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Skiii:/// W.I.P Tattoo Design

Discussion in 'Art/Writing General' started by Sirkowskii, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Just wanted to get people's thoughts on this x'D. I will say right out, I can NOT draw horses to save my life. On a very very very good day I can but that happens once every god knows how long. And I somewhat fail with anything bigger than 600x600 x__x

    So, due to having ringworm, I got a horrible scar on my left forearm (scratched it open, kind of scrubbed skin off, I was an idiot with this thing) and to be honest, I'd rather have something pretty over it rather than just have the giant scar that is the size of my hand =/.

    My idea was this: a bust of a unicorn, styled in the style of the Last Unicorn, her mane spread out all over and turned into stardust (think of Nightmare Moon's mane from MLP:FIM), planets entwined in strands of it. Somewhere on it (not sure where to put it) it would be in cursive 'I am alive'. Would love to be able to get it tattooed like my cursive writing is since I like my writing x'D. I'd hope if I wrote it out, the tattoo guy/gal could do it I thinks.


    Why something inspired by The Last Unicorn and sppppaaaacceeee? Because that movie was one of the biggest parts of my childhood and dude...planets rock :U.

    ^ This is what is done so far on it (Swear to Cthulu when it's zoomed out, it looks so much better). There's still more I'd like to add but for right now, it's going to be one of the few digital pieces I've finished in a while(Srsly...I think the last full one I finished was my Keepo piece on dA). This part is only a small part since I'm working big with this. Once I get this done and the general idea, I'll edit it or something so it would be easy to tattoo.

    Of course, I've got time and everything before I can get it done x'D. Gotta let it heal up a lot more.

    So...any thoughts o 3 o? I plan on getting a few tattoos; The completed version of this on my left fore arm, 'Under loves heavy burden do I sink' in calligraphy on my right, Operator Symbol from Marble Hornets on the back of my neck and many more once I decide. Getting the Operator Symbol on August 5th, my 18th birthday, if we got the money. If not, I'll be getting it that month.


    WIP 2


    Added more to the background. Need to fix some thing and work on the background more to make it look cool and to make the planets look cooler too.
    #1 Sirkowskii, Jun 8, 2012
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2012
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  2. I think it's a bit too "blocky" to be a tattoo as of yet.
    It doesn't seem to flow quite right.

    Maybe even consider getting a silhouette of a unicorn filled by perhaps nebulas/galaxies/space?
    I searched it up on google, and found this- which the layout of would actually make a really great tattoo.


    It'll also probably stray away from looking like Rarity from MLP right now, lol. (I think it may just be the colors)

    I've designed many many tattoos, and have nine of them myself.
    Also remember that there's only so much a tattoo artist can do unless you're going to a renowned professional.
    Unless you're willing to shell out $450-$900+ for a very detailed piece, I'd try to keep the design simple, but pleasing.
  3. It looks good so far... but I agree with @BexxyBexxy.

    Show us the final product when you're done? I'm interested in seeing how this turns out.​
    #4 Joy, Jun 8, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  4. Thank you all so much for the tips so far.

    Right now it is a bit blocky since it's only the one to get all the ideas down onto Photoshop before prom and everything.

    @BexxyBexxy - Dear god...I hate Rarity so much x'D. But I do love the idea of the unicorn being filled with nebula's and galaxies. I just need something to fill up a good majority of the underside of my forearm, but the idea is wonderful.

    I'll be sure to work on the mane more so it looks more attached and everything x3.
    #5 Sirkowskii, Jun 9, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013

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