly emphasize the word "known" as this has been as an issue on another site where rules were "assumed to be known" and never in the rules >_>) rules, then I see nothing wrong with what you did. At times like this, I wish it was more common for sites to include rules for staff members as well as regular members. Which means it is PUBLIC, not cowardly hidden in the back-end. (Which my site WILL have.) I feel staff should live up to certain standards just like the members do, and if they do something wrong, they should be held responsible.

    She's been a stickler in replying to messages before, but if/when she does, it's usually very fast. And for something like this, you would think she would reply immediately.

    Well, we'll see how this goes I guess. *sits and waits*

    I did see her original responses. Trust me, it's better that they are gone >_> That situation was handled very badly. I would've hoped that she would've changed since then, but we'll see I guess.
  6. Maybe I should go and check the forums out again in the summer. :U
    I'm wondering how this is going to turn out though...with Emma going to see this eventually and all that. Hm.
  7. We can have her see it sooner...

    @EmmaEmma @BobBob
    #7 kami, Feb 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  8. @HikaruHikaru - I actually planned to use one of my many other emails to sign in and even use one of's proxys so I can continue my review.. But then I realized it isn't worth it. :\ That and I got a busy night tonight of Economics and Business quizzes.
    #8 vanillaeclair, Feb 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  9. @vanillaeclairvanillaeclair
    I guess so. No point in really starting something big in the forums.
    Eh, I ran out of things to say. I'll just wait too until my mom starts shouting at me to go to sleep already.
    #9 Hikaru, Feb 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  10. That's just plain ridiculous that they deleted your account and/or banned it when you didn't break any rules. That just sucks.
  11. Just one quick point, since I don't have time to deal with this petty drama - your account was not deleted or banned, it was never approved in the first place. :) Carlos, can you please delete mine and Bob's accounts on here? Sorry I ever donated to this site. Your taking the word of non-donors over people that have donated to your site multiple times. No thanks.

    I will no longer be active here. If you are looking for work, please join the PA forums ( and send a PM to Bob or Emma. We will no longer be supporting VPL in any way. :)
    #11 Emma, Feb 3, 2012
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2012
  12. I don't see this as drama at all. This is a legitimate concern and should be addressed.

    If she could play the site, how was she not approved?

    Donators should NEVER get precedence over ANY one else. All people are equal and should each have their fair share, regardless of how much money they can shove down other's throats.

    This is very bothersome that you're choosing to ignore the situation. If /I/ were to make an account, would mine be deleted as well because of past issues?

    And just to note, you could just not come on anymore.
  13. We aren't looking for special treatment, but equal treatment - viewing both sides before jumping to conclusions.

    So if I said you were butthurt and posted a HUGE thread about it, bashing you and your site, that wouldn't be drama? The reason all her screenshots show her logged out is because she was NEVER accepted onto the site. It's really funny that Kami, who claims they HATE drama, is always the first to jump in to a thread dedicated to drama. Regardless, this is my last post. I will no longer be active here. If you are looking for work, please join the PA forums and send me a PM. :)

    I'll PM the artists who are working for me currently to notify them I will no longer be here. I don't have time for petty drama or childish behavior.
  14. Supporters of VPL do not get any type of special treatment. I thank you for supporting us though[we appreciate it!] and instead of telling us that you're going to quit - why don't you tell us what happened to the OP's account? And why don't you allow her to finish the review? It's called publicity and if there are main points to the review, then of course, as an owner your job is to fix those issues. That's the point of a review - to see what people like and dislike about the site.

    And plus, we do not delete accounts here.
  15. Yes I would like to know that why it suddenly wasn't active when I'm pretty sure that main I see screenshotted is indeed an activation mail. Its no different than any other I have seen before. @EmmaEmma Can you please explain about it?
    #15 Michi, Feb 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  16. Goodness, I would've replied earlier but computer went to hell. Anyway, to continue:

    You should've said that you wanted equal treatment and willingness for those to hear both sides. Instead you said that staff should not put regular members over donators which makes it sound like you want special treatment.

    No, it wouldn't. (Of course it would depend on how they went about it. But in this case, it is not drama.) It would be the members wanting to know why something went wrong, what is up with the situation, and just in general wanting to know answers. And again, she was able to play the site, so it is obvious that she was accepted. I do dislike drama, I'm glad you remember, but this is not drama.
  17. Well at least she's not linking and deleting replies from another site. :I

    Thanks to everyone for hearing me out. I really appreciate it. If Emma's gone, then I'm more than happy to finish this. Mods can lock this thread before anything gets worse.
  18. I can answer that for you, and this will also be my last post on VPL. When a member first registers, they fill out a form with the reason they want to join. We don't even look at those until they validate their e-mails, this way we know they have a real email. After they validate their e-mail, we either accept or reject them. In this case, we rejected the registration. I guess the OP didn't take the time to actually read what the form said, nor the page following the form which clearly spells out what happens next. This person clearly has an ax to grind, so have fun grinding it. We will focus on our own site instead of wasting time here. :)

    That should clear up any confusion regarding registration.

    Carlos, you immediately assumed (ass U and Me) that what the OP stated was in deed a fact. That isn't being very fair IMO. Donors are usually the ones who care about helping a site stay online. We have shown our support, and expected fair treatment, but you see fit to do otherwise. It's fine of course, its your site.

    Have fun in drama land. :)
    #18 Bob, Feb 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  19. Being a Donor does not mean you care more. The people who truly care are the ones who are here every day posting and keeping the site active healthy. Not every one has money and not every one even use paypal. Donors should not get special treatment. While I'll admit maybe everyone was quick to judge I'll also point out you are overacting to this. Running off clearly shows you didn't care about this site if your willing to leave it on such flimsy grounds.
  20. @BobBob I thank you for giving that explanation. That is what we wanted to know and that's all. So she should have read the page better to know that the account could still be refused an account.
    #20 Michi, Feb 3, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013

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