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Some people just can't drive

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cpvr, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Earlier today, I was driving with my girlfriend. We were on our way to a store and a 18 wheeler almost changed into our lane and crashed into us. I sped up and beeped my horn. I don't know what he was thinking but he also ran a red light. I'm glad I got out of harm's way pretty fast.

    Have you ever had a problem like this? With bad drivers trying to screw up by not switching lanes with their turning light on or anything?
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  2. Dude, not even kidding, I think of writing this topic whenever I'm in the car.

    Everyone on the road sucks in New York. I think it's rated like the number one worst drivers?
  3. Texas drivers suck as well - well some of them. They were two major accidents last week - multiple people died because both drivers were drunk and drove on the wrong side of the road. What the heck is wrong with people? If you're drunk, why risk your life by getting into a car? I was always taught to have a designated driver if I went out and got wasted.
  4. No kidding. I don't get it either.

    /would type more but time management prevents me D:
  5. I'm fairly new to driving, just got my license in November.. But I've had a small share of cases meeting bad drivers. I was once rear ended by a taxi driver lol but it wasn't that bad, my car just got a small hole and a dent while the cab's hood got misaligned XD
    More recently.. Somebody tried to merge into my lane when I was literally right beside them. But my driving skills are awesome so I luckily avoided getting hit.
    Now, what I first started driving.. XD I was a bad driver. I was particularily bad at seeing if anyone was oncoming when I tried to get out of a stopped/ slot lane. Had 2 'close' calls (but just more me being paniced about someone honking at me), but since then I've shaped up to be a better driver c:
    Fortunately enough, I've never been in a bad accident nor came close. Besides what's mentioned above, most 'bad drivers' I've come across are people driving too slow P: (but I tend to speed.. haha shhhh)
  6. I'll admit that I rear ended someone a few months ago because the traffic was pretty bad. The lady slammed on her breaks and I did the same. But because she had a towing hedge on the back of her Armada, my got car screwed up pretty bad. I had to pay for the radidator to get replaced and few other things.
    Since you're new to driving are you on your parent's car insurance or your own?
  7. Eee that doesn't sound very pleasant :x Sounds like what happened when I was rear ended, I was braking too fast because the car in front of me suddenly braked. Aand the cab behind wasn't paying attention XD;
    I have my own car, but I'm on my parent's insurance plan. Haha I remember recently they called and tried to raise my parents rates and my dad got pretty po'd about it XD
  8. How far back were you from the other car? Every since my last accident, I stay a lot more back than I was. More space = good so you don't get an accident because of a break-job.
    Did your insurance prices go up after the accident? Since there wasn't any damage to the other car, my insurance rate stayed the same.

    How much damage was done to your car though?
  9. I came pretty close, but didn't touch the car in front. My rule is to stop when I see their tires lined up with my hood (from the perspective of the driver's seat, of course XD) My car is pretty small and low down, so this really gives me plenty of space. After the accident I was more traumatized about cars coming up behind me more than anything. But that's kinda withered away now.
    I don't remember if the rates went up after the accident.. It was the cab's fault tho.
    Oh, and what I was talking of before was when they tried to raise the rates because I'm an dependant XD And it spurred up an argument with my dad cause he pointed that a dependant driving a car is no different than lending a car out to a stranger to drive P: Or something like that. haha
  10. I hate when drivers try to ride your bumper. When they do that, I speed up because I don't like cars being too close to me. Did you see the cab company or anything? or did you not have any injuries? So their insurance pay for all the repairs that your car needed, right?

    Ya, that's kind of true though.
  11. Eh yeah, tailgaters are the worst. I sometimes speed up for them, but if they don't back off I just change lanes. Or sometimes slow down if there's a car next to me so they can't pass C: /trolol
    It wasn't a serious accident or anything, so nobody was hurt. I just spilled my tea :C We did pull over and have a cop take insurance info, and I wrote everything down as well (for my dad, since he's a cop too XD) I think their insurance paid for it, but I'm actually not sure ovo My dad handled it all. My car still needs a new rear bumper though :C
  12. How long has your dad been a cop? That's pretty cool actually. The rear bumper is quite expensive I've heard.
    @GabbyGabby @LewisLewis

    Share your bad driving experiences here. Did someone almost crash into you? Etc
    #12 cpvr, Jul 4, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  13. Seriously? Lol I can't even begin..

    v_v maybe later but they're bad for a reason.. haha don't want to remember them. Not that I caused the accident, but its just a waste of energy explaining
  14. It's not even funny either. Some drive slow - 10 MPH under the speed limit and they wonder why people pass them. I can't stand slow drivers, I stay on the speed limit all the time. And those idiots who like to drive fast on the freeway and cut the lanes like its nothin.
  15. Yeah, some people just can't drive. :p

    I'm not getting my license, because I don't have the patience to drive / sit in traffic.
    Plus I don't think I can focus that well, either.

    I get other people to drive me!! HAHA. xD
  16. Yeesh! Times like those make me glad I don't drive that often. I live the city, so there is plenty of public transit to use. (although that's a whole other deal ...)
  17. I have my girlfriend drive me around when I don't feel like driving. Some days I'm like "Screw this, I'm not getting behind the wheel". But when I have people drive me around, they're like "You have gas money?":confused:
    @NisaNisa We don't have a whole lot of public transit in my area, but Houston does.
    #17 cpvr, Jul 27, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 16, 2013
  18. On a freaking highway (45 MPH posted speed limit) a guy was doing 10 MPH.
    Not. Even. Kidding.

    Today, I pulled into the right turning lane, and a car pulled in front of me, slowed down, and parked right in the middle of the right turning lane.
  19. Ya, see I don't understand that. Someone did the same thing to me the other day, they were going 50 MPH when the speed limit is 65. So I just sped passed them and got in the lane. I hate when people don't go right away when the light changes, I understand if you put your car in park and then put it into drive after. But other than that, nope. I think their car could have broken down which is why they did that. But, its a serious issue because something like that can cause issues with traffic, and may cause an accident if you don't stop fast enough.
  20. I hate it when I'm doing the speed limit and people behind me act as if I'm going too slow for them -.- That annoys me to death. There is no need to be in a such a hurry all the time.

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