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Spending Money on Free Games?

Discussion in 'Talk Gaming' started by jakdacrowe, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Just thought of something because of some tiny incident I came across on in Spiral Knights.

    Basically, I was in a full 4-man team just beating a boss called the Jelly King. (tier 2 boss)
    But throughout the entire run, some people in my party was calling me an idiot for spending money on a free game. This was just after they were curious on how much Crystal Energy I had and whether I earned it in the game or bought it.

    ... Excuse me sir. Yes, I know it's possible to get everything in the game eventually through just playing daily/often and saving up Crowns and converting that to Crystal Energy (the "cash shop" currency). And it'll probably take a few months to get a full set of armor. AND to upgrade it.
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter
    But I'm here SUPPORTING the game. So it can stay alive and not suddenly just disappear because the company thinks it isn't profitable anymore.
    The only things I've spent money on in the game is on those limited edition items/accessories, and I usually get a ton of Crystal Energy (CE) with it. >_>
    I mean, I had enough saved for 40k CE. If I converted all 40k to Crowns (around a 100 CE to 3,500 Crowns rate), I... Would be friggin' rich. lulz

    Maybe unfair to non-paying players. But the Energy is used like everything else. The game doesn't have super weapons or armors only buyable with Energy. It just makes my armor/weapon upgrading a tad faster, so I don't spend months trying to get an armor set I want. >_>

    Is there something wrong with that?
    origins virtual pet site origins kickstarter

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  2. I don't see why not, your supporting something you like, just like a VPS you don't have to buy the cash shop items but it's nice to get things you don't have to get 100 mill site credits for. If you enjoy the game and feel the items you buy are worth it, then more power to you. Besides it's your money people should tell you what to do with it, unless you owe them lol.
  3. Calling you and idiot for spending money? Lmao. They should be thanking you for supporting the game.
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  4. There's nothin wrong with supporting your favorite game. Those telling you that are the idiots because they wouldn't care if the game shut down or not. Haters!
  5. People have a sense of entitlement where they feel they should always be able to have everything, NOW, with no work. :(
  6. You said it!
  7. It's like that on Evony, free game but you can buy cents to get hero upgrades and whatnot else if you want to.

    I had to stop playing that game, I don't know how much I spent on the account I don't dare go through the receipts and count it all up cause it'll be like it was on Subeta, but I was playing it about 20 hours a day.
  8. I used to play that a whole lot too, Spunki! Loved it. I only spent about $30 total on it...then I introduced my bro to it, and it was while he was on bed rest. He spent hundreds (maybe even more) on it. I quit playing it cold turkey 'cause it was just such a bad addiction!
  9. I've played other sim games and have done both - supported/bought currency or items and I've also earned them. The way I see it, there is no wrong way or right way -- it's just up to the member's personal preferance. :)

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